Free Printable: Paw Patrol Class Valentines

I don’t know about you but, Valentine’s Day always seems to sneak up on me. By the time I remember to put together Valentine’s Day cards, we’re usually scrambling or whatever character the kids like is no longer available. So, usually take it upon myself to create something fun and personalized.

This year, since Josh and his classmates are still huge fans of Paw Patrol, I made a quick tag to attach to leftover party favors. These stationery set party favors that I found at Target’s Dollar Spot are totally in line with the no candy route that so many schools have been taking. 


Since learning about and falling in love with these new Avery labels at Momtrends’ Holiday Soiree, I find myself using them whenever I need to personalize something on the fly. I adore the 22802 Printable Tags with Strings because I can use them for gifts, crafts or whatever I need personalized. The labels can be quickly personalized on their website software Design & Print Online. It’s super easy, quick and efficient, and sure beats lugging out my cutting machine for a quick project.


I love that the software allows you to create tags or labels specific with the tags that you have. There are templates online, as well as blank canvases that you can upload your own design. I did a little bit of both; I added a photo of Chase from Paw Patrol and then included some text. I’m big on puns, so You’re Paw-sitively Awesome seemed apropos! Since I wanted my 5 yo to include his own signature, I left a blank space for that. I also left a space to include the gift recipient’s name. If you’re like me and short on time, this tag works if you just need to throw on your name. Don’t want to handsign each one, you can also edit these labels to add your kid’s names so it prints out. I’d recommend using Snapfish, Illustrator or other similar software.

Hoping this helps others, I’m sharing this file for you to use! You don’t have to use the labels for this printable, you can most certainly print them out and cut them as needed. There are 8 to a page and can be easily edited as needed.

Download the Paw Patrol Class Valentine’s Day here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dream as Big as the Sea: Free Whale Nursery Printable

When life gets a little foggy, I can’t help but to get creative. So, I designed this fun whale nursery printable.

My creative juices were flowing especially heavy as I was set to attend a friend’s baby shower this morning. Even though I’d already bought a basket full of baby goodies from her registry, (from Tommee Tippee, no less!) I felt that her basket was missing a personal touch. I noticed that my friend’s nursery had a nautical theme, with vintage whales as a prominent motif. Given her husband’s love of fishing and their mutual appreciation for the band Phish, their choice for a theme for their baby boy’s nursery was so sweet. 


Coincidentally, just a few years ago, I remember pinning quite a few whale-themed ideas for my littler guy’s nursery and changing space. My ideas never quite came into fruition, but nevertheless, I love the idea of whales in a nursery. So much can be done for accent colors: grays, greens and all those beautiful shades of blue.

As I brainstormed ideas for my friend’s gift, I wanted to make a personalized print featuring whales and a relevant quote. Because my friend’s husband is an avid reader, I wanted to include a literary quote of some sort. I tried to think of a Herman Melville quote from Moby Dick, but everything seemed too heavy for a baby’s nursery. So, I chose a simple, yet bold statement applicable to any and everyone: Dream as Big as the Sea. Simple and straightforward.



I zeroed in on the flow of the text and contrast of the whales.  The waves are subtle, yet significant as the statement itself. I printed this out on some shimmery paper that I had leftover from another project and framed it in a Pottery Barn frame that I was saving for something perfect.  


I loved the way this print turned out—so much so, I wanted to share it with you. I appreciate free printables and how accessible they’ve become because of the Googles and Pinterest, this is my way of paying it forward. So, if you’re able to use this free whale nursery printable or gift it to someone, let me know! Share in the comments below or “pin” it for others to enjoy too!

Download the PDF for the free whale nursery printable below. Enjoy!