NKT Fave: Chuggington Die-Cast Toys from Learning Curve

Trains, trains and more trains. Thank goodness for trains and massive train tables! Toddlerhood possibly wouldn’t have been bearable without our trusty trains. I do believe I complained about the size of the giant train table the kid got for his birthday last year, but after endless hours of play, I’ll bite my tongue.  Good call, hubs!

During our summer of displacement, the kid constantly asked for his toys, but it was his trains and train table that he begged for on a daily basis.  And because of that, our trains and the bazillion pieces and accessories that go along with it will always be an NKT fave.

I love sharing the next big thing in kid products, and of course, toys! A few months ago, we shared the news that one of our favorite train shows, Chuggington, will be releasing toys here in the U.S.  Chuggington toys will be on the shelves in early October, in time for the holidays, but better yet, you can pre-order them now at Toysrus.com.

As a Chuggington Conductor, I’ve had the chance to get the latest Chuggington news as it breaks, so that I can share it with all of you.  This time around, we were able to get the new toys in our hands BEFORE they hit the shelves to be able to share a sneak peek with all of you.  In the spirit of the next kid thing, check out our video and review of the new Chuggington toys from Learning Curve.   Apologies for the shaky camera!


And because it’s my boy’s birthday next week, as promised, I want to give YOUR kids toys that my kid loves. Sooooo…


Want to win a Chuggington prize pack? The prize pack will include a Launch & Go Roundhouse, Straight & Curved Track Pack and a few Die-Cast Engines.  (Engines may vary from what is shown in my video.)

Comment below and tell me who your kids’ favorite Chuggington character is, and why.

The kid and I mutually love Koko because she’s feisty, strong-willed and fun.

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Balloon Time Put a Face on Fun Contest is Underway

We’re in party-planning mode over here; well, actually, it’s more like mini-party-planning mode since we’re still in the middle of home renovation.  But nevertheless, my guy turns three next week.  THREE!?  I can hardly believe it.


While I’ve been scouring the web for easy DIY party ideas, I couldn’t not mention Balloon Time.  In essence, Balloon Time offers helium balloon kits that are available at a variety of stores.  There are a number of kids available for DIY balloon creation, including: Balloon Time 30 Helium Balloon Kit, Balloon Time 50 Helium Balloon Kit, Balloon Time A La Carte helium tank and Balloon Time Party Create-A-Face Sticker Kit.   I love the idea of having a kit at home to decorate for a party, but I do worry about balloons as choking hazards for little kids, as well as the hazards the stems of balloons might pose on the environment.  With these valid concerns in mind, since we’re having a small party with plenty of adults around, I’m thinking Balloon Time might be right up our alley for our mini-celebration.


Check it

Have some funny faces you want to show off?  The fourth annual “Put A Face On Fun” contest is now open, and the grand prize sounds pretty sweet.  In addition to participating in a professional photo shoot and being featured on Balloon Time’s packaging for the following year, the grand-prize winner will receive a Disney Cruise Line family vacation for four (subject to availability). Fifty first-prize winners will receive a Balloon Time 30 Helium Balloon Kit.

To enter this year’s contest, parents can upload their child’s photograph at www.PutAFaceOnFun.com. Uploaded photographs must be in GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) format and may not exceed a file size larger than 200 KB. Professional photographs will be disqualified.

Children ages 3 to 11 are eligible for the contest, and entries will be accepted through Nov. 14, 2010, noon ET. Each photograph will be scored by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: smile, age appropriateness, expression of fun and suitability for appearing on packaging.  And guess what, yours truly is one of the judges!


And that’s not all, taking a page from all those televised talent shows, parents and friends of the Put a Face on Fun participants are encouraged to join in;  a portion of the final tally will be determined by America’s vote.

If you’ve got some funny faces, be sure to enter before November 14th!  I want to see an NKT reader take home the grand prize.  Now, that would be fun!


Disclosure:  I am a guest judge for the Put a Face on Fun contest.  I am not being compensated, but will receive product for review.  As always, all opinions expressed on NKT are my own.

Wisk: Then and Now

Ring around the collar! *gasp*

Remember that catchphrase that the Wisk commercials made popular way back when?  Good times.

Times, how they’ve changed.  Thankfully, we haven’t had too many travesties involving ring around the collar (thank goodness for our dry cleaner.)  Stains, however,  yeah, we have our fair share of those.  While renovating this house, we’ve painted, sanded, shoveled, cleaned and polyurethaned endlessly.  And expectedly, we’ve got the stains to show for it.

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Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Tour Launches Cool Tricks Contest

Tons of great things happening with NKT fave, Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! Tour.  The tour, which is set to kick off on August 27 in Bethel, NY, just announced a Cool Tricks contest.  The Cool Tricks contest gives fans a chance to unveil their, well, cool tricks.  Beat boxing, breakdancing, playing the piccolo—be sure to share it to win cool prizes for cool tricks.

Fans can upload a :30-:60 second video demoing their Cool Trick for a chance to win a VIP Family 4 Pack and have their winning video played during intermission at the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!: There’s a Party in My City show closest to their hometown. Oh, and it doesn’t end there, fellow Gabba friends, all participants are also entered into a sweepstakes where one fan will receive a five night trip for four to the Caribbean or Mexico and a three-month supply of organic snacks and meals from Plum Organics and Revolution Foods.

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Chuggington Picked up for Another Season

Good news, fellow Chuggington fans.  The Disney Channel has picked up Chuggington for another season on Playhouse Disney.  Following a traintastic first season in the U.S., Brewster, Koko, and Wilson and the gang will be riding the rails once again on The Disney Channel.

Chuggington has also announced that it will be hosting a sweepstakes on Chuggington.com, with prizes including die-cast trains and packs.


Traintastic: Chuggington Toys are Coming Soon

One of our favorite Disney shows, Chuggington, unveiled another new episode this past weekend.  I hope you guys were able to catch it.

I’ve got a bunch of Chuggington news planned in the coming weeks…and actually, I was planning a fun viewing party with a few of our fellow Chuggington friends for last week, but had to reschedule.  I’ll be sure to share our soiree once our family is moved and we can get together with our Chuggington pals.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share about some other Chuggington news.  Did you know as of May 17, you can now pre-order Chuggington Toys?  The toys, already available in the U.K. and other locations, are making their way stateside.

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Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day

It’s World Autism Awareness Day today, and like millions of others, to further spread awareness, I am Lighting It Up Blue here on NKT.  Last night, prominent buildings in major cities, including our very own Empire State Building shined blue lights to commemorate, today, April 2, which is World Autism Awareness Day.

World Autism Awareness Day shines a bright light on autism as a growing global health crisis.

This year marks the third annual World Autism Awareness Day, and various events will be held worldwide throughout the day to mark the occasion.  Just a few fact from Autism Speaks that you may or may not know:

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