Back to School Must Have: Lovable Labels

For most kids, school has been underway for a few weeks now.  While most families have already satisfied their schooLovable Labels Bear_withTAG_8 (120x120)l supplies shopping list, there will always be those lingering must haves.  Since our family vacation coincided with Labor Day and a lot of my energy was exerted into preparing for the trip leading up to my cousin’s wedding, I didn’t have a chance to do a Back to School Shopping Guide.  And so this week, I will be featuring my Back to School Must Haves.

IMG_0459Moms and dads with kids in school and daycare know how pertinent it is to label every single item.  My kid has lost entire outfits at daycare because I failed to label them!  Well, thanks to Lovable Labels, we can set our Sharpies down since they’ve made labeling a breeze.

Lovable Labels kindly sent our family the Back to School Pack to review, and I’ve been on a labeling frenzy ever since.  Even though my kid isn’t in school yet, as a family who is constantly on the go, The Back to School Pack is ideal for all of our labeling purposes.  We received the black labels with a fun little dinosaur graphic that I adore.  I labeled our playground toys with the slimline labels since we go to the park every day, and those toys can be exchanged with numerous little hands.  The labels are durable, distinctive and pretty darn cute!
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Play Like a Pirate

Arrrrrrgh matey! That’s right, everyone. Tomorrow, September 19, marks Talk Like a Pirate Day! There’s a lot going on to mark this fun day that was started back in 1995 by two pirate fans from Oregon, but we got wind that Monkey Island, the swashbuckling pirate games by LucasArts and Telltale is making the premiere episode of Tales of Monkey Island a free download on their website all day.


Not only that, but today through September 21, LucasArts is offering a treasure trove of deals on several versions of The Secret of Monkey Island, including:
• 50% off the iPhone and iPod touch version of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition via Apple’s App Store
• 50% off The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on Steam, Valve Corporation’s delivery and management platform for the PC and Direct2Drive, IGN Entertainment’s digital download store

Get ye these games before the deals expire! Arrrrrghhhh!

Smart & Silky: kid friendly hand sanitizer

Nothing can replace good old fashioned hand-washing, but in this day in age where the H1N1 virus still looms, with the kids back in school and the upcoming flu season, it’s important as ever to emphasize illness-prevention.

Just in time for prime kiddie germ season, Smart & Silky and Kids Smart & Silky Foaming Hand Sanitizers is set to hit the shelves. Smart & Silky is alcohol-free, hypoallergenic and is not flammable or poisonous, making it ideal for kids.


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The Young and Not-So-Fabulous

9781416980063In the day and age of blogs, MySpace and Facebook, where so much is put out there, there’s still nothing like a good old fashioned journal. You know, the kind where you share your private thoughts and ideas—the kind where you actually write in! Ah, the good ol’ days!

As a lifelong journaler, my love for the written diary runs deep, which is why I adore the premise behind The Dork Diaries: The Tales Behind the Not-So-Fabulous Life by Rachael Renee Russell. Sure, The Dork Diaries could’ve been written by yours truly, but this fun read geared to the tween set, is a collection of the main character, Nikki Maxwell’s school, friends, frenemies, crushes, and family.
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TMBG to release Here Comes Science

In addition to the usual parenting responsibilities , if there’s anything I want to do for the kid, it’s to fill his life with cool experiences and great music. I know I may write about new products every day, but truly, nothing quite compares to intangible goodies such as, a love for music.


Exposure to great music can be attributed to nurturing even the littlest music lover’s discerning ear.  I especially love it when music groups that I like go the kiddie route. With the Ting Tings and the Roots at the top of our playlist, it’s hard to not mention the smart and quirky, and perhaps one of the most well known rock groups to cross over into the kiddie genre: They Might be Giants. And giants they are!
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Kidz haz cheezburger: Play-Doh Burger Builder

Play-Doh has cooked up some new items, specifically, some new food sets, some of which are set to roll out this fall. With school starting up for many, the unofficial end of summer might be imminent, but the kids can BBQ all year round with the Play-Doh Burger Builder. With the Burger Builder, kids can press, knead and “cook” up their own burgers and all the “fixins” (That’s how they say it back home) How ever they might like their burgers—lettuce, tomato, pickles, fries on the side—the possibilities are endless with the Play-Doh Burger Builder.

