First Look: LeapFrog Unveils LeapBand

Fitness Trackers just made a big leap, but this time, they’re tracking the kids. Educational entertainment powerhouse, LeapFrog, unveiled the LeapBand, a wearable activity tracker designed for kids. Part gaming device, part fitness tracker and part virtual pet, the LeapBand is touted as being the first of its kind.


The LeapBand activity tracker gets kids moving and having fun with 50 different activities and challenges, tracking a child’s physical moves so the more active a child is, the more points they earn with their virtual pet. As the child earns points through active play, they can unlock additional games, challenges, levels of play and virtual rewards for their on-screen pet.  

Just like a gaming device, the kid is rewarded with play.  The wearable aspect creates a new dimension for kids who are on the go. The more activity and physical movement a kid does, the more points they get. 


My first thoughts? As an entry level fitness tracker for kids, this thing is pretty unique.  It retails for around $40, and it’s something that can engage an active kid who also appreciates games and virtual pets.  Because the device is geared to 4-7 year olds, the LeapBand is image-based, as opposed to text and numbers often seen in the adult fitness trackers. Another difference for the LeapBand is that data collection will be geared to parents and not the manufacturer.


The fact that we “need” a device like this is a whole different discussion.  Physical activity should begin at home; a toy shouldn’t be the sole motivator to get moving.  Ultimately, there’s nothing like playing outdoors totally unplugged.  That said, I appreciate that this technology encourages physical activity and healthy habits.

With the likes of Nike Fuel, Jawbone Ups and Fitbit catering to the adult fitness market, LeapFrog is hoping to tap into this emerging trend. According to NPD Group, the overall digital fitness device market is said to be worth $330 million in 2013. As tablets for kids are on the rise, could wearable tech be the next big thing? The reaction I’m seeing and hearing so far sound decidedly skeptical. Ultimately, it’s the consumers who determine the need and demand so, we’ll see!



My older guy is at the older end of the target demo. I can see him getting a kick out of feeding his unicorn or other virtual pet.  As an active athlete, however, the LeapBand would strictly be an at-home toy.

Between school and after school sports, I’m not sure he’d benefit from the fitness tracking.  Is this something his school and coaches would allow? Probably not. Nevertheless, having the ability to care for his pet on his wrist? That, right there, would keep him entertained at doctor’s offices or playing in the backyard.


At the launch event, we were able to get a quick glimpse of the LeapBand.  Here’s a quick demo:


Weigh in: is the LeapBand something your child would enjoy? Or do you think wearable fitness trackers for kids is unnecessary?

Demo and Review: The Happy’s from Cepia

Coincidentally, Pharrell’s song, “Happy,” has created an ongoing movement, but it’s these new toys from Cepia that’s making us move!






The Happy’s are an adorable line of novelty plush that are motorized, so it’s as if these pets come to life and can play with you.  By incorporating IR technology, The Happy’s can perform tricks, make crazy noises, will play with you or explore independently. If you guys watch a bunch of tv like us, you’ve likely seen their commercial already!


IMG 9965

How to image

At Toy Fair earlier this year, I had a chance to listen in on a demo from Cepia executives.  We watched the pets perform tricks, chase their balls, scoot in cars, but the best is when they explore and snuggle up to unsuspecting toes.  The dogs, which varied in colors, scooted along the hard wood floor, and chased the interactive treats and toys.  According to the makers, tricks include follow me, chase a ball, pounce, chasing tail, beg, wiggle and dance.  So, minus the batteries and neediness, it’s almost like have just the fun of a real dog!


My toddler and six year old had a great time chasing our puppy around the living room.  Though, I found that the pup had a much better time navigating on the hardwood floor, rather than on the area rug.  The toddler had a much harder time understanding the Happy Treat and how to play with The Happy’s, but he did love it when it chased him.  My six year old, who fits in the target demo, loved the idea of The Happy’s but, quite frankly, wanted more from him.  He would’ve liked to be able to train it or teach it some tricks.  Nevertheless, he loves the idea of getting another few of The Happy’s and the cool skateboard and car!

Dog on skateboard2 copy



The cute plush, with its interactive features make The Happy’s a fun toy for young grade schoolers.  What I really love is that its gender neutral and even encourages group play. The Happy’s, which are available now, would make a super cute alternative to candy for those Easter baskets!


