Protect Like a Mother Exhibit from Lysol

Nurturing and protecting is an innate trait for mothers, regardless of the species. This weekend Lysol is celebrating mothers with “Protect Like a Mother,” an interactive art installation at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Boasting vibrant jewel toned colors against the monochromatic backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and NYC skyline, this installation presented by Lysol is a larger than life tribute to mothers from all walks of life.


IMG 2886



It’s hard to miss the bright orange orangutan sculpture that depicts a mama toting baby on its back. Even at 5, I’m always toting my low-toned baby, especially when he’s weak or succumbing to the side effects of his meds. Protecting and nurturing is second nature for mothers and parents. 

I love the way that the orangutan mother is described as the ultimate mulitasker. Carrying sleeping babies, while cooking dinner, navigating a crowd and holding everyone’s things? Sounds familiar!



IMG 2844



The Golden Eagle Mother exhibit is as beautiful as the symbol it represents. The way the Golden Eagle Mother perches her nest in hard-to-reach places to protect her offspring—this is something that’s so relevant to mothers who feel the need to hold her loves close, but far away from those who might cause danger.


IMG 3992IMG 2813IMG 2823


Like so many of the other kids, Josh’s absolute favorite part of the installation is the interactive bubble play from the octopus sculpture! We could’ve played with those bubbles forever! I think I feel most like an octopus mother constantly juggling the many moving pieces in life. Though I may drop things, the way I nurture these kids doesn’t go away.




Unnamed 48


Unnamed 47IMG 2830


We loved walking around reading the description of each animal mama. We learned so much about the way each creature mothers so differently, yet all have the same end result: to keep her babies safe.



IMG 3969


IMG 2879

The protective instinct is one of the many facets of motherhood, within the animal kingdom and our own. I love the way the “Protect Like a Mother” exhibit celebrates the undeniable way a mother protects her babes. Lysol has been a leader in germ kill and offers products that kill 99.9% of germs to help moms protect their kids from passing germs and getting sick. As a mama with a babe who is in and out of hospitals and specialists, I constantly do what I can to keep the family as germ-free as possible.


IMG 2840


Make sure to check out this truly innovative outdoor art exhibit presented by Lysol at the Brooklyn Bridge Park this weekend 9am-6pm. The exhibit is so unique and makes for some really fun photos!


IMG 2883

Full disclosure: this is a sponsored post in partnership with Lysol. I received compensation for sharing this information. However, as always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

Art is Everywhere: Zio Ziegler for PB Teen

Art is everywhere.  That’s the main message that I learned last week after attending a really cool event at PS 289 in NYC.  

Zio Ziegler for PBteen Launch Event  Discusses His Mural at IS 289 Photo credit: PB Teen

Artist Zio Ziegler has collaborated with PB Teen to release a rad line of gear, including bedding, book and lunch bags, among other things.

In conjunction with his collaboration, Bay area artist, Ziegler, who typically works with spray paint, was commissioned to do a mural for PS 289.  I was onhand for the unveiling, which captured the artist’s essence and passion for influencing art for our youth.

Ziegler’s mural was unveiled to reveal two figures intertwined, which he said symbolized his duality and relationship with school.  It’s a modern and thought-provoking piece, and one that’s perfectly positioned to influence aspiring artists for years to come.


While working on the piece, Ziegler also had a chance to engage with a select group of students within their art classes.  He gave them pointers and even drew fun pictures for keepsakes.  One forward-thinking student had white Converse sneakers and had Ziegler draw a custom graphic.


At the unveiling, PB Teen had a selection of pieces from the ZZ line out on display.  As a Pottery Barn fan in general, naturally, I fell in love with everything.  From the hot pink laptop sleeve adorned with ZZ’s signature art to the skate deck shelves, I’d officially like one of everything from this funky collaboration.



Zio Ziegler for PB Teen will be available soon, so enjoy these photos as a sneak peek for what’s to come!  Be on the look out for these bright statement pieces that are perfectly suited for teens and beyond.


Baby Gear Fit for a Prince

Last week, Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge welcomed their first child, the royal heir, George Alexander Louis. What was one of the most watched pregnancies and anticipated births of our generation, the royal baby made quite the entrance.

