Best in Show: Finds from the New York Baby Show

The other week, Josh and I spent the afternoon at the New York Baby Show at Pier 94 scouring the booths for the latest and greatest in baby gear. From well trusted names in car seats to gadgets helping to create smart nurseries, there were so many new products featured at the New York Baby Show.

IMG 2905 JPG

We searched high and low, snapped tons of pics, peeked into many booths and found a really great selection of gear from baby brands that we love, as well as products from new and upcoming companies!

Here are just a few of the many great products we spotted at this year’s New York Baby Show:


With is gorgeous textiles and poufy circular shape, Pello is described as a luxury newborn lounger. This new take on a pillow can be used for feeding or for a convenient way to help baby sit somewhat upright during his/her waking hours. When baby outgrows the newborn phase, this pillow looks ideal for helping to support during the sitting up and standing phases.IMG 2941 JPG 

Pello has a great selection of colors and fabrics. It can be found on Amazon and retails for $120.

Sage Spoonfuls

A longtime fan of Sage Spoonfuls, I love watching this baby feeding brand flourish. I’m so excited about the Happy Foodie stainless steel divided plate and lid. Plastic plates and feeding ware are among the first items to go in my house because they are the most used and abused. Our stainless steel lunchboxes have lasted 5+ years. 

IMG 2962 JPG

So, I can only imagine how well the Sage Spoonfuls Happy Foodie product line will do. Safe, non-toxic, BPA, lead and phthalate-free and easy to clean!

Britax Frontier

Since we first shopped for carseats 10 years ago, Britax has been one of my all time favorite baby brands. This is, yet, another brand that I’ve loved watching flourish and working with over the years. I was so excited to see the various new strollers and carseats on display, but what truly caught my eye was the Frontier booster.


IMG 2988 JPG


We are solidly in the booster phase with my preschooler, so boosters have been on the brain. This new fabric is chic and unique; combining safety with style is something that Britax does so well. And speaking of safety, the Britax Frontier’s Click Tight Technology makes car seat installation as easy as buckling a seatbelt. This technology is designed to be seamless, especially for families who travel frequently or need to switch seats regularly. Click Tight is a game changer!

IMG 2993 JPG

IMG 2991 JPG



And speaking of traveling, I loved that my dream car brand was at the New York Baby Show. I’ve been eyeing Volvo’s SUVs for quite some time. Sadly, the price tag hasn’t been in the budget.

IMG 2996 JPG

We decided that this specific Volvo was too small for our needs, what with our year-round sports, lake gear and coaching equipment.  Nevertheless, it’s fun getting a peek at my dream car at the Baby Show. Josh loved sitting in the driver’s seat and checking out the trunk. 


IMG 2997 JPG

IMG 3004 JPG

IMG 3014

With thanks to Momtrends, we enjoyed meeting up with fellow bloggers in the Blogger Lounge, as well as livestreamed our favorite finds from the show. My little guy loved having the chance to play! 

IMG 2915 JPG

IMG 2910 JPG


Above all, we loved checking out all the awesome goodies and gear at the New York Baby Show. Stay tuned for more fun finds!


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Highlights of the 2015 Toyota Camry

Because cars and technology are paramount purchases in most of our homes, many car companies have been reaching out to parent bloggers and including us in their media outreach. As such, I’m currently in Ponte Vedra for Toyota’s press preview for the 2015 Camry, Sienna and Yaris.  Dubbed the Toyota Family Reunion, this press preview has involved a lot of test driving and presentations with company executives, including the marketing team, engineering team and the other brains behind the evolution of some these vehicles.



IMG 7628


I will have much more information to share, but I wanted to unveil this quick Q & A I did with Camry’s Chief Engineer, Monte Kaehr.  So, if there’s anything you need to know about the Camry, Toyota’s top-selling vehicle, Kaehr is your guy.  Lucky me, I had the chance to shoot a candid, off the cuff video, where I asked Mr. Kaehr to highlight just some of Camry’s latest developments.  And since many of you are like me, tech-minded, yet cautious consumers, I asked Mr. Kaehr to cover some of the latest security developments.


IMG 7662 


As mentioned, I’ll have more to share soon, but for now, check out what Monte Kaehr has to say about the 2015 Toyota Camry:



SheBuysCars and Toyota Host Girls’ Night Out at NYIAS

Earlier this week, at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), car manufacturers unveiled a lineup of new and concept cars for the auto industry and the public to revel and revere.


Just before the doors opened to the general public, however, together with an esteemed group of women bloggers, I was able to get a sneak peek of events.  SheBuysCars, Toyota and NYIAS, who were the organizers and sponsors of the Girls’ Night Out event, hosted a wonderful presentation and fun events for what was, perhaps, the first female-focused gathering of its kind at NYIAS.

According to an article in Forbes

Here’s what is true: Women buy just over half of all cars sold in the United States and take part in 80 percent of all family car-buying decisions. And women car buyers do more research than men, generally speaking.


As a tech enthusiast and blogger who has been to my fair share of car and auto media events, I absolutely appreciated the girls’ night out presented by SheBuysCars.  It was a platform for the NYIAS to speak to us directly, and for us, women and members of the media, to get a firsthand look at the some of the most sleek, chic and technologically-advanced cars—even if some were just for show.  


