My Green Dollhouse by Green Lullaby

Some kids love the cardboard boxes their toys come in, more than the actual toys, but the My Green Dollhouse by Green Lullaby is a new—and quite literal—take on cardboard-turned-toys.

Green Dollhouse

An alternative to the mammoth plastic version, this eco-friendly dollhouse that boasts pink and neutral hues, is constructed out of cardboard made from recycled materials.  Both recyclable and biodegradable, the My Green Dollhouse is easy to assemble and disassemble, complete with a carrying case.  Because all of Green Lullaby’s products are made with super sturdy cardboard, similar to the kind of cardboard that’s used for packing fresh produce, they resist moderate amounts of water. In addition to all paints, lacquers and adhesives being non-toxic, the dollhouse is treated with a non-toxic, non-hazardous fire retardant, making it a truly green toy.

For families like us, who don’t have much space to spare, a collapseable and sustainable dollhouse like this is the best of both worlds!  The My Green Dollhouse is exclusively available at giggle.

Cariboo Kiwi Cot Collection is modern and green

Cariboo (yes, the same New Zealand manufacturers of that gorgeous bassinet that’s a hit with several celebs) has a collection called Kiwi Cot Collection. The high-end kids’ furniture line features handcrafted pieces made from sustainable Radiata pine with a biodegradable finish, available in either teak or espresso. The collection has a modern and European look, but the soft edges give it its timeless and classic appearance.


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Etsy Find: Full Moon Flower Prairie Dress

Despite those scorching days we had here on the east coast, summer isn’t exactly here yet.  But just because summer isn’t here yet, doesn’t mean we can’t bolster the kids’ closets with warm weather frocks.  Need some summer dresses?  How perfect is this adorable prairie dress from Earth Groovz?


With its bold, contrasting patterns, this dress is light and versatile–perfect for spring and summer!  Not only is it cute, eco-friendly, too.  The prairie dress features organic adjustable knit straps that tie in the back, organic natural elastic and the sustainable cotton material, leaving no carbon footprint.  The dress is made to order and comes in sizes 6M, 12M, 2T, 3T, 4T.  Be sure to check out Earth Groovz’ shop on Etsy for even more cute, eco-friendly spring/summer dresses.

Pushalong Duck by ImagiPlay

Right now, wheels and animals are a big deal in our house.  So when we spotted this Pushalong Duck by ImagiPlay, you can only imagine how much excitement it brought the kid.  Made from Rubberwood, the Pushalong Duck is a classic and eco-friendly toy that encourages the development of motor skills and balance.  It’s amazing how something like a duck with wheels can be so entertaining!


ImagiPlay is a green company that produces sustainable and safe toys.  The company employs fair trade craftspeople, and reinforces their social responsibility by planting more than 5,000 trees a year.  The Pushalong Duck retails for about $15 and can be found at toy shops and online.

I’m a Rocket Man…

Cardboard rocketshipAt any given time, whenever there’s a box within reach, the “real” toys lose all of its lustre.  The box always wins as the best toy ever.  It’s the same for all kids though, right?

When I first saw this super cool cardboard rocketship on the interwebs awhile back, I immediately became a fan.  And so, when we saw the_rocket at the Go Green Expo in person, I almost wanted to unstrap the kid from his stroller and see if we could both fit.  kids_rocket_3

The_rocket from Cardboard Design, can be customized by the littlest artists with their medium of choice!  Cardboard Designs has a cool selection of cardboard furniture among other products, but the kids products are quite imaginative.  What’s cool about the cardboard products is that after the rocketship has reached its destination, it can be packed away in its own flat box.

We have enough boxes to keep us entertained for the time being, but still, what a cool, sustainable concept and an excellent alternative to plastic.