Best in Show: Finds from the New York Baby Show

The other week, Josh and I spent the afternoon at the New York Baby Show at Pier 94 scouring the booths for the latest and greatest in baby gear. From well trusted names in car seats to gadgets helping to create smart nurseries, there were so many new products featured at the New York Baby Show.

IMG 2905 JPG

We searched high and low, snapped tons of pics, peeked into many booths and found a really great selection of gear from baby brands that we love, as well as products from new and upcoming companies!

Here are just a few of the many great products we spotted at this year’s New York Baby Show:


With is gorgeous textiles and poufy circular shape, Pello is described as a luxury newborn lounger. This new take on a pillow can be used for feeding or for a convenient way to help baby sit somewhat upright during his/her waking hours. When baby outgrows the newborn phase, this pillow looks ideal for helping to support during the sitting up and standing phases.IMG 2941 JPG 

Pello has a great selection of colors and fabrics. It can be found on Amazon and retails for $120.

Sage Spoonfuls

A longtime fan of Sage Spoonfuls, I love watching this baby feeding brand flourish. I’m so excited about the Happy Foodie stainless steel divided plate and lid. Plastic plates and feeding ware are among the first items to go in my house because they are the most used and abused. Our stainless steel lunchboxes have lasted 5+ years. 

IMG 2962 JPG

So, I can only imagine how well the Sage Spoonfuls Happy Foodie product line will do. Safe, non-toxic, BPA, lead and phthalate-free and easy to clean!

Britax Frontier

Since we first shopped for carseats 10 years ago, Britax has been one of my all time favorite baby brands. This is, yet, another brand that I’ve loved watching flourish and working with over the years. I was so excited to see the various new strollers and carseats on display, but what truly caught my eye was the Frontier booster.


IMG 2988 JPG


We are solidly in the booster phase with my preschooler, so boosters have been on the brain. This new fabric is chic and unique; combining safety with style is something that Britax does so well. And speaking of safety, the Britax Frontier’s Click Tight Technology makes car seat installation as easy as buckling a seatbelt. This technology is designed to be seamless, especially for families who travel frequently or need to switch seats regularly. Click Tight is a game changer!

IMG 2993 JPG

IMG 2991 JPG



And speaking of traveling, I loved that my dream car brand was at the New York Baby Show. I’ve been eyeing Volvo’s SUVs for quite some time. Sadly, the price tag hasn’t been in the budget.

IMG 2996 JPG

We decided that this specific Volvo was too small for our needs, what with our year-round sports, lake gear and coaching equipment.  Nevertheless, it’s fun getting a peek at my dream car at the Baby Show. Josh loved sitting in the driver’s seat and checking out the trunk. 


IMG 2997 JPG

IMG 3004 JPG

IMG 3014

With thanks to Momtrends, we enjoyed meeting up with fellow bloggers in the Blogger Lounge, as well as livestreamed our favorite finds from the show. My little guy loved having the chance to play! 

IMG 2915 JPG

IMG 2910 JPG


Above all, we loved checking out all the awesome goodies and gear at the New York Baby Show. Stay tuned for more fun finds!


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7 Must-Have Baby Products from Acure Baby Care

 What do you get when you combine natural and organic ingredients with a company whose mindset is all about taking care of you and our environment? Companies such as Acure who create organic skincare that touts efficacy and plant and food based formulas gentle enough for baby.


Acure, known for their sustainable principles and accessibility, introduced their Acure Baby Care product line. The Acure Baby Care line includes organic and natural products specifically formulated for gentle skin.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a media event hosted by Momtrends, where Amy Halman, Acure’s President and Formulator, introduced us to Acure Baby Care. Halman shared the premise behind Acure Baby and reinforced that their ingredients lists are understandable and their products are accessible and affordable.