I loved that my friends and fashion experts, Audrey and Vera, were on hand to discuss trends in fashion.  More often than not, style and fashion trends are parallel with style aspects of new cars.  The colors, designs and how it all meshes together, makes all the style choices come full circle.

Just a few of the cars and sights I loved while taking a tour of the NYIAS showroom floor:







The NYIAS is open until tomorrow, if interested in checking out these rides for yourself.

Forward with Ford

As a kid, before I could even spell “Ford” or develop any association with the brand, all I knew was that my dad’s prized possession back then, was his bright orange Mustang.

Not too practical for a young family, but ideal for a young sailor, that car stood much more than my dad even imaged back then.  You see, after he sold this impeccably maintained sports car, he eventually traded up for a much family-friendlier car, a 1981 Ford Econoline conversion van (the 80s was the decade of excess afterall) and thus, began our family’s loyalty to Ford.


So, what does my family’s quick car history do with Ford?  And better yet, what does all of THIS have to do with NKT?

Quite a lot, actually.

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Toy Story 3 Features Hidden Easter Eggs

The highest grossing animated film of all time and one of our family’s favorite movies of the year (and maybe yours too?), Toy Story 3, was released on DVD and Blu-Ray earlier this week.  We, of course, were first in line to grab our copies.

Since picking up our copy of TS3, it’s no surprise that we’ve watched it no less than four times already.  Each time, I’ve found myself searching for even more quirky surprises that I missed before.  Pixar is well known for hiding easter eggs in their films, so I thought I’d repost the link to a great site that shares many of those hidden gems of Woody, Buzz and the gang.

Slash Film did a great job dissecting some of the most important scenes in the film that were chock full of interesting tidbits, many of which reference other Pixar films and characters, with quite a few nods to next year’s Cars 2.  One easter egg that I found interesting was the significance of the number of A113 found in several other Pixar flicks, just like TS3.

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IIHS Rates Best and Worst Booster Seats

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released its latest reports on children’s booster seat evaluations.  With safety in mind, IIHS, a non-profit organization funded by auto insurers, carries out research and produces ratings for passenger vehicles, as well as for certain consumer products like booster seats.  In reading the report, it’s not just the seat that’s important, it’s how the seat and seatbealt fit the child.  Most booster seats, unlike carseats, utilize a vehicle’s seatbelt. (link to an informational PDF) says booster seats are typically used by children 4 until 10.

According to IIHS, it’s important to note that the Institute doesn’t conduct vehicle crash tests to evaluate boosters because boosters don’t do the restraining in a crash. It’s the fit of the belt that’s important.  A good booster routes the lap belt across a child’s upper thighs and positions the shoulder belt at midshoulder.










IIHS says that this year’s top-rated boosters outnumber ones that they don’t recommend.  Brands such as Britax, Chicco, Clek, among others make the list.  Read more to find out which seats make IIHS’ list.

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Etsy find: Natural Cars from Happy Squash Toys

With toy recalls and reports of unsafe toy manufacturing and imports creating a cause for concern, in an effort to observe more sustainable choices, naturally, some families opt for greener toys made from renewable resources. And of course, a smart and economical alternative to mass produced toys are unique, handmade goodies. Beyond whittling your own collection of handmade toys yourself, thank goodness for the treasure trove that is Etsy! I always say this, but you can’t buy the kind of craftsmanship that you find in Etsy in a mainstream store —no matter what the product might be!

Jack playing with Natural Cars

Today’s Etsy find is from a toy shop that I’ve featured before—I love these toys that much. Happy Squash Toys sent us a trio of Natural Cars for review, and based on the kid’s inability to put them down for one second, it’s official: they’re a hit.

Like most boys his age, our almost 2-year old is fascinated by anything with wheels or rolls. Cars, trains, animals with wheels, bikes, tractor trailers—you name it, he loves it. The Natural Cars from Happy Squash Toys are no exception. He loves wheeling them around the floor, furniture and whatever surface that will let him mobilize these cars. The trick is always finding a way to make all 3 roll at once since his little hands aren’t quite big enough to push them all at once yet. I love the way our little guy makes his own little car sounds when playing with the Natural Cars. I’ll take those sweet imaginative noises over the loud battery-operated honks, beeps and flashing lights any day.

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Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 to hit full force

Mattel announced several products to go along with the launch of the new series, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, set to debut in August on the Cartoon Network.  The CGI-animated, Battle Force 5 is said to feature a team of drivers in super fast, super cool vehicles who must work together to save the Earth.


The Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 line features a full range of toys including battle vehicles and figures, a vehicle assortment, a trackset and vehicle assortment two-packs with a DVD containing the first episode of the show. The full Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 line will be at stores in October 2009.  Activision Publishing will release a Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 videogame to Wii and Nintendo DS platforms this November.  Also be on the lookout for a litany of Hot Wheels Battle Force licensed products for boys including clothes, footwear, role play toys, graphic novels, skateboards, bikes dvds, watches and more.