Review: Super Heroic Shoes are Super Cool

We’re slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. With the new year, we like to freshen up our wardrobe, including our sneaker game. My guys have not surprisingly become wanna-be sneaker heads, so we were so excited to have a chance to check out this new line of awesome kicks called Super Heroic.

IMG 4184

The brand comes from Jason Mayden, former Nike Senior Global Design Director, with the support of NBA Legend, Magic Johnson, Playground Ventures, and Accel Partners.  Super Heroic is designed to provide balance, stability and comfort for children growing and playing. It’s not just the pro version of a sneaker in mini form! Also it comes in super cool silo packing that makes fun noises –  equipped with a backpack that morphs into a cape, and even includes stickers and other giveaways bringing out the superhero in every child.

First impressions are key, especially when it comes to kids. Super Heroic definitely got it right when it comes to packaging and creating an awesome first impression. Taking a cue from their superhero theme, Super Heroic’s shoes come in a capsule that twists open, complete with jaw dropping sound effects. My guys were so impressed as soon as they opened the shoes!

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The shoes, at first look, are comfortable, sleek and streamlined. There are no flashy lights on the shoes, but instead, they boast a unique fit and closure. I appreciate that the shoes were designed more for function than just aesthetics. They are said to fit more like a sock, so they were snug upon first try. Once my boys got moving, though, they felt the difference in design. The bright blue and green color of Super Heroics make them stand out without being overly flashy like other kids’ shoes. 

IMG 4183

My younger son has been wearing the shoes daily since we received them for review. I love that they’re versatile and comfortable for him. Since he’s at the age where he’s learning how to tie his shoes, but can’t quite put shoes on by himself all the time, it did takes some time getting used to the tighter fit. Once he broke them in, though, they are his go-to shoes for play and school. Since my son has hypotonia, he is a bit uncoordinated, so shoe fit does matter when it comes to playtime. The shoes provide stability and balance as they suggest, which I absolutely appreciate.

IMG 4177

As if the shoes themselves weren’t cool enough, Super Heroic comes with a backpack/cape and stickers. The accessories, though cool, are an added extra. Super Heroic shoes are definitely one of my sons’ favorite shoes, and I can’t wait until they’re a household name and become more accessible. For now, Super Heroic can be found online.

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The TMBLR v1 is available at for $79 in sizes 12C-7Y

Full disclosure: we were sent Super Heroic Shoes to review for this post. As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

pediped Debuts Grip ‘n’ Go

Children’s footwear designers, pediped, debuted the Grip ‘n’ Go, a shoe with active toddlers in mind.  The Grip ‘n’ Go is described as a mix between the pediped Originals and Flex lines.

pediped’s Grip ‘n’ Go is similar to the Originals but with thin, flexible rubber soles.  The rounded edges mimic the natural shape of a child’s foot and the heel stability and soft toe box allow toddlers to feel and grip the floor.

The introduction of the Grip ‘n’ Go rounds out pediped’s footwear line, which also includes the Original, couture and The Flex.

Cool New Kicks for Kids: Yo Gabba Gabba and Dr. Seuss

It’s hard to believe summer is starting to wind down, with August just peeking around the corner.  The end of summer means back to school for many, and back to school for most families also means shopping.

Of all the fall trends I’m seeing, it looks like this school year will be filled with more bright colors and retro designs.  One thing I can’t get enough of, however, are the shoes—smart-looking kid shoes!

I’ve often said that I’m not a fan of gaudy licensed products, but these kid shoes that are coming out transcend the kitschy licensed shoewear of yesteryear.

Photo credit: Vans


The littlest Yo Gabba Gabba groupies will have some new options for dancing shoes, thanks to Vans.  The shoe company well known for their venerable line of skate shoes (I’ve been wearing Old Skools since um…) will be rolling out a line of Yo Gabba Gabba themed shoes for kids.  It looks like there are seven designs so far, but none for adults…and now that I’m looking, no sight of DJ Lance on the shoes, either.








Converse has added some fun Dr. Suess-themed kicks to their lineup of timeless shoes.  Kids can choose from eight different kinds of Chucks in the Dr. Seuss Collection, ranging from colorful fish to the subtle Cat in the Hat.  And Converse hasn’t forgotten us: there are six whimsical designs perfect for you and you and you!


Best of ’09: Polliwalks

The first ‘Best of 2009’ and companies and products to watch in 2010 is Polliwalks.


To be upfront, we are not a clog kind of family. Y’know, as in Crocs and the like…well, until we tried Polliwalks on for size.
Clogs, personally, are not my style, but for kids, I think they’re functional and they seem comfortable. True story: the summer when the kid started to cruise, I brought a pair of clogs home. The next day, I was asked to return them. That’s right, the clogs were vetoed.  And of course a few months later, at a family outing, we learned that the kid has a fondness for clog. (pastel pink ones to be exact!) They always want what they don’t have; funny how that works!