IMG 6795

As we’ve been trying all the products here at home, I have to mention that I’m a stickler when it comes to labels. Not only that, if I’m going to pay a premium, I expect the products to work well. I love that the fragrances in the products are essential oils as opposed to synthetic fragrances, which have been known to be harmful

Acure, which is a line that I already appreciate and have tried in the past, does its due diligence with this lineup of baby products. Here are the seven products in the line up that I think are musts for baby care:



1. 4-in-1 Foamer

Who doesn’t love products that multitask? Why not ditch the excess and grab a bottle of this Foamer that can do quadruple duty as hand soap, bubble bath, baby wash or shampoo. The 4-in-1 Foamer comes in fragrance-free (Bare Baby) or vanilla + citrus (Yummy Baby). The vanilla + citrus exudes spring clean! I can’t get enough. ($9.99) 

2. Lotion

The organic lotion in the Acure Baby Care lineup is designed to moisturize delicate skin. The organic formulation includes ingredients that are known to soothe gentle skin. Cucumber, colloidal oatmeal, calendula, olive oil and shea butter combine to make up this ingredient list. The Acure Baby Care Lotion is available in fragrance-free (Bare Baby) and vanilla + citrus (Yummy Baby.) ($9.99)

3. Baby Buns

I appreciate awesome diaper creams, and Acure Baby Buns sounds like one that could be added to that list. It contains zinc, as opposed to a petroleum base. The creamy, zinc-based creams always worked best for my sensitive skin babies, especially when rashes occurred. ($10.99)

4. All Better Balm

This organic balm was designed to be a multi-purpose quick fix for mom and babe. It can be used for itchy skin, irritation, cracks, chapped skin or diminish stretch marks. I have the All Better Balm in my console of the car and have been using a small dab on my hands to moisturize cuticles and my dry skin. The pomegranate scent is incredible! ($10.99)

5. Fix-It Stick

My kids fall a lot. While I don’t throw a Band-Aid on everything, I do put creams or lotions to help minor bruising. Acure Baby Care’s Fix-It Stick has been added to my boo-boo arsenal. The Fix-It Stick is perfectly sized to tuck in a beach bag or diaper bag. It contains a blend of pumpkin, borage and pomegranate oils. ($7.99)

6. Bug Stick

Another addition to my mom bag, the Bug Stick is DEET and chemical-free and is designed to keep the bugs away. ($7.99)

7. Sun SPF 30 Stick

We are outdoors all the time in the Spring and Summer months, so I love the thought process behind the Sun SPF Stick. The Zinc-Oxide formulation is mess-free in stick form, and perfect for quick touch-ups while you’re out and about. ($7.99)


I love the smells and efficacy that I’ve seen so far. One of the caveats of this line is that I want the Bug Stick and Sun SPF Sticks to come in bigger sizes or forms for daily usage. I’d love to see a bug spray or baby sunscreen spray. If you’re on the hunt for new baby soaps, lotions, balm, diaper cream or outdoor care, definitely give Acure Baby Care a try. Acure Baby Care can be found at retailers such as Target and Whole Foods.


Why I care + share


If you were to back track to 9 years ago, way before this site even existed, I spent hours researching baby products, especially baby wash and lotions. At this time, phthalates, BPA and carcinogens were starting to become mainstays in stories regarding products that were being used for babies and general consumers. This was not ok to me, and so I dug and Googled until I found the absolute best products for my baby.

This obsession with research and products was, of sorts, the impetus of this blog. There were always going to be baby products on the market for babies and kids. And according to research, new parents were going to spend millions to ensure their babies got the best products. 

I appreciate that this new baby line from Acure is free from gluten, paragons, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, harmful preservatives and artificial colors. As someone who pays extra attention to labels, it’s great to know products like those found in the Acure Baby Care line exist.




Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.



CES 2014: Smart Bulbs, Smart Monitors and New Tech for Babies and Beyond

I’ve been following the reports from Vegas and the Consumer Electronics Show which is the international trade show that unveils the latest and greatest in technology.  From curved tvs to smart light bulbs, it seems everything is connected or has a smart element in it these days.

CES Logo

Since I’m not at the show this year, here are just a few interesting products I’ve found and read about:

 Lumen Smart Bulb

The Lumen TL800 is an app-enabled Bluetooth smart bulb that is said to last 30 times longer than a typical incandescent bulb, but uses five times less power.  There are 16 million color options and the dimmable LED bulb create their own lighting atmosphere. It’s like the ultimate black light and beyond.

