Free Holiday Target Giftcard Printables

It’s that time of year when Target has fun sales with the holidays in mind. For today only, 12/3, Target giftcards are an extra 10% off

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As we all know, teachers, aides, bus drivers and everyone beyond seem to like gift cards vs. random tchotchkes. While a personalized note of gratitude ranks up there, I’ve learned from my many teacher friends and relatives that gift cards are the best gifts. 

And, thanks to Target, they have a little discount that comes in handy when you’re buying giftcards in bulk. The gift cards are varied in design and increments starting at $10. The discount applies to the gift cards in store and online, but I personally like ordering them online. I save money by ordering online and not buying $189 worth of stuff in the store that I didn’t know that I needed!

Free Target Giftcard Printables

I love Target beyond measure, so I’m all about sharing this love! Because of that, I created a free printable for the Target Giftcards!


I made them four to a page so you can print them up for all the people in your life!

After printing out the printable on your desired paper (card stock worked well for me), cut out the cards on the gray lines. Take an Xacto knife or scissors and cut slits on the dotted lines to slide the giftcard through. I slid the card under the card so that the ends are sticking out. You can dress it up with a cute ribbon or some baking twine. Please note that some cards may be larger than the slit, so be sure to measure to avoid over cutting. In case you do over cut the slits or want to secure the card, be sure to tape the giftcard on the back of the printable.


FullSizeRender 2

You can download the free Target Giftcard Printable here.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!


Full disclosure: this post includes affiliate links. Affiliates and sponsored content help pay the bills, so thank you for your continued support.

New Year, New Toys, New Toy Storage

Hi everyone! I hope your the New Year has been kind and generous to you thus far! I’m still reeling from the Holidays and our trip back home. 

To be honest, we’ve been home a week and I’m still wrapping my brain around purging BEFORE I can unpack completely. I’ve been pinning playroom storage, office organization and overall de-cluttering. I’ve bought several new containers to organize, but the fact of the matter is, I need to sit and figure out what we’re keeping, what I’m selling and what we’re donating.

Since I’m writing about it, it’s GOING to happen. ha! We’ll see about that! But, before I get to it, I wanted to post some of the ideas I’ve had about playroom organization.

IKEA Cubbies and Bins

I think the cubby and bin storage system is a popular one for many playrooms, possibly because it’s easy to maintain and affordable. We have something similar to Kallax from IKEA and I’ve put various Threshold bins to store toys.

Kallax shelf unit with inserts white 0480267 PE618835 S4

I’ve found that with this system, however, that my kids tend to “forget” about toys if they can’t see them. That said, I’m going to start labeling the bins with words and images or pictures. I’m going to try stock logos and images first to see how Josh does with this. Since he doesn’t read yet, and is the biggest mess offender, finding what works for him is the most important.


Nerf Peg Board Wall

As you may know, we are huge Nerf fans at our house. We had a big Nerf party and of course, these guns continue to be among the most played-with toys. Even though storage is limited, I still got Jack a giant Nerf gun for Christmas. Y’know, to add to the 30 other giant guns that litter our living room and playroom. 

Nerf Imgur

Source: Imgur
I decided a few ago to get the gun madness into control. I want Jack to enjoy the guns and invite him to play whenever he wants, but I don’t want to step all over them and continue finding rogue bullets in my kitchen cabinets. 

I’ve seen various ways of Nerf gun storage, but the peg wall is byfar my favorite. The above photo isn’t mine, but it was shared on Imgur. It looks accessible and streamlined. As with any organization method however, I’m sure it only works well if it’s actually implemented. I’ll report back when we finally put our gun storage together!

Closet Rack for Games

I’ve written about this before, but I like keeping our board games in the closet in a fabric organizer. I have to help with this storage method, but for the most part it works.Playroom I try to keep the older games up high and the younger games and puzzles down low so Josh can access those. Without fail, though, it gets messed up over time. But, when I do keep up with it, this system seems to work. I’m going to comb through the games today actually to donate and purge games that have missing pieces or haven’t been played with in awhile. We get so many games to review that I have to do this regularly.

Do you have any playroom organization hacks? What storage systems do you use? I want to hear ‘em!

It’s my hope that the kids can actually play in here again, rather than this being a storage room. In a perfect world, we’d have enough room to film videos for our toy reviews! Fingers crossed. I’m going to tackle the madness, so wish me luck!

