What Did We Pack? #DisneySMMoms Edition

Traveling, like writing and shopping, is one of my many passions.  But unfortunately, we just don’t get to do enough of it, other than occasional trips to visit our extended family who are spread across the U.S.

Now, combine a social media conference with Disney?  We’re so there, I thought.  After all these weekends working on our house, and the stress that’s come with it, we needed a vacation!  So, when the Disney Social Media Moms conference registration rolled around this year, I crossed my fingers and hoped that our stars would align.

As luck would have it, I got in this year…and well, here we are.

But before any vacation, comes the packing and shopping!

I love getting ready for vacation:  the packing, planning, excitement, but most importantly, the shopping!  And vacationing in the winter/early spring brings with it a boatload of sales.

Shopping for this trip turned out to be a double mission (kinda like this post!) I’d shop for new Spring clothes for the kid and also grab bargains for next season in the next size. By sharing what we packed, I also get to share some new fave products and fun clothes that I found for super cheap!

Last Fall, I posted about H&M’s awesome sale.  When I went back then I scored some 4T shorts for $5 each.  Not just any shorts, but cool shorts for boys that don’t make him look goofy.  Is it me, or do the fit on most pants/shorts for boys make them look like Steve Urkel?  Anyway, I love H&M for their trendy styles and affordability. Love.

Get a pair of shorts (or a few outfits) for Spring and Summer for the kids.  From now until March 27th you can get 20% off of your kids purchase with this coupon.

The Children’s Place is my go-to for inexpensive staples for the kid.  Khaki shorts, funky graphic tees, classic collared shirts–you name it, TCP is always one of my first stops.

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Ralph Lauren Debuts Spring Collection with New RL Gang

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to abandon the monotonous gray and black palette, heavy coats and snow boots in favor of brighter shades that scream Spring. Oh yes, the snow is melting and the days are getting longer, which means it’s almost time to break out the Spring clothes.

Many of our favorite children’s brands have been previewing their Spring lines for weeks now.  But one that’s caught my eye—and ears—is Ralph Lauren Childrenswear.  Ralph Lauren, a purveyor of classic styles for the entire family, debuted its Childrenswear Spring line with a new installment of its RL Gang, a unique video storybook.

An online video and interactive page-turner, the RL Gang is narrated by Uma Thurman and features a gorgeous, diverse group of kids that form the RL Gang.  The story, complemented by an artistic watercolor backdrop, follows the RL Gang on an imaginative school-based adventure in welcoming a new student.  Each kid showcases a stylish Ralph Lauren look, embodying a spectrum of styles and personalities as diverse as the kids themselves.

Often characterized by chic stripes, classic plaids and different shades of Americana, Ralph Lauren’s Spring Childrenswear line also boasts a burst of bright colors and trendy details.  My personal favorite looks from the RL Gang are River’s multi-colored striped polo and Mae’s ruffled Rugby Dress, which both showcase bold colors and modern details that are dominant throughout the rest of the Spring line.

If you have a few minutes, be sure to check out this new RL Gang shoppable storybook. Want to shop for the styles seen in the story?  Be sure to check out the kids’ closets or hover over the character to get more information.

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What’s even cooler about this shoppable storybook? It has a charitable aspect: proceeds from the RL Gang shopping experience will support the Room to Grow organization – a not for profit offering parenting support and essential baby items for babies born in to poverty.

Can you see your cute kid as part of the next RL Gang?  You’re in luck: Polo Ralph Lauren is hosting an international search for one child to be cast in an upcoming installment of The RL Gang.  To nominate your kid, head over to Ralph Lauren’s Facebook page.

pediped Debuts Grip ‘n’ Go

Children’s footwear designers, pediped, debuted the Grip ‘n’ Go, a shoe with active toddlers in mind.  The Grip ‘n’ Go is described as a mix between the pediped Originals and Flex lines.

pediped’s Grip ‘n’ Go is similar to the Originals but with thin, flexible rubber soles.  The rounded edges mimic the natural shape of a child’s foot and the heel stability and soft toe box allow toddlers to feel and grip the floor.

The introduction of the Grip ‘n’ Go rounds out pediped’s footwear line, which also includes the Original, couture and The Flex.

Cool New Kicks for Kids: Yo Gabba Gabba and Dr. Seuss

It’s hard to believe summer is starting to wind down, with August just peeking around the corner.  The end of summer means back to school for many, and back to school for most families also means shopping.

Of all the fall trends I’m seeing, it looks like this school year will be filled with more bright colors and retro designs.  One thing I can’t get enough of, however, are the shoes—smart-looking kid shoes!

I’ve often said that I’m not a fan of gaudy licensed products, but these kid shoes that are coming out transcend the kitschy licensed shoewear of yesteryear.

Photo credit: Vans


The littlest Yo Gabba Gabba groupies will have some new options for dancing shoes, thanks to Vans.  The shoe company well known for their venerable line of skate shoes (I’ve been wearing Old Skools since um…) will be rolling out a line of Yo Gabba Gabba themed shoes for kids.  It looks like there are seven designs so far, but none for adults…and now that I’m looking, no sight of DJ Lance on the shoes, either.








Converse has added some fun Dr. Suess-themed kicks to their lineup of timeless shoes.  Kids can choose from eight different kinds of Chucks in the Dr. Seuss Collection, ranging from colorful fish to the subtle Cat in the Hat.  And Converse hasn’t forgotten us: there are six whimsical designs perfect for you and you and you!