Lumen bulb w app1

With its proprietary app, this smart bulb features include:


  • Call Alert Mode: Notifies users of incoming calls by flashing when the phone rings.
  • Music Sync Mode: Visualize your music by synchronizing your music and lighting effects. 
  • Party Mode 1 and 2: Transform any space into a dance floor with pre-programmed flashing beats that match the music.
  • Wake Mode: Mimics the sunrise in the morning, gradually brightening until it reaches maximum intensity at the stipulated wake up time.  Users can customize how long the brightening process should take, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. 
  • Romance Mode: Creates the perfect condition for a romantic date or quiet evening at home with a warm atmosphere.
  • Relaxation Mode: Simulates calming moonlight, creating a relaxing ambiance.


I actually think this bulb would come in handy for parents of young children, especially those who rely on night lights.  Think of those late nights when you’re up feeding late and need minimal, yet functional lights to change a diaper or get to the restroom.  My phone is always accessible, especially during late night feedings, so this would be something I can see parents using to update nurseries and kids’ rooms.  

The TL800 is available at for $69.99. Check out a video of the TL800 here.


Baby monitors are getting even smarter.  Taking a cue from other smart devices, Mimo uses a small monitor that clicks onto a compatible baby kimono and, literally, tracks baby’s every move.  Baby’s movement is reported on its proprietary app, and parents can track from their smart phones.  The small turtle-shaped Bluetooth-enabled device is too big to be a choking hazard and it comes on and off of the kimonos.  The organic cotton kimonos are machine washable, as is the device itself.  

Mimo kimono hq

And while traditional media seems to be reporting Mimo to be an “extreme” monitor, I can see this concept as being borderline excessive.  Do we really need to know baby’s every move?  

But on the flipside, consider parents with sick babies or babies with special needs who do require extra care.  With an infant who was diagnosed with epilepsy at four months old, I could have used this device when we returned from the hospital after his diagnosis.  We went from 24-hour care from the most knowledgeable nurses to me, on my own, caring for a small child with a neurological condition that I knew nothing about.  Though he sleeps right next to my bed, there are times when we are away from each other and his breathing patterns can indicate an oncoming episode. 

I think the smart baby monitor is going to change parenting and how connected we are to our children, but it certainly won’t escape its critics.  Talk to any parent who has had to rush their small child to the ER because of a sickness; knowing those exact vitals could be life-changing.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to learn even more about this device.  Stay tuned, and hopefully, I will get more info as it this shelves after CES.  I dislike the whole mom brain angle (we’re all exhausted, but this is a tired excuse) check out a video of Mimo here.



The Owlet is another smart baby monitor that provides an overview of baby’s well-being with a Blue-Tooth enabled sock. 

According to the manufacturers, the Smart Sock uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit information to your phone.  The Owlet tracks baby’s heart rate, oxygen, temperature and roll over alerts via pulse-oximetry.


MG 5205

This monitor reminds me of the devices that are used in the hospitals to track sick babies’ vitals.  The Owlet monitor is bringing the comprehensive smart technology that’s been used in hospitals for years to the homes of consumers. To reiterate my feelings on smart monitors, this information is great to have, especially for sick or babies with special needs.  But if there isn’t medical necessity to know all of these vitals, do we truly need all of this information about our babies day-to-day? Are we harboring anxiety for new parents with this sort of technology?


I’ll be interested to see how consumers embrace this new technology.  Whether we really “need” it or not, I think this new technology is simply amazing.  Check out the Owlet video here.



Cool baby gadget: Itzbeen

In the early days, I barely even knew my name, nevermind remember the next feeding and from which side.  I wish I’d known about the Itzbeen.  There truly is a a gadget for everything!


Itzbeen is a device for new parents who need help staying on track with baby care.  The Itzbeen (pronounced: “it’s been”, as in it’s been forever since I’ve slept) has four timers to help you remember the basics, such as time intervals between diaper changes, feeding the baby, naptime or when to give meds.  Other cool features include: belt clip, nursing reminder switch, illuminated display, clock, and soft-glowflashlight that automatically goes off after 7 minutes, if left on.  It’s like a Swiss Army Utility Device but for baby care…all it needs now is the actual changing pad.  And perhaps an extra hand or two.

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