Every new baby is so sweet and special, though many people (myself included) have an invested interest in the royal family.  And just as we’ve been watching Kate’s practical fashion choices, as well modern-classic maternity style, not surprisingly, many parents are zeroing in on Kate and Wills’ baby gear.

Wills and Kate have been dubbed a modern royal couple, so it’s quite fitting that in just their first week of parenthood they’ve showed that their taste for baby gear is smart and modern, too. From sleek cribs to baby socks, just like any baby, the royal heir will be adorned with baby gear hand picked by his doting parents and loved ones.

Though it’s highly unlikely we’ll get a look inside the royal nursery any time soon, if we had the chance to hand-pick items for the royal heir, here are just a few of the goodies and gear we’d recommend:

Baby Gear Fit for a PrinceBaby Gear Fit for a Prince by jenrab on Polyvore

1. 4moms Bassinet

This tech-enabled stroller that’s known to turn heads is getting its own new addition.  The 4moms Origami will soon add a bassinet to its lineup of cool accessories, making this stroller an even sweeter ride.

2. Nuna Leaf

The Nuna Leaf’s sleek design and functionality make this seat a practical addition to any new parents’ aresenal of baby gear.  By soothing baby with just a push, the Leaf would give the royal new parents a little bit of extra help.

3. Stokke MyCarrier

There’s a countless amount of carriers on the market today, but this sturdy carrier boasts three positions, underscoring comfort, convenience and closeness.  Having tried out my fair share of carriers over the years, this carrier, hands-down, is my most favorite because of its ergonomic design and the fact that baby is always close enough to kiss.  With an 18-month old with developmental delays, my guy isn’t walking yet.  So, for me to still be able to comfortably carry my 25-lber in a carrier and not ache speaks volumes about the convenience of the MyCarrier.

4. Mamas and Papas Plush Toy Mini Red Bus

Mamas and Papas, one of the coolest british imports to the US, has a whole host of great, modern baby gear.  The iconic Double Decker Bus is a fun nod to the company’s British roots, and one that’s totally suitable for the Royal Baby.  The plush stroller toy, like others in the Mamas and Papas lineup, attaches to a stroller and has a chewable C-ring.

5.  Eurotub

Perhaps one of the most versatile baby tubs on the market, the Eurotub can be used from the infancy stages all the way up to toddlerhood.  The incline and overall size of the Eurotub make this a favorite for many modern parents.

6.  Timi and Leslie

Timi and Leslie has a fashionable selection of diaper bags, suitable for all types of parents.   The Charlie Diaper Bag in Teal has a sleek silhouette and functionality, fit for a prince or princess.  The best part of Timi and Leslie diaper bags are that most of them come with several feeding and changing pockets and accessories, making this brand one of my most favorite diaper bags.

7.  Bamboobies

Bamboobies’ name, alone, deserves the royal treatment.  It’s said that Kate is breastfeeding her new son.  Whether or not she, it’s important to support great mamas and their decisions. But for many new nursing mamas, it’s easy to get caught up in all the breastfeeding accoutrements and information.  Truth is, in the early days, great support and breast pads are all you need.  Bamboobies are absorbant, made with natural fibers and practically invisible under clothes. These heart-shaped bamboo breast pads are ideal for new nursing mamas.

8. Charlie Banana in William

Charlie Banana makes eco-friendly diapers aka a cloth diaper.  These soft, fluffy and fashionable diapers come in a variety of colors, but its the William that is eye-catching, suitable for the newborn royal.  This style which is a nod to the newest royal heir’s dad, is white with funky blue hearts.  My guy has this style in his stash and it truly makes me smile every time I put it on him.  (Taking off, however, is a much different emotion!)

9. Aden + Anais bird print from Jungle Jam collection

When Wills and Kate debuted baby George, they had two swaddling blankets on their new bundle, one of which was Aden + Anais’ bird print from their Jungle Jam collection.  I’ve heralded my love for Aden + Anais many times over here, and it’s no big secret that new parents share the same affection for these cozy, lightweight swaddles.  The best part part of these swaddles is that they’re so versatile and they get softer with every wash.  Having used these swaddles as nursing covers, a sun shade, blanket and, yes, even a swaddle, I love the fact that Kate and Wills validated that these swaddles are, indeed, fit for a prince.  Said to be sold out in the U.K. the bird print is still available in the U.S., alongside of many other fantastic prints.

