Frozen’s “Love is an Open Door” Clip Released; Blu-Ray Combo Set to Release 3/18

With Frozen winning an Academy Award for best animated feature, among a few other accolades, the insta-classic Disney tale of two sisters is still all the buzz.  


Idina Menzel (or Adele Dazeem, depending on whom you ask) was just on Fallon last night belting out the movie’s signature song, accompanied by the Roots who played children’s’ toys.  It was epic to say the least.


 And since Frozen is still flying high this winter, the movie’s other star, Kristen Bell sings quite a few of our favorites.  Her duet with Santino Fontana (Hans) in Love is an Open Door was recently released exclusively by Disney Movies Anywhere. In case you weren’t aware, Disney Movies Anywhere is Disney’s all-new, cloud-based digital movie service. Frozen is now available digitally to own.

Santino Fontana was the prince in Broadway’s Cinderella so my older son and I are totally smitten with this clip.  To watch a Broadway star on stage and then to have him voice a Disney character is pretty cool for a young kid to appreciate.


Photo credit: Theatermania

Frozen Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack to be Released on March 18

With all this talk about Frozen, even though it’s already availably digitally, I’m excited about for when the Blu-Ray/DVD drops on March 18th.  Like many Blu-Ray and DVDs, Frozen will have quite a few exclusive features. 

Here are a few of the exclusive features that will be available on the Frozen Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack.

  • The Making Of Frozen (Blu-ray, Digital)
  •  D’frosted: Disney’s Journey From Hans Christian Anderson to Frozen (Blu-ray, Digital)
  • Breaking The Ice – The Real Making Of Frozen (Blu-ray, Digital)
  • 4 Deleted Scenes with introduction by Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
  • Original Theatrical Short – “Get A Horse” (Blu-ray, Digital & DVD)
  • “Let It Go” Music Videos by Demi Lovato, Martina Stoessel & Marsha Milan Londoh (Blu-ray, Digital & DVD)
  • Frozen Teaser Trailer (Blu-ray, Digital & DVD)

Making of Frozen still with Jonathan Groff, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad MakingOfThumb 010 R


 If you’re anything like us, when we find a favorite movie, we watch it non-stop, sometimes til the disk breaks. We can’t wait for this release!

Little Fan: Beastie Boys Five Boroughs Tee

One of the many wonderful things about being a parent is introducing the things you love to your kid. On that list of things we love, so far, we’ve shared travel spots, baseball, great books, delicious foods, and of course, good music.

I’m currently loving the latest release from The Beastie Boys, so as a longtime fan with my very own budding fan, I absolutely love this boy’s Beasties Tee spotted over at Axl’s Closet. The light blue Chaser Beastie Boys Five Boroughs tee is a nod to the beloved trio’s homage to their hometown. Currently available in 2t, 4t and 6, the Chaser Beastie Boys Five Boroughs tee is $24.

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“Love Me For Who I Am” Embraces Sweet and Special

For today’s Music Monday post, “Love Me For Who I Am” from Brady Rymer is a celebration, as much as it is an appreciation for all things sweet and special. As you may already know, April is Autism Awareness month, and  Brady Rymer is underscoring this important message with his fun and infectious new release Love Me for Who I Am.

Debuting tomorrow, April 12, Rymer’s 10-track cd, Love Me for Who I Am, embraces kids of all sizes and more importantly, celebrates kids of all abilities. Hints of folk, rock, pop and reggae aid the colorful flavor of this cd, that’s full of inspiring lyrics and gives a nod to adventures and experiences that make childhood so piquant.

With funny and relatable reasoning that “food should never rub elbows and flavors should never move,” for those of you with kids with discerning palates, “Picky Eaters” is their anthem!  And track eight is one that can’t be missed where perennial preschool favorite, Laurie Berkner lends her melodic vocals to “Soft Things” a song that praises the tactile joy and sweet smells of all things soft. And in the spirit of “celebrating and invigorating,” the upbeat and effervescent title track says it all, “please don’t try to fix me, love me for who I am.”

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Pat Bells Put Music at Kids’ Fingertips

Colorful, beautiful and eye-catching, Pat Bells from PlayMe aren’t toys, but unique musical instruments that can be played with a slight tap of a wooden knob.  Each handbell in the 8-piece set is a different color of the spectrum, making it easy for kids to make their own music or follow song cards that feature notes with the corresponding bells’ colors.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Pat Bells have been used in a variety of music education settings, including kids with special needs.  As opposed to traditional handbells, there are no handles to hold or mallets needed to strike, so Pat Bells are described as being “easy to play” for younger kids or who have low muscle tone or delayed motor skill development.

