Review: Super Heroic Shoes are Super Cool

We’re slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. With the new year, we like to freshen up our wardrobe, including our sneaker game. My guys have not surprisingly become wanna-be sneaker heads, so we were so excited to have a chance to check out this new line of awesome kicks called Super Heroic.

IMG 4184

The brand comes from Jason Mayden, former Nike Senior Global Design Director, with the support of NBA Legend, Magic Johnson, Playground Ventures, and Accel Partners.  Super Heroic is designed to provide balance, stability and comfort for children growing and playing. It’s not just the pro version of a sneaker in mini form! Also it comes in super cool silo packing that makes fun noises –  equipped with a backpack that morphs into a cape, and even includes stickers and other giveaways bringing out the superhero in every child.

First impressions are key, especially when it comes to kids. Super Heroic definitely got it right when it comes to packaging and creating an awesome first impression. Taking a cue from their superhero theme, Super Heroic’s shoes come in a capsule that twists open, complete with jaw dropping sound effects. My guys were so impressed as soon as they opened the shoes!

IMG 4182

The shoes, at first look, are comfortable, sleek and streamlined. There are no flashy lights on the shoes, but instead, they boast a unique fit and closure. I appreciate that the shoes were designed more for function than just aesthetics. They are said to fit more like a sock, so they were snug upon first try. Once my boys got moving, though, they felt the difference in design. The bright blue and green color of Super Heroics make them stand out without being overly flashy like other kids’ shoes. 

IMG 4183

My younger son has been wearing the shoes daily since we received them for review. I love that they’re versatile and comfortable for him. Since he’s at the age where he’s learning how to tie his shoes, but can’t quite put shoes on by himself all the time, it did takes some time getting used to the tighter fit. Once he broke them in, though, they are his go-to shoes for play and school. Since my son has hypotonia, he is a bit uncoordinated, so shoe fit does matter when it comes to playtime. The shoes provide stability and balance as they suggest, which I absolutely appreciate.

IMG 4177

As if the shoes themselves weren’t cool enough, Super Heroic comes with a backpack/cape and stickers. The accessories, though cool, are an added extra. Super Heroic shoes are definitely one of my sons’ favorite shoes, and I can’t wait until they’re a household name and become more accessible. For now, Super Heroic can be found online.

IMG 4176

The TMBLR v1 is available at for $79 in sizes 12C-7Y

Full disclosure: we were sent Super Heroic Shoes to review for this post. As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

Back to School Shopping Tips at The Mills at Jersey Gardens

I take my shopping very seriously, and that goes for our back-to-school shopping! So, imagine the elation when I learned that one of my blogging pals was going to be a featured speaker at a back-to-school luncheon hosted by my absolute favorite outlet mall in NJ. 10915046 10153528552209972 238288810995648385 o
Last week, The Mills at Jersey Gardens hosted a power lunch and featured lifestyle blogger and fashion trendspotter, Corine Ingrassia of Complicated Mama, and consumer and money-saving expert, Andrea Woroch. Together with several fellow NJ influencers, I got a guided tour and some Insider tips from The Mills at Jersey Gardens, as well as some great fashion and savings tips from the experts. 

IMG 4616 

Since we’re all about spotting the hottest trends while saving some money, I thought I’d share some great insight from the experts.



IMG 4077

Back to School style tips from Corine Ingrassia:


Plan to layer- Think: cardigans paired with swing dresses, hoodies peeking through denim or leather moto jackets, crop tops over chambray button downs

Layering allows you to mix, match and stretch some of your kid’s favorite summer styles long into fall.


Choose quality over quantity

While we all love a good bargain—ultimately—with all the wear and tear kids give their clothes, we need them to last. Look for sales on brands you know will last the long haul.


Know your kid’s personal style

When kids are little we have more to say in what they wear, but as they reach the tween years, they develop their own sense of style (for better or for worse).