10. Britax B-Safe

The Royal new parents departed the hospital last week and like most every other parent, strapped their newborn into their carseat and left in their vehicle.  Wills and Kate went with a Britax seat that’s reportedly only available in Europe, butit’s said that the Britax B-Safe carseat is quite similar.  This highly rated carseat has an -fangle-free five point harness, is compatible with Britax B-Series STrollers, has a 30-lb weight capacity, and ergonomic carry handle, among other features.  It’s no wonder Britax carseats are some of the most popular carseats for new parents, including Wills and Kate.

11. Oeuf Elephant Crib

Oeuf’s Elephant Crib is just as eye-catching as it is functional. Oeuf is known for their sleek and modern nursery furniture, but I love that this company’s convertible cribs are made from sustainable forest sources, making it yet another piece suitable for the royal heir and other modern-minded families.

12.  Stokke Tripp Trapp and  Newborn Set

Stokke’s Tripp Trapp is an iconic piece that exudes the style and functionality that many modern new parents seek.  This chair that’s been around for more than 25 years comes in a spectrum of chic colors and can be used from newborn stages all the way up to adulthood.  The Tripp Trapp newborn set is an accessory that allows baby to be cradled at the table.  In addition to the five-point harness and soft cushioning, the newborn set is one of the only accessories that I’ve seen that safely allows you to include baby at the table at mealtime.  Those days of pulling the bouncer next to the table on the floor are over!

13. Tommee Tippee’s Limited Edition Prince

Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature line of baby feeding supplies is a favorite for many modern families.  Even though I rarely used bottles, when I did, baby seemed to favor TT’s bottles.  I especially loved that their bottles and breastpumps worked seamlessly together.

Another British brand that’s become an American fave is touting this limited edition Prince style, that’s exclusive to Toys R Us. This limited edition pays homage to the royal heir and is available for pre-order now.

14. Mamas and Papas Urbo Stroller in Turquoise/Navy

Mamas and Papas Urbo stroller is lightweight and trim, ideal for city and suburban life.  The metallic shine on this stroller’s chassis and its ample storage space would make a definite statement if the Duchess chose this modern stroller for baby George.

15.  Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Essential Bundle

As I mentioned, in the early days, mama doesn’t need many accessories for nursing a sweet baby.  Although, once everyone gets acclimated, creams, lotions and tea never hurt anyone.  I’ve been a longtime lover of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s products, but I especially love this bundle that includes organic Milkmaid Tea to help with production; Natural Nipple Butter to soothe after those cluster feedings;  Booby Tubes breast packs to soothe during engorgement.  A kit like this is more than enough to hold any new nursing mama over for months to come.

16. Trumpette Peewee Argyle Baby Socks

Another favorite and baby gift staple, Trumpette socks are yet another stylish and functional baby item suitable for the modern babe.  Whether born in July like the Royal Heir or January like my own baby, it’s likely baby will be wearing socks when he or she is out or about.  What’s so fabulous about Trumpette is that they not only stay on, but they come in a bundle of fun colors and look like shoes.  Is there anything as crucial—or cuter—than covering baby toes?

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Though Father’s Day is just a day away, there’s still time for those of you (like me) who typically grab gifts at the 11th hour.

Celebrating dad doesn’t have to be about overspending or getting yet another tie.  This year, consider getting dad a fun experience or a practical gift that the whole family could enjoy.

I Polyvored just a few things that I know that my guy’s guy husband would appreciate.  So, for those looking for some gift ideas for the techy, handy and sports-loving dads, this list is for you:

1.  Let’s Go Mets!

Those that know my husband well know that he’s a diehard Mets fan, which spread throughout our little family.  As part of the #Metsmoms, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day than cheering on the Amazins at CitiField.  For us, quality time with dad and baseball goes together like peanuts and Cracker Jacks. And just for NKT readers, the Mets are offering a pretty cool deal: For $35, you get a limited edition Amazin’ Dad T-shirt for Dad, presented by Modell’s Sporting Goods, left field reserved ticket (regularly priced at $80) To access this exclusive deal head to:

2.  Jim Beam Red Stag

Is dad a drinker? Why not grab a bottle of Jim Beam Red Stag, which is cherry-iinfused Jim Beam. Ok, so hear me out. If you’re one of those people who are saying, “but whiskey shouldn’t be flavored,” Why not try something different?  Life is too short to be plain. This sweet, but robust whiskey is perfect for sipping, but great with mixers as well.