When I spotted these gorgeous bells at Toy Fair, I was immediately drawn in by the colors and striking design.  At $150, the bells may not find their way into personal music collections, but I’d love to see these in preschools, music classes and especially in the hands of music lovers of all ages.

Want to see the bells in action? I found a really great video on YouTube that gives a great demo.

Putumayo Kids Unplugs with Acoustic Dreamland

Melodic and sweet, Putumayo Kids’ latest release, “Acoustic Dreamland,” is the fifth release in the Dreamland series, which continues to celebrate the label’s penchant for exposing world music and culture to children.  If you’re not a lullaby singer like me, “Acoustic Dreamland’s” calming lineup of lullabies is another thoughtfully curated compilation of music from Putumayo Kids that does the singing for you.

Complemented by the strums of acoustic guitars, strings, piano and sleepy time lyrics, “Acoustic Dreamland” boasts a diverse collection of classic and contemporary songs that both kids and parents can count sheep to.

Title track, “Dreamland,” by Lucy Kaplansky begins the 11-song cd with a lullaby that has an Irish medley feel and embraces an uplifting harmony.  Elizabeth Mitchell’s cover of the Allman Brother’s “Blue Sky” reminds me of my happy childhood and sunny days back home in Va Beach.  Recorded especially for this cd, Frances England’s “Here with Me,” which slightly channels one of my all-time favorite songs, “Circle,” has turned us on to a new favorite children’s musican.  With a million things running through our minds after having grandpa visit for the weekend, the tv is off, electronics are stashed and Rosie Thomas’ lullaby and love song, “Tomorrow,” is currently on repeat.

Birds fly above you
Love is around you
I would like to be too
Forever, forever and ever
With you

Perfect for ending the day on a high note and a gentle way to decompress and unplug, Putumayo Kids’ “Acoustic Dreamland” is a great collection of music suitable for baby to big kids’ bedtime routine.

Putumayo Kids “Acoustic Dreamland” can be found online and at retailers such as Barnes and Noble.  Be sure to listen to a sampling of the CD on Putumayo’s site.

NKT Fave: The Electric Company

Music, ultimately, is one of the kid’s favorite things.  He loves to beatbox (thanks, Biz Markie) and like many preschoolers, he turns any conversation into a song.  He plays his guitars to any song or show; anything and everything is a drumset; he has a quirky fondness for banjos and plays his harmonica even before eating breakfast. And along with his love for music, we’re big on educational shows, especially ones with awesome musical segments.

One show in particular, The Electric Company, is one that we watch together almost non-stop.  I loved the show growing up, and so, this is definitely a show that I hoped the kid would love just as well.  I just didn’t expect him to fall in love with this show at DSCF5494just two years old.  But, understandably, much of that has to do with our meet and greet with The Electric Company last year.  (more on that later!)

Geared to school-aged kids, The Electric Company, was originally produced by Children’s Television Workshop (now called Sesame Workshop,) back in the 1970s.  The show ceased production in the late 1970s, but I remember watching reruns as a kid in the early 80s.  In 2009, the Sesame Workshop revived the series with a cast of fresh faces, complete with a modern and funky edge to it.  For the school aged set, the Electric Company’s website is one worth checking out.  It’s really no surprise that their site, like the show, has garnered several awards.


As I mentioned, the kid loves The Electric Company.  Perhaps he doesn’t know about punctuation or prefixes yet, but he does, however, have a little crush that keeps him watching.  One of the main characters of the show, Priscilla Diaz, known as Jessica on the show, is a super-talented singer, rapper and actress that’s caught the eye of my little guy.  The kid is smitten. Priscilla Diaz, aka Jessica from the Electric Company
His favorite episode has a cute segment where a variety of characters are pushing muffins on Jessica.  A catchy line from the episode, “Have a Muffin, Jessica,” is echoed in our home at least 10 times a day.  And speaking of catchy, if you knew the show back in the 70s and 80s, then you’ll be glad to know that the popular catchphrase, “Heyyyyy yooooooou guyyyyysssss!” is still alive and well in the new(er) Electric Company.

Just as The Electric Company was wrapping their third season of taping the other week, a few bloggers and members of the media were invited to the set to sit in on a taping of a music video with the band Good Charlotte.  The song they recorded was funny and memorable, one that I’m sure that bigger kids would appreciate.  We had a great time watching Joel and Benji Madden record their video, and even had a chance to ask Benji a few questions!