4 pups on white

In addition to the original four of The Happy’s, these accessories and play sets are available now:

Chase and Play

Ride-on Accessories

Fashion Carrier and Scarf

Deluxe Bed & Blanket


Rockin’ Playground

Agility Training Set


Full disclosure:  This is a sponsored post and I did receive samples to review the product.  As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

TinkerBell Flutterbye Fairies to Fly onto Shelves

Today, I’m heading to a media event where I’ll get to meet, and perhaps, interview the producer for the new Disney straight to DVD movie, Pirate Fairy.  I’ll have more about this cool flick, but in the meantime, I have fairies on my mind.

So, in honor of the stars of Pirate Fairy, I thought I’d highlight one of Spinmaster’s hottest toys: Flutterbye Fairies.  One of Christmas’ must-have toys, Flutterbye Fairies is set to add a few more fabulous flying friends.  Set to launch this Spring, TinkerBell is just one of the newest fairies to join this cool new line of toys.


Flutterbye Fairies Magically Flying Tinkerbell MSRP $34 99 copy 2


Like her fellow Flutterbye Fairy friends, TinkerBell will be able to dance, fly and flutter with the same kid-navigated technology.  The ability to control her flight path by simply hovering your hand underneath the doll is simply amazing!  Tink launches from her display stand and stops with the push of a button. In true Tink fashion, the TinkerBell Flutterbye features that signature green dress with a dash of pixie dust.


Flutterbye Fairies Magically Flying Tnkerbell Pkg MSRP $34 99 copy

For TinkerBell Fans, this new addition to the Flutterbye Fairies line is a magical move. TinkerBell Flutterbye Fairy from Spinmaster launches this Spring and will retail for $39.99


Want to hear more about Pirate Fairy, which is set to release on April 1?  Check out the extended sneak peek to see what the Fairies are up to in Pirate Fairy.



Toy Fair 2014 Day 2: Moose Toys, VTech, BToys, Hasbro, Skylanders and More



Even though Toy Fair is winding down on day 4 now, I thought I’d share some thoughts from a few days ago.


By the middle of day 2 of Toy Fair, I was thinking about how many new toys I had just previewed.  Nonetheless, it was a good variety of new toys, some good, others not so much.


I started the day by meeting with Pillow Pets, the makers of the plush pets/pillows.  The brand has a variety of new characters joining their already robust lineup.  They’re also introducing an inspirational line with faith-inspired sayings and designs featured.  The highlight of their new offerings, however, are Tricksters, a line of bike helmets with the plush characters on top of the helmet. Stuffed animals meet function and safety.

IMG 8202



I checked out Moose Toys’ latest wares, which included the latest series of Trashies and Ugglys.  Moose Toys, known for their gross factor and great girly crafts, are set to release lifelike electronic pets.  The Little Live Pets look and feel real, without all the fuss. 


Moose Toys Live Pets


The butterfly pets have a cool fluttering feature that seems so tranquil and the birds look so exotic and cool.  

My personal favorite from Moose’s new line up are Shopkins, which is being dubbed as Trashies for girls.  Untitled

These tiny collectibles are shaped as food items that you’d find at a grocery store.  Emblazoned with cutesy faces with lots of pink throughout the line, this new line of toys from Moose will be a hit with girls looking for that next big collectible.



B. Toys, one of my absolute favorite toy lines has some great beach toys coming out this year.  Ranging in size, the beach toys are grouped into sets featuring gender-neutral pieces. 



Perhaps one of the most eye-catching elements of this line is the jewel-toned color scheme.  I’m always a fan of the musical instruments from B. Toys, and that makes no exception for the beautiful carousel bells.




In my travels, I found several new toys including baby toys constructed from plant materials and silicone and other cool baby accessories.  I discovered Sand Alive, which is one of my favorite play materials, something I think would be ideal for OT and Early Intervention.  I found this sand product in other booths, sometimes referred to as Kinetic Sand. In particular, I’ll definitely be checking out where I can get these for my guy now. 


Surprisingly, I haven’t found too many Rainbow Loom accessories.  Rainbow Loom, who isn’t at the show, but won four Toy of the Year awards.  I did find, however, Loomey Time, which is a company that creates time pieces that are compatible with Rainbow Loom bracelets



VTech was my next appointment of the day.  At this electronic toy maker’s meeting room, I had a chance to preview the highlights in their line’s new toys.  The Switch and Go Dinos have a new starting point and also a a cool RC car joining this popular lineup.



