Safety 1st launches Air Protect

It’s no surprise that car seat innovation and car seat safety will always elicit a lot of attention from parents.  In our case, even though we rarely drive day-to-day, we do, however, drive 6-8 hour stretches quite regularly.  (With our next trip slated for tomorrow evening.)  Car seat safety, of course, is always paramount, as is comfort for driving long distances.  That said, all families have different needs when it comes to the big ticket kid gear such as car seats.

What’s great about the juvenile products market is that it’s always evolving, especially to meet all those different needs while maintaining the highest safety standards.  Dorel, the parent company of Safety 1st products, proves just that with its latest innovation.

air protect

Earlier this week, Dorel announced the launch of Air Protect, a new safety feature that was developed to protect children in the event of side impact collisions.  Dorel brought in the big guns for their latest innovation:  the company worked together with Kettering University’s Crash Safety Center to develop Air Protect, which, essentially puts a layer of air protection around the child’s head.

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Cariboo Kiwi Cot Collection is modern and green

Cariboo (yes, the same New Zealand manufacturers of that gorgeous bassinet that’s a hit with several celebs) has a collection called Kiwi Cot Collection. The high-end kids’ furniture line features handcrafted pieces made from sustainable Radiata pine with a biodegradable finish, available in either teak or espresso. The collection has a modern and European look, but the soft edges give it its timeless and classic appearance.


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Evian lives young with dancing babe

It’s kind of chilling how just a few weeks ago I posted a moonwalking baby video.  The dancing baby that’s part of the latest Evian campaign gave a nod to Michael Jackson’s unforgettable dance moves, and shows just how much MJ’s music and career have influenced pop culture.

Evian’s latest campaign is as timely as ever.  Known  for celebrating youth, Evian has another dancing baby.  This time, another baby is breakdancing to the Sugar Hill Gang’s classic, Rapper’s Delight (one of the best songs, ever!)

Be on the lookout for Evian’s latest Live Young ad campaign.  These dancing babies will be everywhere soon.  With my birthday just a weeks away, and realizing that I’ll be in my mid-30s, living young is an idea that certainly hits home.

Kids Crooked House gets a little airtime

A few months ago, I began perusing the web for super cool finds to add to this site here, I came across these awesome playhouses. I thought Kids Crooked House playhouses were extremely unique, I knew they’d be a hit. I even Stumbled it, with every intention of doing a blog post, but of course, I got a little sidetracked.

But last night, the custom playhouses that look animated with their “crooked” appearance got a little bit of airtime on that little show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Heh. The Kids Crooked Houses piqued so much interest, Jon and Kate broke their website! (The Kids Crooked House site is now back up and running!)


The Kids Crooked Houses come in a standard model or you can go the custom route. The standard models come in original, deluxe (pictured above) or super deluxe versions.  And be forewarned, the exclusivity and this sort of handcrafting comes at a price. But what I heard from an owner of a Kids Crooked House, it’s worth it.

The creators of Kids Crooked Houses build each house by hand, using traditional 2 x 4 construction, as if they were building for their own kids.  My brothers and I grew up with our own custom playhouse, so I love the concept behind the uniqueness of the Kids Crooked House and totally agree that every kid should have a “place” of their own.

And just like that, I’m dreaming of suburbia, but mainly for my our own Kids Crooked House!

Janie and Jack Tweets a sneak peek

As they say, the internet—specifically, social media—has forever changed the way we receive information.  But lucky for us shopping fanatics, that’s a good thing.  Even though I’ve been on Twitter for almost a year, I love seeing that it’s going mainstream.  Better yet, many of my favorite stores and brands are joining the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon.  On very few occasions, these stores and brands are harnessing the power of social media the “right” way, rather than having a one-sided conversation.

It’s true, I often see stores or brands tweet or merely post things without interacting with the consumer.  It’s too bad for them because these new social media outlets are invaluable to both the consumer AND retailer.  For instance, check out one of my favorite stores, Janie and Jack.  Last night, Janie and Jack, a part of the Gymboree Corporation, tweeted a preview to their upcoming line.  They posted the link to the sneak peek of their new lines, which then led to their Facebook Fan Page which showcased four photos of super cute outfits that aren’t even available online until June 29 and in the stores until July 8.  Cupcakes and pirates: two of our favorite things!


Great usage of Twitter AND Facebook, Janie and Jack!  While these adorable new outfits might not be on our budget just yet, that preview reminded me that Janie and Jack has a 60% off sale going on right now!  These sales are awesome, especially since I normally don’t buy at Janie and Jack until things go on sale!  If you’re new to Twitter or even if you’ve been on for awhile, be sure to follow your favorite stores and brands, in addition to your friends, and you’re bound to find some secret sales, previews and maybe a deal you just can’t pass up!

Have we connected on Twitter?  Maybe I’ll even do a secret contest of my own soon. hmmmm…

Dance, baby! Dance!

Popular commercials often feature talking babies, walking babies, laughing babies, but moonwalking babies? This might be a first…

It’s obvious Evian loves babies. In fact, 10 years ago, the company had a campaign that parodied the movie “Bathing Beauty” starring about 70 babies performing synchronized swimming to the song “Bye Bye Baby.” This summer, Evian is going the moonwalking baby route.

Want to know what the moonwalking is all about?  Stay tuned to hear more about Evian’s latest ad campaign.