Joel and Benji Madded, Electric Company video taping

We’re on our way to a different event at Sesame Workshop today, but I wanted to share a teaser about the kid’s love for the Electric Company.  Stay tuned for the interview and a video of the video!  In the meantime, check out my photostream from the event!

Exclusive: Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest Full of Fun Energy

Nickelodeon is set to air the much-hyped Mega Music Fest tonight at 8pm—and what a mega fest it is!  Back in May, NKT was onhand at the Brooklyn Academy of music for the taping of the powerhouse kiddie music show which brought the likes of The Roots, Colbie Calliat and Wyclef Jean onstage for a variety of musical performances.


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Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Tour Launches Cool Tricks Contest

Tons of great things happening with NKT fave, Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Tour.  The tour, which is set to kick off on August 27 in Bethel, NY, just announced a Cool Tricks contest.  The Cool Tricks contest gives fans a chance to unveil their, well, cool tricks.  Beat boxing, breakdancing, playing the piccolo—be sure to share it to win cool prizes for cool tricks.

Fans can upload a :30-:60 second video demoing their Cool Trick for a chance to win a VIP Family 4 Pack and have their winning video played during intermission at the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!: There’s a Party in My City show closest to their hometown. Oh, and it doesn’t end there, fellow Gabba friends, all participants are also entered into a sweepstakes where one fan will receive a five night trip for four to the Caribbean or Mexico and a three-month supply of organic snacks and meals from Plum Organics and Revolution Foods.

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Shake, Rattle and Roll with Hohner Kids Instruments

After a fabulous weekend, is there a better way to start a new week than with a bang?  In this case, I’m talking about the musical kind of bang.

Hohner Kids manufactures a wide range of musical instruments with the budding rockstars in mind.  The company’s range of musical products, which are specifically tailored to kids, include recorders, harmonicas and a variety of rhythm instruments, among others.  Aside from the cool looking Claves and hand Tom Toms, Hohner Kids also offers a few sets worth checking out.

The Samba Music Party Set includes a cd and traditional Latin percussion instruments, which gives kids a chance to explore musical culture and expression. The set includes a tambourine, castanet, samba whistle, maraca and guiro.  Hohner plastic instruments are all phthalate free and are safe for ages 3 years and up.



And because my kid has been singing Laurie Berkner’s “Shaky Egg” song nonstop for the past few weeks, check out one of Hohner’s newest instruments—the Wooden Animal Shakers.  The Wooden Animal Shakers, which come in cat, horse, fish and elephant designs, are a cute and colorful alternative to shaky eggs, the toddler favorites from music class.

Hohner Kids Musical Instruments can be found at select toy stores, music stores, online at their site or retailers like Amazon.

Kindie Rocker Justin Roberts: Relatable and Revered



Photo credit:

Justin Roberts had us at Zydeco.

I’m of course referring to the bayou-inspired song the indie musician did on one of our favorite kid shows of all time, Jack’s Big Music Show.

Memorable appearances on kids’ shows aside, Roberts has quite the following, and rightly so.

Roberts, a speaker and performer at Kindiefest, is described as one of the trailblazers for indie rock music geared to kids and family.  Based on his profile in the NY Times and the Time Magazine video, Roberts is the next big thing in kids music and is ready for the mainstream…but from what I’ve read on some of the most insightful kids music blogs, the rest of the world is just now catching up.

As evidenced by the recent press coverage, Roberts has a knack for writing songs with real topics that are relatable for kids and parents.  The Mama is Sad song and anecdote, as described in the NYTimes, struck a chord with me.  Life isn’t all rainbows (which I tweeted about yesterday, in fact) so why not pen a song about the reality and offset it with a little bit of shared Legos?

But its Roberts’ catchy and smart songs with memorable lyrics, complemented with a tour schedule dotted with his signature interactive performances from coast to coast that make him a relevant and well-respected musician, even for those who aren’t familiar with the kindie genre.

Want to see and hear for Justin Roberts for yourself?  Check him out on YouTube.

In addition to his Kindiefest presence around the web and aforementioned articles, Roberts is set to launch another album on June 8. According to his site,  Jungle Gym pays homage to collective memories of childhood.  Via Roberts’ Facebook page, you can download one of the songs for free.

Though I couldn’t attend Kindiefest due to scheduling conflicts, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading  the articles and blogposts following the conference.  While waiting for Roberts’ next album to drop, be sure to head to great sites such as Nugget Island, Zooglobble and OWTK to read great insight on kids music, including fantastic coverage of Kindiefest and the plethora of artists and industry influencers onhand. And don’t forget to check out these great reads and views; I highly suggest watching the Time video.

Time video

Time Magazine

NY Times