3.  Coleman Instant Tent

Have an outdoorsman kind of dad? He might appreciate Coleman’s Instant Tent. The Coleman Instant Tents are easy to set up, going from packed to fully assembled in less than 60 seconds. Along with the convenience of an easy setup, the Instant Tents also feature the Coleman WeatherTec system. I’m absolutely amazed at this technology. It sounds like there’s no more fumbling with a bazillions rods, making perfect for rugged trips in the wilderness and even spontaneous camp outs in the backyard.

4. Milwaukee Tools

When we first became homeowners, we also embarked om a DIY quest of overhauling our fixer-upper. When my seasoned electrician father-in-law came to help out one weekend, he told my husband it was time he invested in “real tools.” And it’s true, if you’re a homeowner taking on your own projects a good set of tools are a must.  Milwaukee Tools are a brand that is reliable and accessible; in fact, Home Depot often features many sets like these on sale around Father’s Day.

5. WD My Net N900

With a house full of smart phones, smart TVs, iPads and other connected devices, it’s likely your network can get bogged down.  WD’s My Net N900 is a router that can alleviate the strain all of these devices can put on your network.  Voted PC Mag’s best router of 2012, the My Net N900 is a powerhouse of a router that has streamlined our own network by increasing speed and more connectivity. With features such as, 900 Mbps, 7 Gigabit ports, and 2 USB ports, My Net N900 is for any techy dad who can appreciate fast, reliable wifi.

6. Wally

Days of the overstuff George Costanza wallet are long gone as we move forward to a paperless society.  Like many iphone and smartphone users, my husband uses his iphone to check onto flights, pay for Starbucks, deposit checks and more.  So, who needs a fat wallet anymore?  This wallet is for the pragmatic, minimalist, gadget  loving dad. Wally attaches to the back of your iPhone 4/4s or 5, by pulling the integrated ribbon to access your cards and push them back to conceal them. Now through Sunday, June 16, you can purchase Wally for 20 percent off the original price at

7.  Birchbox Man

If dad is less into gadgets, but more into goodies, look into a Birchbox for men subscription. For as little as $20/month, dad will receive a monthly box of the best mens’ products.  Birchbox Man features a wide variety of products, ranging from grooming products to lifestyle samples.

8. Foster Grant

Who’s behind those Foster Grants?  Dad, that’s who!  After my husband’s last pair of expensive sunglasses were broken and stomped to pieces by one precocious toddler, he’s sworn off any other expensive accessories until we’re in the safer, less destructive stage. (does that even exist?)  After getting re-introduced to Foster Grant Sunglasses at the latest Getting Gorgeous, I fell in love with every single pair they were showing.  I received a sample in my swag bag and I haven’t taken them off since.
I love that Foster Grant has an equally awesome men’s line that is just as affordable and accessible.  Foster Grants look high end but are much more affordable, with most pairs starting under $30.  And even though they can be found in stores such as Duane Reade, they’re NOT your typical drugstore sunglasses.  They are high quality and super stylish.  I dig the aviators, but really like these sporty pair for the hus.

9. Pranklopedia

This fun book by Julie Winterbottom, longtime Nickelodeon Magazine editor in chief definitely doesn’t disappoint.  With over 70 pranks with lots of directions and funny pull out labels and jokes, this prank encyclopedia is a fun treat for dad and the kids to pore over.  My five year old just happens to be in that potty humor stage and, not surprisingly, my husband cracks the poop jokes alongside of him.  Pranklopedia has been a hysterical “resource” for them to bond over and share quite a few belly laughs.

10. Keep Out! Build Your Own Backyard Clubhouse

Another cool resource for dads and kids is this great guide on building a backyard clubhouse.  This guide features realistic projects, with a nod to throwback times.  I grew up with a backyard clubhouse, and one that we truly adored for many years.