And so, this fall when Polliwalks approached me to check out their line of clogs, I happily obliged. Polliwalks has a wide variety of animals, bugs, creatures and character-themed clogs, so it was hard to choose which shoe to try. Since it was around the time of my trip to Sesame Street, the characters were even closer to our hearts, so we went with Cookie Monster.
Cookie Monster Polliwalks
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EMTEC Kooky USB flash drive

Kooky Klickers, the crazy collectible pens, now have a USB flash drive counterpart.  The Kooky USB flash drives by EMTEC come in a range of fun and bold designs, emulating the popular pens that have sold millions since they hit the market.  The unique pens, known for their springy hair and often worn with a lanyard, have been a big hit with school-aged kids, especially tweens and teens.


At 2 gb, the Kooky USB flash drive can hold homework, projects, photos and other media.  Just like the pens, the USB drive features its own take of the crazy hair and funky faces.  An interesting change from colorless USB drives, the Kooky USB flash drive is just as portable as the Kooky Klickers, and even has a place where it can be added to a key chain or lanyard.

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Sweet Shoes: cute and cool

If you’re into cute, yet edgy cool for the kid, I’d suggest checking out Sweet Shoes. Ok, so, nevermind that I just scored a pair of $5 lookalike slip on vans for the boy from H&M (seriously, check out their sale going on right now!), I love the look of Sweet Shoes. I spotted Sweet Shoes not too long ago while on the hunt for a pair of casual shoes. I love that all the little boy shoes all seem to be versatile for coordinating for day-to-day and playwear.

The wave design in navy are perfect to pair with shorts, yet can be worn well with jeans in the cooler weather, too. Add the convenience of Velcro to a super cool design, Sweet Shoes are on our shoe-shopping list! What can I say, I love cool shoes!

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 to hit full force

Mattel announced several products to go along with the launch of the new series, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, set to debut in August on the Cartoon Network.  The CGI-animated, Battle Force 5 is said to feature a team of drivers in super fast, super cool vehicles who must work together to save the Earth.


The Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 line features a full range of toys including battle vehicles and figures, a vehicle assortment, a trackset and vehicle assortment two-packs with a DVD containing the first episode of the show. The full Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 line will be at stores in October 2009.  Activision Publishing will release a Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 videogame to Wii and Nintendo DS platforms this November.  Also be on the lookout for a litany of Hot Wheels Battle Force licensed products for boys including clothes, footwear, role play toys, graphic novels, skateboards, bikes dvds, watches and more.

Etsy find: MiaJoie Elena Organic Baby Shoes

As I was perusing Etsy, I fell in love with Jessica’s shop, MiaJoie. Jessica creates stylish, unique and eco-friendly shoes and accessories, with a penchant for sweet baby girl shoes. Problem is, I don’t have a girl. It’s a good thing that MiaJoie also has unisex shoes, too.

With Spring in the air, nature and newness comes to mind, which makes me love the Elena style so much more. This versatile style is made from two types of organic cotton. The poppy flower is made from reclaimed vintage satin and finished with ruffle toe and a tiny coconut bead. This sweet style comes in sizes 0-4.


It’s no surprise that MiaJoie’s Peyton Cork Baby Shoes/Booties was recently featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

Sunday Best

With Easter Sunday next weekend, there’s still time to find affordable, practical outfits.  I’m all about buying outfits and clothes that can be used beyond that one major celebration.  As pretty as that super-frilly dress might be, consider opting for a spring dress that can be used throughout the rest of the season.  Many stores are having great spring sales right now, and even better, use those coupons many stores mail out, and you’re bound to find great deals on clothes for everyone. Here are just a few ideas on some versatile options that are out there right now.  Happy shopping!

Easter kids outfits

Umi: shoe shopping for Spring

While we haven’t quite packed up all the winter gear, I am, however, looking ahead to the sunny days by browsing around for the kid’s spring/summer gear. Specifically, we’re on the market for a few new pairs of shoes to last this size and season. Even though I consider myself a shoe snob because I tend to remain loyal to brands that I know and love, I decided to check out a few brands that I’ve eyed at the playground. Right now, I’m smitten with Umi, a brand that I see often at the playground, as well as online. They’re smart looking shoes that look as comfy as they are cute.

umiAt first look, Umi has a distinctive style to it; that’s because the company handcrafts their shoes using European designs for comfort and fit. The company, which focuses solely on children’s shoes, says they craft their shoes from high quality nappa and nubuck leather. Reading further about this company, I was pleased to read that they emphasized that they use only non-toxic materials that are built to last. Sustainability, in my book, is key! Even better on the eco-friendliness front: the company uses recycled materials for packaging, in addition to using environmentally sound practices to manage their waste.

In February, Umi unveiled their spring and summer line which has quite a few shoes that are now on my radar. The girls’ shoes are so adorable as well–I am in love with the sweet style of Lucy. As soon as we have a chance to try Umi shoes out, I’ll be sure to post a review.


  • Umi can be found at various brick and mortar retailers, as well as online. You can even find Umi at and hello, they’re having a sale on what looks like some winter styles.
  • Until April 30, Umi is offering 20% off any purchase—a sweet deal to welcome Spring. When you purchase online from their site, just enter SPRING20 at checkout.
  • To receive more information about Umi and to get the latest deals and promos, be sure to check them out on Facebook