I checked out Playmobil who had a cool offering up new toys.  Their warrior line is the main focus, with dragons and fairies as awesome focal points, too.

Untitled Untitled


Skylanders showcased a few new characters being released for Swap Force. My favorite?  Springtime Trigger happy which will be available in the next few months.

Skylanders Spring Trigger Happy


Hasbro was the highlight of my day because it meant that I got to see Transformers, Super Heroes, Sesame Street, Ponies and much more.  There was so much to see and check out in their showroom, but a few of my favorite highlights were definitely Dohvinci, a new take on Play-Doh, but much more malleable and can be released in a hot glue gun-like device.  The Star Wars toys, too, look to be incredible, as well as the Marvel Mashers which are my absolute favorite thing right now.  Elmo has a new toy, which touts his imagination and use of hats.  My Little Pony has a quite a few new offering such as a DIY pony line and rockstar Equestria Girls.



There was so much fun to see and check out, I’ll be sure to share more soon.



Cyber Monday Toy Deals on Amazon

Happy Cyber Monday, all! I hope you’re recovering well from the Thanksgiving holiday.

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day coined by the National Retail Federation due to the influx of online spending after returning to work following the Thanksgiving break and Black Friday hullabaloo. Experts say they’re expecting upwards to 131 million to be shopping today.

That said, I’ll be doing a little bit of shopping myself today—some for myself, some for the family and of course, just perusing the sales themselves.  With all the buzz about Cyber Monday deals, I thought I’d share some of the hottest deals on kid-related goodies.

First off: Amazon has some excellent toy deals.  And while I often feel overwhelmed by Amazon’s overall site (is there anything they DON’T sell?), it’s so convenient to shop at one spot for a myriad of items.  One of their hottest deals of the day is select Fisher Price and Mattel toys are half off or more.

Aside from Fisher Price and Mattel, Amazon also has several other deals worth noting, including select VTech Toys and one of my personal favorites, the Air Hogs Helix.  I imagine these deals will go quick, so be sure to check them out!

Here are just a few of my favorite deals that are tried and true:

Mike the Knight Glendragon Castle Playset $17.99, regularly $34.99

Skate and Spin Dora is down to $19.99 from $39.

Fisher Price CornPopper is just $7.49

Vtech slide and talk smart phone is $9, regularly $29.99

Monster High 13 Wishes Party Lounge & Spectra Vondergeist Doll Playset $15.99, down from $34.99

Air Hogs Helix X4 is $60, regularly $80

Happy shopping!

Trick or Treating with Moose Toys Trash Pack and Glitzi Globes

Halloween has always been one of my most favorite times of year. The crisp, cool air, costumes, monsters—oh, and the treats!

With two younger guys, we love getting all into the Halloween fun. I’ve made the boys’ costumes the past two years, and even threw something together for myself too! We went as a Star Wars-themed group with Biggie as Luke Skywalker as an X-Wing Fighter Pilot, the babe as Wicket the Ewok and me as Leia. We had a blast with it, and I’ll always have the boys’ smiles and laughter from the Halloween festivities etched in my mind. Having missed out on two Halloweens in a row, this year made it that much more special.

And speaking of special, one of the Halloween events we enjoyed this year was our community’s trunk or treat. Trunk or treat was a fun way to connect with our lake friends while watching our costumed kids parade around the parking lot. And once again, we teamed up with Moose Toys to hand out some fabulous non-candy treats. As superfans of Trash Pack and a new adoration for Glitzi Globes, I’m not sure who was more excited about our treats.

In fact, as our box of treats arrived, I immediately posted a Vine of the uber cool Glitzi Globes. I’ve been collecting snowglobes for as long as I can remember, so the concept of being able to create tiny collectible globes almost blew my mind.

It turned out, the Glitzi Globe samples that we handed out at Trunk or Treat were quite the hit. Several friends came by not two or three times, but as many as five! I don’t blame them!

The tiny glittery globes that are put together with a few drops of water transform into cutesy collectibles. Glitzi Globes make a fun activity and if you’re like me, they make for a fun new obsession. Like the big kid I am, I have my eye on the Mega Dome Showcase. I just need a girl of my own to help me out with toys like these! Or, I can just get them for myself, ahem.