35 Awesome Finds From Target’s New Kids’ Decor Line Pillowfort

Later this month, Target is rolling out a stylish line for kids called Pillowfort. This new decor collection from the forward-thinking retailer embraces personality and whimsy, while touting affordability. Target is describing Pillowfort as a stylish decor line that appeals to kids and parents alike.

There’s so much awesome in Target’s Pillowfort decor collection, but here’s what we’re most excited about:




While business publications are focusing on the gender neutrality of Pillowfort, I’m simply calling this bedroom collection: fun and fantastic for every taste. And how cute and catchy is the name? Pillowfort.

I made countless pillow forts with my brothers and cousins in my bright yellow mix-matched room. I love how this mix-matched style is on trend 30 years later.

2400x2400 TropicalTreehouse

Designed entirely in-house by Target’s Design and Development Team, Pillowfort has an emphasis on statement pieces that are meant to grow with kids, with cool bedding and décor that can be mixed-and-matched as style evolves.

Target’s senior vice president of product design and development, Julie Guggemos describes Pillowfort as “cute enough for a three year old, and cool enough for a ten year old.”

2400x2400 OceanOasis

I just love that Pillowfort is suitable for babies to tweens. I’m all about furniture and decor that grows with the kids. Remember that Dream as Big as the Sea Whale Printable that I created last year? How sweet would it look in a nautical room with Pillowfort accents.

Though the collection exudes a style of its own, I think Pillowfort looks like Jonathan Adler meets Pottery Barn Kid meets your favorite kid deisgn Pinterest board.



With hues of gray, mint, coral, indigo and scarlet, Pillowfort has so many pieces that I’m ready to add to my shopping cart now. The mid-century inspired pieces to animal prints to adventure designs, Pillowfort really has something for every taste. From the bulldog lamp, to the whale shelf to the sweet tent to the bear sheets, everything in Pillowfort is Pinterest-worthy and most certainly the Next Kid Things. Forget the kids, I’m getting several items from Pillowfort for myself.

The Pillowfort collection arrives in stores and on Feb. 21, with furniture arriving this summer. Prices will range from $4.99 – $59.99 for bedding and décor, and $39.99 – $599.99 for furniture.

And because I can’t get enough of this sweet collection, click on the photo of the arrows to check out the entire line:

The Next Kid Thing: Target Pillowfort

What’s your favorite piece in this collection? My 8 year old is obsessed with the teepee! My 4 year old wants the panda pillow. Me? I’ll take the bulldog lamp!

Unique Gifts at Target for the Holidays

Several weeks ago, I had the chance to get a preview of holiday gifts at Target. As usual, Target’s gifts and exclusive collaborations don’t disappoint, so I thought I’d highlight just a few of my favorite finds for this holiday season.


1. Tapas Entertaining Set

This very cool Tapas Kit would make a great hostess gift or a delicious alternative for friends who are foodies. 

IMG 8701


2. Wing Sauce Set

In our home, we are geeks about a lot of things, and that includes Buffalo wings. Almost every Friday night, we head to a local restaurant and indulge in this fried bar staple. It’s hard to find a sauce and consistency that appeals to all of us, so I especially loved this wing sauce set. How fun would this be for fellow wing aficionados or friends who love spices and sauces! And for about $12, you can’t go wrong!

IMG 8696


3. Archer Farms Turtle Snack Bites

Okay, so I should totally keep quiet because I may just want these truffles all to myself. Archer Farms always has a great selection of delicious treats, and these Turtle Pecan Snack Bites are no exception. They combine the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness with the taste of a rich pecan Turtle confection. At under $5, you should definitely buy a few of these for stockings or stash them away for the winter. Whichever works.

IMG 8700


4. Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit

When I first learned the premise behind this cool lab kit, I was immediately smitten. The Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit is inspired by Project MC2 which is a show on Netflix about 4 smart girls who love science and use their spy skills to go on missions for a secret organization. This kit includes a working microscope, 30 pieces, such as a funnel, beaker, safety goggles and more. At $45, this science kit would be great for any budding scientist spy!

IMG 8707


5. Unicef Kid Powerbands
This was, perhaps, one of my absolute favorite gadgets at the Target Holiday Preview. A fitness tracker for kids, the Powerband is described as one of the first wearables-for-good. The more active kids are, the more power points they earn, which, in turn, becomes a charitable donation of food for less fortunate kids around the world. There’s an app that pairs with the Powerbands where you can track your fitness activities, as well as navigate the different global missions and learn about different countries. For every band sold, Target donates $10 to the United States Fund for Unicef. The bands are available on for $39.99.