Play-Doh Burger Builder

We had the chance to check out this latest set, which, like all of its timeless playsets, the Play-Doh Burger is entertaining for boys and girls. Even with the various pieces, it’s easy put together and take apart.  It comes with five small canisters of Play-Doh, and the cool looking molds.  Even with all the glorious electronics out on the market, there’s nothing like good old fashioned play with classic toys that encourage creativity. I love that the allure of Play-Doh will never get old. Anyone remember the Fun Factory?

The sets are recommended for kids 3 and up, but in my opinion, I’d push that age range to whenever kids “get it.” I know some parents might think of Play-Doh, as one of “those” toys, but really, if the kids get it, then it’s much more fun for everyone.


The Play-Doh Burger Builder can be found at toys stores and will retail for $15.99.

In addition to the new Burger Builder set, Play-Doh has rolled out the Spaghetti Factory where, you guessed it: kids can create a spectrum of noodles, meatballs and even shrimp. And for all all the budding Star Wars Fans, keep your eyes out for the R2-D2 playset.

But, Happy Friday, I’ve got the Play-Doh Burger Builder playset for one of you!

Want it?
Just tell me any of the items that you can make with the Burger Builder!

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Battle Force 5 set to debut

This afternoon, together with some other NYC-area bloggers and their kids, Jack and I were invited to participate in a Playdate to check out a screening of Battle Force 5 and some toys by Mattel! Battle Force 5 might sound familiar because I blogged about it not too long ago.

I’m looking forward to checking out the toys today, and I’ll be sure to share every detail when we get back! In the meantime, check out the trailer for the Battle Force 5 show which debuts this Saturday, August 29 on the Cartoon Network.

Listen up: Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack

Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic, “Where the Wild Things” continues to create buzz. This time, there’s been some rumblings of the highly anticipated movie’s soundtrack. wild

Specifically, what caught MY attention is the fact that the Karen O, the frontlady of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is just one of the many rockstars that will be featured on the soundtrack. According to Rolling Stone, the soundtrack will also feature:

Karen O’s YYYs bandmates Brian Chase and Nick Zinner along with Tristan Bechet (Services), Bradford Cox (Deerhunter), Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs), Aaron Hemphill (Liars), Greg Kurstin (The Bird and the Bee), Jack Lawrence (The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, The Greenhornes), Oscar Michel (Gris Gris), Imaad Wasif (New Folk Implosion, Alaska). An untrained children’s choir contributes to the songs and soundscapes.

The soundtrack will be released on September 29th and first single “All Is Love” will come out August 25th digitally.

Where the Wild Things is gearing up to not only be a movie to be seen, but also to be heard! In case you haven’t seen the trailer, be sure to check it out!

I just love that one of my favorite books ever is being made into a movie by one of my favorite directors and writers! I seriously can’t wait for this one!

Hula Star Swimwear

With school shopping on so many to do lists, it’s inevitable that summer is winding down. But for our family, our summer vacation is right around the corner. Lucky us, we’ve been able to take advantage of summer clearance sales to not only stock up for next year, but also for a few new duds for our trip to Hawaii. And of course, I’m always searching for NKT goodies, too!


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All dolled up

Get ready girls, Toy company, Spin Master, has introduced Liv, a new line of dolls.  The stylish teenage gal pals, Daniela, Sophie, Katie and Alexis, are unique and relatable, and are geared to girls in the 6-10 age range.  In addition to their cool outfits, each Liv doll has a special access code to an online world, which will give girls a different dimension to interact with their dolls to collect fashions in their virtual closet, view webisodes, games and more.

What’s notable about the Liv dolls is that their style and appearance is much different and more age appropriate for the range that they’re targeting.  As an aunt who has had to shop for dolls for tween nieces and cringing at the options, I appreciate the market research that Spin Master has done.  I think the online world is also an innovative idea, giving girls even more opportunities to engage in imaginative, interactive play.  What I love most: the dolls’ believable attributes and diverse appearance gives girls a better understanding of what it’s like to be a teen.  [Boy craziness and angst aren’t included :)]

Livworld doesn’t officially launch until August 15, but the dolls, which retail for $20, are in stores now.