Trash Pack are definitely a mainstay as well, so it was equally awesome to hand out sample packs of those too. Both boys and girls had a fun time comparing characters. And best of all, after all the parties and candies and trick or treating the kids did this year to make up for last year, it was great knowing that we handed out non-candy treats that we know and love instead of adding to that sugar rush.

A big thanks to our friends at Moose Toys for helping us spread the fun for a very special Halloween.

Full disclosure:  we were provided with samples, but were not compensated for this post.  As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

Developmental Toys for Toddlers

We’re toys (almost) all the time around here, but with baby’s ongoing therapies, my view of some toys have totally changed.  Being in the business of kid products for a few years now, what I once thought was a so-so toy, is now an excellent developmental tool.

We just had another crazy week of doctors visits, therapists and tests, so I wanted to focus on positive aspects of our day: toys.  Toys always make things better, especially when “professionals” are constantly evaluating my sweet guy.

So, I thought I’d round up just a few of our favorite toys of the moment, particularly ones that I consider to have excellent developmental value for my boy with delays. Even though my guy is just about 20 months, most toys’ age designators round up around 18m, hence the photo’s title.  What’s so great about these toys is that they’re geared to kids of all abilities, which basically means, they can be found on “regular” toy shelves or specialty stores and online.

1.  Haba Walker WagonAs first time parents, my husband I invested in less toys, but instead procured quality, eco-friendly baby products.  From our crib to this wooden walker, I carefully researched each item that we welcomed into our home…and I’m so glad we did!  Six years later, we STILL use many of those products, including this amazing Walker Wagon from Haba.

Made of solid wood and touting storage in the back and fun seat in the front, Haba’s Walker Wagon is a sturdy walker and one that can carry toys or a sibling upfront.  Its solid construction makes it a heavy toy, one that’s not meant to be picked up, but instead, serve as a sturdy walker that can help early walkers to balance themselves.  I absolutely this thing and am so glad we opted for this one years ago, now that we have a late walker who needs a bit more reinforcement.

2. Happy Giddy Bowling Set

While the concept of bowling and toddlers may not align well, this Happy Giddy Bowling Set from Melissa and Doug engages would-be knee-high bowlers.  Along with the bright colors, M&D incorporates fun bug faces to engage curious tots, including my own.  We don’t own this set, however, the baby’s physical therapist uses the bowling set to encourage total body interaction—picking up, putting down, rolling— something that helps my late walker to build his core.

3. Tolo Electronic Cash Register

I am a huge fan of Tolo toys, specifically this cash register, which just so happens to be the only electronic toy on this list.  The main electronic feature of this great developmental toy is the noise it makes when a child swipes the mini credit card.  The cash register features Tolo’s primary colors and sturdy plastic construction, all assets that engage my toddler.  What makes this cash register stand apart, is that it’s small enough for a toddler to manipulate with their tiny fingers. It’s easy to operate, which also keeps my toddler engaged long enough to play a pretend game of grocery store with big brother.  Tolo has a great chart on their site that indicates the developmental skill that is used for each toy, which I LOVE!  Dexterity, hand-eye coordination, memory and color recognition are just a few skills that are encouraged when playing with the electronic cash register.

4. Scrambled Eggs Puzzle

This puzzle game from Reeves Toys is another toy that our physical therapist introduced to my toddler.  By incorporating colors and shapes to the interior of the eggs, this toy allows a toddler to handle each piece while figuring things out on their own.  I enjoy the overall concept of the puzzle that helps with cognitive and fine motor skills, I just wish the egg crate was easier to open and close for kids.

5. Sensory Balls from Hedstrom

I’m sure many of you have seen these balls, and probably own a few too.  What I like most about these balls is that they’re colorful and the tiny nobs give toddlers a better sense of grip, hand-eye coordination and color recognition. These sensory balls also allow toddlers to engage in independent play as well as co-play with friends.  Personally, I love the size of these sensory balls and tend to have two or three in the car or stroller to entertain the tot when we’re on the go.