IMG 8811


Going Back to School with Target

The other week, I had the pleasure of attending a back to school event hosted by Target. The event highlighted great back to school gear and cool new styles that the retailer is featuring this season.


As a lunchbox fanatic, I was thrilled that model, actress and mom of 3, Camila Alves was onhand to personally share lunchbox tips!


For those of you in the throes of back to school shopping, Target had several tips to offer that I’d love to share:

School supplies
DIY notebooks, markers, stickers and washi tape to add a personal touch

IMG 3704  1
One of the biggest trends in back to school supplies is personalization. Graphics are always awesome, but kids can truly make their gear unique with vibrant stickers and washi tape.

Backpacks & lunch bags
Target has some cool new gear that’s worth checking out. The Eco-friendly Embark Backpacks, Embark Crush Resistant Lunch Bags and Circo Light up Backpacks

IMG 3707


While I love and am now carrying around the Embark Crush Resistant Lunch Bag as my kids’ drink container these last few days of summer, it was that light up backpack from Circo that really caught my eye!




IMG 3737  2


I love that it can be switched on and off, unlike those flashing sneakers that always blind me. I thought this was a cool feature that could double as a safety feature when out at night!

Lunch items
Market Pantry and Simply Balanced products to make back-to-school snacks easy peasy.

IMG 3715  1
Truth be told, one of the main reasons almost everything I own is bought at Target is because I can get all of my shopping done under one roof! And that goes for lunch box supplies. I appreciate that Target has organic and inexpensive drinks and snacks to fill the kids’ lunch boxes. Even better, Camila shared several amazing recipes to make back-to-school snacks even more delicious!


IMG 3745

Kids’ Fashion
From Stevie’s Shoes to the new stretchy denim assortment to plaid—lots of plaid, Target has all of the best trends in stock at reasonable prices.

IMG 9091
Styles from my teenage years are back: moto boots, mixed patterns and plaid consumed me in the early 90s, so it’s fun to see them back on racks as my kids start school. I loved that Target had talented kid dancers at the event showcasing the stretchy jeans. With two very active boys and one who would rather see my kids in clothing other than athletic gear, I appreciate jeans and styles for active kids!


IMG 9094


And leave it up to Target to make school shopping totally seamless. Target’s new tool: School List Assist. The tool, which is in beta, is a curated assortment of the most common K-8 supplies on the list making it quick and easy for guests to find what they need. With a few clicks, you can purchase the supplies you might need and pick them up in store or have them shipped to home. For those of us who are still traveling and soaking up every last minute of summer, School List Assist sounds like it’s key in the time managment assistance department!


IMG 3742  1

Be sure to check out your local for the latest deals for back to school gear and supplies. And don’t forget to match and stack deals with your Cartwheel App!

A Reflection on Baby’s First Year and Pampers Swaddlers Review

This weekend marked a special milestone for baby: he turned 1 on Saturday, January 26th.  Not that he’ll ever remember the effort or time I spent on planning, but our family was long overdue for a day of celebration.  Good times with  family and friends, laughs, and fun we endured for Josh’s party will keep us smiling for days to come.

As the baby days transition to toddler days, there’s so much to reflect upon.  I have to admit however, I feel as though so much of the baby’s first year was abbreviated because of so many hurdles.

At just 5 days old, with a VCUG to test for complications for kidney reflux, Josh’s tango with acronyms and specialized medical tests began. In between sleepy nuzzles, baby giggles and baby kisses, our boy has endured more blood tests, spinal taps, MRIs, EEGs, medicine applications than one infant should ever know.  To see his pain; to grasp that he doesn’t know any other way, is nothing short of emotional paralysis as a mother.

His initial stay in the hospital over the summer when he endured the series of seizures was, byfar, the worst. I can still hear the synchronized beeps of machines that kept him stabilized.  There was a juxtaposition of fear, anger and confusion when watching Josh’s oxygen drop to dangerous levels during a seizure, and knowing that I couldn’t do a thing to help my infant.

Beyond the heartache and hardship we’ve endured during baby’s first year, I am thankful for so much.  I’m so thankful for modern medicine, access to (somewhat) affordable healthcare, and of course, the team of doctors, nurses and specialists who cared and continue to care for my baby. Baby is stable and our family is learning to grasp the complexity of pediatric epilepsy, much thanks to these wonderful things.