Top trends for 2015 BTS:

Mix and match prints

Jogger pants 

flannel, florals, moto/chunky ankle boots, just like the 90s!

Neon is still holding strong

Textures and prints

Slip-ons are top picks for kids: ballet flats, vans, Nike Roshe Runs, Bobs, ankle boots and moto boots


According to NRF’s Back-to-School Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average family with children in grades K-12 plans to spend $630.36 on electronics, apparel and other school needs, down from $669.28 last year. As for where consumers will finish their shopping, discount stores will see the most traffic (53.4%), while 46.8 percent will shop at department stores.


Money Saving Tips for BTS Shopping from Andrea Woroch

Andrea Woroch had some excellent tips on saving money while back to school shopping at The Mills at Jersey Gardens.


List and plan: always devise a plan when heading to any outlet mall. 

Research deals in advance

Hold out for Holidays: While outlet centers offer discounts of 30-40% on clothing throughout the year, the best time to shop for serious savings is over holiday weekends like upcoming Labor Day when you can expect deals to be as big as 70% off.

Look for coupons, including the coupon book that you can buy at the mall.
IMG 4064 

Pay with cash

Buy off-season

Review the return policy


Tips for Shopping at The Mills at Jersey Gardens from an experienced (obsessed) shopper

Having been a loyal shopper of The Mills at Jersey Gardens even before I became a parent—or a blogger for that matter—I was quite thrilled to learn several things that I didn’t know about this mall. (I had no idea about the coupon book!) I do my major shopping trips here, such as back to school and my Christmas shopping because I get the best bang for my buck. Here in the northern NJ and the NYC area where retails stores are plentiful AND top dollar, maximizing your money on name brands is a big deal, and to me, so worth the few extra miles.



When shoe shopping goes awry. #4hrsofcrazy

A photo posted by Jen Rabulan-Bertram (@jenrab) onAug 29, 2013 at 11:41am PDT


Timing: Get there early on a weekday if you can swing it. Weekends can be crowded and overwhelming, even moreso at an outlet mall for BTS time. If possible plan to spend a long time at the mall. Bargain hunting takes time! Definitely don’t shop at this mall if you’re on a time crunch because you will be late! (speaking from experience!)

IMG 4062

Parking: I never park at a mall’s main entrance. I always park at larger store’s entrance and walk into the mall that way. I always park at Bed Bath and Beyond along the right side of The Mills. Parking doesn’t fill up as fast and it’s centrally located. I’ve been known to drop off bags to my car often because I buy so much here, so closer parking can be key!

Coupons: Like Andrea’s tips above state, be sure to look for coupons before shopping. Since I shop at this mall so often, I’m on mailing lists for most of my favorite stores. In addition to printing out coupons from online, make sure to grab those coupons from the mail. Also, check out your memberships for extra discounts. In my AAA newspaper, I found a coupon for 40% off at Reebok! Also, be sure to mark your digital coupons as favorites on your phone so you can pull it up when you check out. The mall has free wi-fi, so if you find yourself in a long line, Google “current coupons” for that store.


Discount stores: These stores have the best selection for name brands! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scored deals upon deals for brands that we love at this Marshalls or Saks off Fifth Avenue. We’re big into surf and skate brands; considering the demographic and popularity of these items in northern Jersey, we tend to score them on clearance racks because they’re just not that popular here.

And speaking of deals, since I finished most of my boys’ schools shopping earlier this summer, I splurged on a few items for myself for our trip to Va!


IMG 9168


The Mills at Jersey Gardens is located at 651 Kapkowski Rd., Elizabeth, NJ 07201, a few minutes from Newark airport and right by the Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.

Full disclosure: I received a generous gift card and gift bag as part of my partnership with The Mills at Jersey Gardens. As always, all opinions are my own. 