6. Parum Pum Pum from B. Toys

This set is actually one of my favorite toys to give to one year olds for presents, but ironically, we don’t own it ourselves.  Instead, this is one toy that motivates my toddler to walk during his sessions with his physical therapist.  Like many tots, he loves music and banging on things, so this set capitalizes on both with the drum storage and drumsticks. The tambourine, bells and other fun instruments also keep him happy with their fun sounds.  The colors and bug faces, too, keep him on his toes.  What’s so great about this set, like many other B. Toys, Parum Pum Pum set is highly rated by Able Play, a rating system for children with special needs and disabilities.

I’d love to hear about any awesome toys that you and your kids love that also promote developmental skills.

Full disclosure:  samples were provided for the cash register and scrambled eggs.  For everything else, we bought on our own, or don’t actually own.  As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.  And please do not ever mistake my opinions for medical or child professional advice.

Reading Enrichment with Play-Doh and Star Wars

With school back in session, I wanted to share one of the many activities that we’ve been doing to sharpen and enhance Biggie’s reading skills.

Because of his late September birthday, we redshirted our five year old and thus, I’ve been vigilant about bridging the transition to Kindergarten. I have much to say about redshirting and transitional kindergarten in general, but I’ll save that for another day. Today, it’s all about Play-Doh and Star Wars.

Reading enrichment comes in many forms, but for one rainy afternoon, we paired Play-Doh and Star Wars to engage in a hands-on reading activity that just happened to focus on Biggie’s favorite characters. I let J flip through one of his favorite books right now, which is a DK Readers Level One book called Who Saved the Galaxy? by Catherine Saunders. Since he’s not quite reading fluidly on his own, I love the fact that this book has characters he loves and can decipher words with graphic help. Not to mention, it’s a well known tactic that familiar characters engage beginning readers. In our case, my beginning reader is most interested in things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, space and Star Wars.

For this project, we used Play-Doh’s new Ultimate Rainbow Pack. The wide range of colors makes this activity fun since the novelty of new colors and variety keeps J interested in the task at hand. Once he picked his colors, he used various cutters to cut out letters for characters like Luke Skywalker.

We moved on to other characters and even picked colors that matched the characters color scheme; yellow and brown complemented C 3P0 quite perfectly!

To change it up, we decided to roll letters, which also works on those fine motor skills, and is important for proper writing utensil handling. By rolling the letters, I found that it was a great way to better understand letter formation since he had to manipulate pieces to form the letters.

Our most favorite part of this project was making a model of R2D2. This project was a fun way to work together to create something we both like! To work further on those fine motor skills, I let J cut out the tiny buttons that make up R2D2’s robotic exterior. I helped J to make the formation of R2D2 himself, but allowed him to make the final touches of all the pieces.

By pairing Play-Doh and Star Wars, not only were we able to keep occupied and have fun on a rainy afternoon, but we made Play-Doh educational by twisting it into a reading activity. Play-Doh isn’t the cleanest activity, so I’d suggest using Glad Press and Seal for easy clean up. To make Play-Doh an educational activity on our own, just grab your favorite book, pull words and play away. The more accessories, colors and words, the better!

I’m so sure teachers do activities like this in school, but for us at home, it’s a great way to sharpen reading skills and express creativity by bringing our favorite characters to life via Play-Doh and Vine!

Full disclosure:  we were provided with a sample of Play-Doh, but we used our own creativity for this fun project.  As always, all opinions are my own. Debuts Price Comparison Tool; Doc McStuffins is the IT Toy

Ok, so, we haven’t even had a chance to cook our Thanksgiving dinners yet, much less digest this holiday, but ready or not, the holiday shopping season is underway.  I have my lists penciled in, but nothing firm quite yet, not to mention, we’re still finalizing our Holiday Gift Guide with quite a few last minute submissions.

With that said, shopping, no doubt, takes a bit of planning.  Just in time for the holiday shopping season, my friends at have just debuted their new price comparison tool which provides users with live pricing details of the hottest toys and games.  For bargain hunters, online shoppers and even those braving the Black Friday/Gray Thursday sales, this tool is geared to make shopping for the best deal seamless and more efficient. This tool tracks product inventory and prices at five major retailers, updating information in real-time.

At a recent lunch I hosted, toy industry expert and Editor-in-Chief, Jim Silver, reminded us that their web resource offers thorough reviews and information on toys and playthings and not selling toys, underscoring the difference between their site’s price comparison tool and online shopping outlet tools.