Caffeine and Diapers
And even though much of my real life has been put on hold this past year, including the frequency of my blogging endeavors here, it’s the little conveniences that have made our life a little less chaotic.  From Trader Joe’s frozen meals, to Dunkin Donuts drive thru to scheduling appointments on my iphone to diapers, these are just a few things that have kept me afloat.  Caffeine and diapers.  Yup. Sounds about right.

Having started Josh out as a full time cloth diapered babe, as a fairly crunchy mama, I never envisioned that one day we’d be holed up in a hospital multiple times in the same year.  Slaying piles of laundry for a family is a herculean effort on a normal day, nevermind when medical emergencies are thrown into the mix.

Even though Josh barely wore disposable diapers leading up to his hospitalization, again, I can’t imagine life without such conveniences.  I remember watching him in his glass encased hospital crib wearing Pampers, a brand that I honestly never bought. Since Big Bro had adverse affects from disposables, we opted to cloth diaper our second babe.  It worked well, until life got in the way.  While in the hospital, naturally, as a kid product blogger, I studied brands and names of mundane items they used in the pediatric wing.  From the toys in the Starlight playroom down to the baby’s diapers.

I couldn’t help but think: if these brands are good enough for the hospital to use, they must be ok for my babe too.


Pampers Swaddlers Review

According to sales data, Pampers Swaddlers are the number one choice for diapers used in hospitals.  And come to think of it, having spent so much time in the hospital, during our stay, I don’t think I saw any other brand being used beyond Pampers, at our hospital anyway.

Now that we’re getting back on track with “normal” life, I enjoyed having the opportunity to review the Pampers Swaddlers, which are now available in size 4 & 5 and new at Target.  Swaddlers remind me so much of the newborn days and that brand new baby feel.  Or perhaps that’s the exhaustion? 
Either way, I like the soft, quilted feel to the Swaddlers and absorbency.  I can’t speak of any blowouts while we were reviewing the size 4s over the past few weeks; and I have to say, the relief from my laundry pile has been nice.  The stretchy tabs and elasticity around the legs works well for my fast-moving tot, which in itself is a lifesaver.  Above all, I love the lightweight feel, efficiency and convenience of Pamper Swaddlers, all attributes that any parent can appreciate.  Ah, the marvel of modern diapers, behold.

And if you know me, you must know I love a great deal, almost as much as I love Target.  Target has a phenomenal deal  on Pampers right now: with the purchase of 2 Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers or Baby Dry Economy Packs, get a free $20 Target GiftCard.  This offer is valid in stores 1/27-2/2.


And because we’re staging our “comeback” to our new normal and embracing how life never goes as planned, what better way than to celebrate with a giveaway?

One fabulous winner will receive:

Two packs of diapers (your choice of size) and a $20 Target gift card

To enter, please comment below and tell me your favorite memory (so far) with your baby!

For additional entries:
Tell me about your favorite aspect of Pampers Swaddlers
Please share this giveaway on any or all of your social media outlets. (each share is one additional entry)
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If not already, become a like the NKT FB page

Please comment below with all entries

This giveaway will end 2/2 at midnight.  After the winner is chosen, please allow 6-8 weeks for prize to be fulfilled.

Full disclosure: This post is part of a sponsorship on BabyCenter. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review.  As always all opinions on NKT are my own.

I know I said it a lot last year, but sorry for the long absences on the blog, but thank you for you support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Considering our family’s ordeal and having multiple platforms to share my long-winded, rambling thoughts, I have many things for which to be grateful.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Birthday to my Josh!
More first birthday stuff to come!

Harajuku Mini for Target Debuts in November

Target’s become synonymus for partnering with a myriad of cutting edge designers to provide accessible, affordable, yet fabulous collections to the masses.  And kiddie fashion is no exception.

Announced earlier this year, rocker turned designer and fashion icon, Gwen Stefani, partnered with Target for her upcoming collection for kids, Harajuku Mini.  The collection, inspired by Stefani’s penchant for Japanese street-style, touts an eclectic, edgy, yet practical appeal for babies, tots and Tweens.  I love that this collection is edgy, yet not over the top.

The Harajuku Mini for Target lookbook hit the internet last week, but I just got around to checking it all out myself.  The collection is expected to hit stores next month and will feature cute items such as accessories, biker jackets, dresses, onesies and outfits that are totally Holiday worthy. While the animal print and plaid dresses for Tweens are cute, they don’t completely blow me away.  The baby items, little girl outfits (where the pink and black color scheme dominates ) and the boy clothes are super cute.  My faves are pieces that would be perfect for my guy and the new one on the way; at just $20 for both the Mayhem sweatshirt for boys and tuxedo onesie for baby!  And of course, the pilot case for myself!