2014 Best Baby Gifts

Since this year was the year of the baby within my circle of friends and family, I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite baby products from the year. Beyond all the typical baby gifts, my favorite baby gifts to give and receive are always the practical ones. So, here are just a few of my faves:



1. O-Ball Linky Loops

This cool take on the classic links provide a modern aesthetic while giving babies great grasping toys to play with and chew on while in a carrier or stroller. Links are always some of my favorite toys because you can link them together and attach other toys to the carrier.

2. Cloud B 

Cloud B makes some of the coolest illuminating toys that are perfect for baby’s nurseries. The Tranquil Turtle combines soothing sounds with a relaxing glow, giving it a tranquil, almost spa-like feel for babies and kids to enjoy as they fall asleep.

3. Stokke Trailz

Stokke entered the all terrain territory with its new Stokke Trailz stroller. This sleek stroller merges that chic Scandinavian design with function. Like their other strollers,Stokke Trailz boasts an elevated seat and ample storage. This new stroller allows families to navigate all terrains, whether it’s bumpy city streets of unpredictable surfaces in the country.

4. Hape Roller Derby

Some of the best toys for babies are the ones that are kid-powered. Hape is one of my absolute favorite brands for fine wooden toys, and this Roller Derby is no exception. Babies and kids love ramps and balls, so the Roller Derby offers the best of both worlds.

5. Little Me

Perhaps some of the best gifts for babies, or rather the parents, are well-made classic clothes.  Little Me makes some of the most beautiful clothes for babies and toddlers. The fabric is soft and durable, yet classic and age appropriate. I love that you can invest in their clothes and pass them down to younger siblings or other families.

6. Aden and Anais

Aden and Anais seems to always make it onto my baby gift list, and all for good reason. I love their products and so do kids! I’m currently coveting the Dream Blanket, and will actually be getting my little dude this dream blanket for Christmas. He’s grown out of his baby blanket and has always loved the muslin blankets from A&A. This bigger size will accommodate kids and adults too!

7. Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee is another all-time favorite baby brand, quite simply because the products work well for us. The Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup is one of our most used kid products right now, so I am going to be getting a few more as stocking stuffers! These Sippys are one of the only ones that I know won’t leak and they use the straw design which is what I need for my growing toddler.

8. Stride Rite

Another all-time favorite practical baby gifts are Stride Rite shoes. The thing about Stride Rite is that they fit well and always look sharp. I appreciate the SRT Technology that Stride Rite employs in some of their early walker shoes, which helps to stabilize those wobbly baby feet. 

Fall Footwear: Baby Bogs Classic Waterproof Boots Review

With this past weekend’s brisk weather, it was a vivid reminder that it is, indeed, fall. While I typically prepare the boys’ wardrobe by switching out the summer for winter clothes, unfortunately, their shoe and boot selection is often an oversight until we actually need them.

IMG 8077


Fortunately, Bogs came to the rescue with impeccable timing this year. Selecting from a vibrant spectrum of cozy boots for the toddling set, I chose one of the new patterns to review, a black pair of Baby Bogs in Classic Trucks, speckled with blue, yellow and gray vehicles. 



Baby Bogs feature a plush, furry-like interior lining. The exterior is constructed with a Neo-Tech insulation, which feels similar to wetsuit material, but much more durable.

IMG 1720

IMG 1730

The soles are lighter than typical boots, but still have a great tread for toddlers who like to run. And like many other styles of Bogs, Baby Bogs have handles along the opening, which makes for easy access for toddlers (or parents) to pull on.

IMG 1727


IMG 1728

At just 6 inches tall, these waterproof boots are light and unobtrusive enough for every day wear. Combined with the cozy lining and Neo-Tech exterior, Baby Bogs are suitable for cold conditions, up to 14 degrees. Just throw some thick socks or tights on, these boots are perfect even for those early winter days. 


On our daily adventures, we found ourselves testing the waters at our lake—quite literally.  My little guy walked up to the water and was so tempted to walk in the water, shoes and all. Because he’s 2, my fearless guy did exactly what I knew he would: he walked into the water. But because he had his Baby Bogs on, after I whisked him out, his toes and boots were totally dry and warm!