When asked which toy will be the hard-to-find toy this year, Jim mentioned that Just Play’s Doc McStuffins Time for Your Checkup Doll will be the one. Not all retailers ordered this doll as of a few months ago, so expect there to be a shortage, making her hard to find.  The show is wildly popular—my five-year-old boy loves this show.  Jim made the parallel that Doc McStuffins is like Pixar’s Toy Story, but for preschoolers. This show that focuses on a little girl who is a “toy doctor” to all of her toys is both catchy and cute. Knowing this info I had to take a screenshot of this doll and the price comparison tool.  And sure enough, the doll (which I adore btw) is not currently available at Target and out of stock at two other retailers. As of right now, Doc McStuffins is at Toys R Us and WalMart in-store.  I clicked on both stores and it appeared that neither retailer offered the doll online.  So, I can only assume Doc McStuffins is available at the store.

My friends have been searching for this doll since they came out.  Word of the wise, if you see her on the shelf and know a DocMcStuffins fan, grab her!

I’ve yet to decide whether or not I’ll hit the sales tomorrow or Friday, but on the hunt for a few deals on toys for my nephews, I’m totally loving the locator on’s price comparison tool. The less driving for the best deals makes for a happy, albeit exhausted shopper.  I think this feature is a brilliant complement to an already comprehensive site for all things toys.  A small business supporter, I hope to see the small toy stores included in the future.

Full disclosure:  I am a TTP Parent Panelist and I contribute a monthly blog post to  I hosted a lunch with several of my blogging friends recently as part of my TTPPP duties.  As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

Savoring Sweet Suite 2012

What do you get when you mix toys, Times Square, tons of treats and girl time?  Well, that would be Sweet Suite 2012, which preceded BlogHer in NYC.  Hosted by The Big Toy Book, the third installation of this hot ticket party was held at the Lodge in the Viacom Building, home to MTV and Nickelodeon—the sweetest venue yet.

Sweet Suite wasn’t all fun and games, it was about socializing and seeing many of my blogging friends, some of whom I only get to see once a year.  But as for the fun and games? Yeah, The Big Toy Book assembled some of the best names in toys, books and games.

Of all the fabulous brands at the event, here’s just a sampling of the goodies that caught my eye:

LeapFrog LapPad 2
Unfortunately, I missed LeapFrog’s holiday preview because baby was in the hospital. So, it was fun getting a good look at the LeapPad 2, LeapFrog’s hard-to-get tablet.

Among the many fun features, I particularly loved that the LeapPad 2 has a faster processor, more memory, as well as front and back cameras. Mark my words, this WILL sell out again for the holidays. If you see it and need it, I’d suggest you buy it. It’s highly rated and constantly in demand!

Alex Toys
I’ve been a long-time admirer of Alex Toys, specifically their craft and activity sets.  While their little hands line of puzzles  and arts and crafts will be on our Christmas list this year, I had SUCH a blast crafting at their table.
I made a few bracelets, headbands and necklaces.  Their area was the most crowded because of all the fun happenings.  I even spotted Jill of Scary Mommy fame in the mix! I love me some Jill!

XBox Kinect
As a family who games together, Xbox has been on our ongoing want list. We already own two video game consoles, but have been waiting for just the right time to invest in the Kinect.  We already know all about the Xbox’s fun family factor, and how everyone can join in the fun without having to pick up a controller.  Since we’ve been eyeing and studying the system as far back as when it was still referred to Project Natal, I’ve enjoyed seeing their lineup of games and console features grow.  And as huge Sesame Street fans and supporters, I loved hearing that they’re introducing 2-way TV experiences with Sesame Street and National Geographic.  I’m thinking our time is near!

Charm It

Charm It by High Intencity was, by far, one of my favorites.  These cute charm bracelets lured me in with nostalgia and their collectibility.
Ideal for the tween set, these charm bracelets are fun and funky. Browsing at all the adorable Kawaii-looking charms, channeled my inner girlie girl and reminded me of the plastic charm necklaces we used to collect in grade school.  I miss my roller skate charm with that tiny bell.  I can’t wait to check out even more of these charms at The Gap and Nordstrom.

But beyond checking out fabulous toys and games, the highlight was definitely sitting down with the girls and chatting over Pinkberry.  I may have had two servings because it was so delicious but, hey, life is too short not to savor the sweets.