TTPM Unveils 2017’s Hot Toys

Last week, my big guy and I woke up bright and early to head to the city for TTPM’s Holiday Showcase. Always one of my favorite events of the season, TTPM named the 20 toys that they consider to be the hottest toys of the holiday season.

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From products featuring notable entertainment characters and the latest advancements in tech to standout classic toys and innovative preschool playthings, the TTPM Most Wanted List reflects the current trends dominating the toy aisles.


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TTPM named so many of our favorites as hot toys, and even included a few that are new to us! As much as we love learning about TTPM’s hot list, we love getting our hands on all of these cool new toys at the event.

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We’ll be sure to share our thoughts on the hot list, but without further ado, here is TTPM’s Most Wanted List:

  • Fingerlings by WowWee
  • Hatchimals Surprise by Spin Master
  • Barbie Dreamhorse by Mattel
  • Doc McStuffins Baby All-in-One Nursery by Just Play
  • Teddy Ruxpin by Wicked Cool Toys
  • Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage by Mattel
  • Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme from Fisher-Price
  • Lego Boost Nerf Nitro Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower
  • DropMix by Hasbro
  • KidBuzz by VTech
  • LOL Surprise by MGA Entertainment
  • LuvaBella and LuvaBeau by Spin Master
  • Nintendo Switch by Nintendo Pikmi Pops
  • Oonies by Moose Toys
  • Little Bits’ Star Wars Droid Inventor
  • Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8 Interactive Droid from Spin Master
  • Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber from Hasbro

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IMG 1401

Due to the early buzz, so many of these were no surprise! We’ll share our video and thoughts on these toys soon!

Nintendo 3DS: 3D Gaming Minus the Glasses

From movies, to tvs, and now, gaming systems, it looks like 3D is here to stay.


Nintendo announced it will release the 3DS, the successor to the DSi (above).


The internet is abuzz today over Nintendo’s announcement that it will launch the next version of its handheld Nintendo 3DS in March 2011.  Nintendo said that with the 3DS, games can be enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses. The 3DS will be compatible with games from the entire Nintendo DS series.

Little details were provided, but various sites have been annalyzing Nintendo’s latest announcement.  Nintendo plans to announce more details at the E3 Show, slated for June 15th in L.A.

In the meantime, checkout what TechCrunch is saying about the innovation behind Nintendo’s next handheld gaming system.


Celebrate Opening Ceremony with Olympic Video Games

In honor of tonight’s Olympic Opening Ceremony that will officially kick off the Winter Games, I thought I’d mention these Olympic inspired video games.

There’s no shortage in video games inspired by major sporting events, and yes, that includes the most revered sports event of all time, The Olympics.  If you couldn’t make it to Vancouver to see the Olympics in person, Sega has a pair of Olympic-branded video games so that everyone can play along.

In case you’re wondering why only Sega?  Well, that’s because Sega is the sole video game publisher of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, through an agreement with International Sports Multimedia (ISM), exclusive licensee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC.)

Two beloved video game characters, Mario and Sonic, are once again taking their rivalry to the snow and ice in another officially licensed Olympic-themed game, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.


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Gift Glossary: great video games

In the video game sector, titles and technology are constantly evolving. With many new handheld titles and fun family titles to choose from, I had a tough time narrowing down NKT picks. I could go on and on with this exhaustive list for great family video games, but I chose many of the ones below because I had the unique chance to experience them first hand. For the ones that I didn’t try out myself, I felt that their family-friendliness and entertainment value coincided with NKT’s scope.  And as far as giveaways go, this is a biggie!  Enter for a chance to win these recently released video games and NKT picks!
So, here they are:

51zxuPNAUVL._SL500_AA280_Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom
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Punch Out!! launches this week

It’s a big week for video game releases, with tomorrow’s launch of the new Punch-Out!! game for Nintendo’s Wii as one of the most noteworthy.
punchoutlogoLittle Mac is back with other existing characters from the existing Punch-Out!! with the only new character called the Disco Kid. The video boxing game, that was loved by many since the NES days, was reinvented with the Wii’s motion-sensitive Remote and Nunchuk controllers. The appeal of a retro game, combined with new technology, has a lot of original Punch-Out!! fans talking.
There are various reviews out on the new Punch-Out!! but one that I found incredibly comprehensive, complete with graphics is over on And from what it sounds like, the new Punch-Out!! is a big hit.

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Nintendo DSi set to launch

nintendo_dsiIn just a few days, the third iteration of the ubiquitous handheld videogame among kids of all ages, Nintendo DS, is set to launch the the multimedia-savvy Nintendo DSi.  Nintendo says the new DSi features will give gamers the ability to customize, personalize and share their experiences with friends and family. This version features two built-in, interactive cameras.   It also features a sound application that lets people put their own spin on their music with the ability to play and manipulate sound files accessed from an SD card. In addition to the DSi launch on April 5, Nintendo will also launch the Nintendo DSi Shop, a new online storefront where users can redeem Nintendo DSi Points to download games and applications. Nintendo DSi will be available in Blue or Black, and will cost $169.99.