I never hopped on board the Missoni madness from earlier this fall, but I’ll be the first to incite a little panic for Harajuku-Mini.  The clothes are THAT cute.  Expect the best of the Harajuku Mini line to go quick in stores!

Ranging from $4 to $30, the entire collection will be in stores November 13.  Check out more of my faves from the Harajuku Mini lookbook.

[imagebrowser id=6]

The Little Seed Blooms at Target

Soleil Moonfrye and Paige Goldberg Tolmach, the eco-savvy moms behind the LA-based boutique, The Little Seed, have teamed up with Target to distribute their line of organic baby clothes.  The Life Saver-hued baby line, a shift from neutral and pastel colors that are usually associated with organic baby items, is comprised of layette necessities such as hooded towels, onesies, pull on pants, baby hats and baby booties.











According to LA Time’s All the Rage blog, it looks like, The 100% organic cotton line is reasonably priced, ranging from $7.99 to $12.99.

The Little Seed items at are available online and in Target stores now.


Read More

NKT Picks: Cyber Monday Deals

I hope everyone had a fun and festive Thanksgiving! And if you hit the sales on Friday, I hope you found some fantastic deals and made it home unscathed. My girlfriend and I are still reeling from the lack of sleep on Thursday night/Friday morning since we hit Toys R Us at midnight and pretty much kept going until 11am!

But for those of you who have saved your money (and sanity) for Cyber Monday, there are lots of great deals!  Most of these last until midnight, so be sure to check them out!  I’ll be sure to post more as I see them!

Here’s my quick roundup of Cyber Monday deals:


Amazon video game deals
For the teen and tween set, undoubtedly, a few video games will make it to their gift list!  Need some ideas, or better yet, some great deals?  Be sure to head to Amazon today for some great Cyber Monday deals!



LeapFrog has a great lineup of Cyber Monday deals today, with select Tag Books and Leapster games as low as $5! I picked up a Leapster for my kid at the TRU Black Friday sale, so I will more than likely pick up a few more Leapster games for to add to the collection.  We’re huge LeapFrog fans!

·         25% to 75% off sitewide
·         Select Leapster games as low as $5
·         Select Tag Books as low as $5
·         Up to 75% off on our gift packs
·         Spend $50, get free shipping

mediaScandinavian Child
One of my personal favorite distributors is having some great Cyber Monday deals that start at noon and end at 9pm EST, including 30% off Anka High Chairs and 40% off Svan Scooters!  Be sure to go here for their complete list of Cyber Monday Deals.

I cleaned up at Target on Black Friday, but it looks like they have a number of really great deals today, with the $500 off a Philips 47? 1080p 120Hz LCD TV catching my eye. You can check out their Cyber Monday deals here.  Here’s a great coupon for $7 off of $70 plus free shipping.


Stride Rite

I’m a bit late on sharing this great info., but Stride Rite is having a ton of fan-only Cyber Monday giveaways…including a mystery grand prize worth $600 and more giveaways every hour!  Make sure you become a fan to score some great deals on their shoes, which includes great lines such as Robeez, Saucony, Keds and much more!

Online only & today only! Free shipping on any order & save 20% off. New line online now & in most stores 12/2.

Hip Hip Hooray for Cynthia Rowley

Famed designer Cynthia Rowley, known for her vibrant, yet simple designs, is teaming up with Babies “R” Us to launch a line of exclusive baby basics. The collection, called Hooray, will include baby essentials such as layette, diaper bags, blankets, playwear.

Though this is Rowley’s first foray into the baby products market, this isn’t her first collaboration. A few years ago, Rowley, along with her best friend, teamed with Target to launch a line of home accessories called Swell. A huge fan of that line, many of our bathroom towels and accessories are from the hugely successful Swell collection.


BRU is hoping that Hooray will appeal to the style and budget-conscious shoppers, which I know includes many, if not all, NKT readers. Layette and playwear ranges from $7.99 to $29.99, and bibs, blankets and diaper bags range from $5.99 to $39.99. The first photos of this collection exude such a sweet, simple, yet modern vibe. BRU said the clothes feature a variety of signature prints, plaids, and striped and dotted patterns, that use corduroy and chunky sweater knits–perfect for fall. From the sounds of it, Hooray will be a welcome addition at BRU.