11.  Paddleboarding lessons/experience

Inspired by my cousin who has been an avid Stand Up Paddleboarder, I’ve been admiring his photos and adventures for a few years. Paddleboarding is interesting because it’s become quite a phenomenon among water sports, not only for the ocean, but in rivers and lakes too.  I’m still learning about the sport myself, but from the looks of it, paddleboarding seems to be a doable watersport for people of all ages.  I was reading through SUP magazine to get a feel for the sport and I think I’m hooked.  I can totally see me paddleboarding with my dad and husband! There are quite a few places that do lessons in the tri-state, but I found Kayak Hudson to be of interest.  Check them out!

Most importantly, Father’s Day isn’t about the excess of stuff.  It’s about celebrating and enjoying dads and the father figures in your life.  Time well spent transcends material goods, so however you spend the day, be sure to embrace the ones you love.

It’s Easy Being Green

The Next Kid Thing: Easy Being Green
To round out Earth Week, I thought I’d do a round up of green things that we’re currently loving. In addition to some earth friendly items, I included some goodies and gear that we’re already playing with, or are on our ongoing wish list.
l-r clockwise

1. Hello Kitty Raincoat

A departure from the classic yellow slicker, this fun raincoat features the iconic and super-cute Hello Kitty. In addition to the frog raincoat Kitty’s wearing in the graphic, ruffles in back make this chic raincoat stand out in girly outerwear.

2. HDMX Jams Portable Speaker

We are a techy family to say the least, but we’re all about unplugging, too! And when I say unplug, that also goes for wireless technology. I love this HDMX Jams Portable Speaker for so many reasons. Beyond its cool packaging (Jam, get it?), these Blue-tooth compatible speakers pack a punch. For less than $50, the speakers offer an affordable way to share jams with friends, better yet, for those impromtu dance parties with your iphone!

3. Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Playmates makes the hot-again TMNT action figures and sets. If you have boys who are into this sort of thing, perhaps you’re already familiar with the buzz with these familiar ninja-savvy turtles. Donnie is the brains behind the guys (er, turtles’) Ooze-Zooka, so beware, Kraang and the Foot Clan!

4. Lunch Bots Quatro

I love love love Lunch Bots stainless steel containers. The quatro has dividers to give the container the Bento Box treatment, which is especially helpful for school or work lunch, and even appeasing those eaters who just can’t have their food touching.

5. Feeding Baby Green by Dr. Alan Greene

I have been such a fan of Dr. Greene since before Biggie was born. I read his articles and books throughout my pregnancy and subsequent first years as a mom. Dr. Green released Feeding Baby Green a few years ago, but his message on how to feed baby healthy, wholesome food is as timeless as it is invaluable.

6. Hello Kitty Hello Spring

This adorable book from Abrams came to me on a cold wintry day. So, now as the brighter, sunny days reflect the pages in this Hello Kitty book, we can all finally say, Hello Spring. Perfect for the littlest to biggest Hello Kitty fan, this book embraces the best aspects of the season, highlighting them in such a way that Hello Kitty does best.

7. Ruum t-shirt

New this year, Ruum is finding a way to make classic and modern styles merge in our kids’ closets. The company once known as 77Kids was bought by the former head of The Children’s Place, so expect to find fun, functional and sometimes funky clothes from Ruum (sounds like room). Tees like this one showcase the fun fashion that Ruum embodies.

8. Washi tape

I’m absolutely obsessed with washi tape! This paper tape that comes in a myriad of designs can be used for virtually anything—crafts, decor, day-to-day usage and more.  We currently use washi tape for labeling and a number of crafts.  You can find washi tape in crafts stores and on Etsy.

9. Little Green Shampoo and Body Wash

We test out a lot of kid bath products, and one that we’re currently loving is this Little Green Shampoo and Body Wash.  I received several samples of this line in a swag bag a few years ago, and recently learned that this is a local product, as in the creator’s spa is 2 miles away.  What’s great about this combo shampoo and body wash is that it cleans everything without drying the hair our skin out.  There’s no parabens, allergens or sulfates and is formulated for sensitive skin like my guys.  Love this line and can’t wait to try out the other products.

10. Trash Pack Garbage Truck

If you asked me what toys were going to be big in my house last year, I honestly would have never guessed it would be trash.  And when I say ‘trash,’ I’m of course referring to Moose Toys’ Trash Pack.  Despite their small size, these toys are huge in my house.  I wrote about them around Halloween and how we gave them out for our Trunk or Treat, and like the Pied Piper, the neighborhood kids still ask me if I have more.  So, when Christmas time came around, Santa remembered this and gifted Biggie with a Garbage Truck to go with said Trash Pack.  Our Trash Pack Garbage Truck came with Series 3 Trashies like Putrid Boot and Scrummy Screen.  Collecting things didn’t get big for us until last year, so the Trash Pack has become a mainstay around here.  The garbage truck complements the collectibles and is often used to transport and store these eraser-like toys.
And because the Trash Pack has moved onto series 4, be on the look out for a review of their latest and greatest.

Designing with DwellStudio at CMOM

In the NYC area and looking for something fun to do with the kids tomorrow? Check out this fun Meet the Artist program at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.  Kids 4 and older can enjoy an art lesson on Still Life by DwellStudio Founder/Creative Director, Christiane Lemieux.  In the lesson, kids will explore shape and color through painting/drawing everyday objects in nature.

I can’t get enough of DwellStudio and I love nature, and I’m sure this fun program will be a hit with the kids!

Meet the Artist: Designing with DwellStudio will be held at 2pm, Saturday, January 29 at Children’s Museum of Manhattan, 212 West 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024.

MoMA Adds Hoberman Sphere to its Collection

Since I’m on the topic of innovative design, let’s talk about spheres, specifically, the Hoberman Sphere.

You probably know it as that colorful expanding and collapsing circular ball-like toy, but did you know that the Hoberman Sphere was originally a sculpture and the product version has been used as props for marching bands, devices for physical therapy, aids for breathing exercises, and to illustrate organizational and motivational business principles?

In fact, an original Hoberman Sphere was installed in 1992 (and re-installed in 2007) as the central exhibit in the Liberty Science Center’s atrium, which happens to be one of our favorite local museums.  Being greeted by the amazing 700-lb sphere at the LSC, is perhaps one of the kid’s most memorable aspects of the Jersey City facility.  I love that he associated this sphere with the LSC atrium, before he associated it with a toy.  Of course, now he just wants that giant sphere for his playroom!



photo credit: CateNJ


The Hoberman Sphere, which has been in production as a toy since 1995, is considered iconic for its product design.  Aptly, the Museum of Modern Art has added the Hoberman Sphere to its Action! Design Over Time collection.  According to MoMA, the exhibition investigates the dimension of time in human-made objects, products and interfaces, with the aim of providing a deeper understanding of contemporary design.

The Hoberman Sphere can be viewed at the MoMA, as well as the Liberty Science Museum, and of course, the toy version can be found at stores such as Target and Amazon.

The MoMA is located at 11 West 53rd St., NY, NY.

The Liberty Science Center is located at 222 Jersey City Blvd., Jersey City, NJ, and is just a short train ride away from NYC.

Google Doodle: What I Wish for the World

The fun folks at Google have done it again. This time, they’re tugging at my heart strings with their latest Google Doodle competition. This year’s theme, What I Wish for the World, encouraged students in K-12 to mesh their doodled ideas with Google’s logo. As a company that dreams big and thinks big, it’s no surprise that the finalists’ entries are nothing short of amazing—as is the national winner’s prize!

The National Winner will win a $15,000 college scholarship to be used at the school of their choice, a trip to the Google New York Office, a laptop computer, and a t-shirt printed with their doodle. Google will also award the winner’s school a $25,000 technology grant towards the establishment/improvement of a computer lab.

It’s so hard to choose, but I think this is my favorite:


The artist is 5 year old Miriam Elizabeth Lowery from Austin Peay Elementary in TN. She says her wish for the world is that everyone would get along and treat one another in a nice and loving way. We could all be friends!

I second that, Miriam!

You can check out all Google Doodle finalists and vote for your favorite until the end of the week.