IMG 8081

A few days later, we found ourselves wandering around the Bronx Zoo for a pre-planned press junket—in the rain. Thankfully, I had the foresight to bring along Littles’ Baby Bogs. He splashed puddles and ran through the rain, without so much of a slip, slide or wet sock.  


IMG 8420

I’m that mom that’s all like, “hold still while I take your picture. HOLD STILL.” In the rain!

While I love almost everything about these boots, I’d love them even MORE if these classic Baby Bogs were offered in a taller option as well. Overall, these are well made, versatile boots, perfect for these brisk fall days.

IMG 1722

Ideal for the unpredictable weather patterns of fall, Baby Bogs are suitable for active tots who are exposed in all weather conditions and need coverage and definitive classic style. What sets these boots apart is that they’re durable, yet lightweight, which is important for often off-balance toddlers like mine. Best of all, should you find your kid ankle-deep in a mud puddle, Baby Bogs are machine washable. Puddle splashing FTW!

Baby Bogs are available in a variety of classic colors and designs and can be found at retailers like LL Bean, Amazon and and retail for around $50.

Full disclosure: I received a pair of Baby Bogs to facilitate this review. As always, opinions on NKT are my own. 

2014 Holiday Gift Guide Sneak Peek

And because Christmas is just two months away, I’m reluctantly, but excitedly looking ahead to the holidays. Actually, I’ve been thinking about the holidays since the summer because of all of the holiday press previews.  I’m finally organizing my thoughts and ideas for this year’s holiday guide. As in years past, I will be categorizing my guide, starting age and possibly by theme.  So, as a fun preview, here’s a sneak peek of The Next Kid Thing Holiday Gift Guide, babies and toddler edition.

NKTBabygiftguide14The items feature above have been included in NKT at one point or another. Here’s a round up of just a few of the items I’ll be featuring in our gift guide:

  • Starting with the Stokke Steps, babies and tots can grow with this sleek seating system. 
  • The Jack Spade/Kate Spade for Gap collaboration has my heart all aflutter, so I couldn’t help but include the fun blue oxford and striking red ballet flats with a gift bow detail at the bottom right.  
  • Feeding gear and other practical baby items are among some of my personal favorite stocking stuffers and add-on gifts. As always, Tommee Tippee keeps it cool with these sweet section plates and Truly Spill Proof Straw Cups
  • Stride Rite’s Isaiah Motion will keep the kids on their toes for the holidays. 
  • Aden + Anais will forever be one of my go-to baby gifts because of its versatility and sustainability. liam the brave sweet dream gift set would double as a gift for mama and babe. 
  • When it comes to classic kid powered toys, Melissa and Doug can do no wrong. Throw some pancakes into the mix, Melissa and Doug’s delicious playset is certain to be a toddler must-have.   
  • Kitchen sets are a favorite when it comes to toddler big ticket gifts. Plan Toys’ newly redesigned kitchen set keeps its same small footprint and sustainable design, while showcasing its modern aesthetics. 
  • And, perhaps some of my favorite baby board books to date, Baby Lit turns classic literature into baby board books. With fantastic imagery and graphics, simple one-word story lines, these line of books are perfect baby (or rather, parent) gifts for classic lit aficionados or English Majors like yours truly.

Stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas to come! 




Things We Love: Fun and Colorful Goodies and Gear

Cold, wintry days often mean monochromatic shades of gray for weeks at a time.  We’re currently craving warmth  and color on the dull days, and enjoying these goodies (and gear) that channel some much-needed cheery vibrance.




EO Bubble Buddy


4OZ GROUP BUBBLE BUDDY Lavender Lullaby m

Winter, especially with small children in school, typically equates to germs…lots of them.  There’s been a lot of negative reports about antibacterial products lately, which is why I prefer old fashioned soap and water when it comes to hand washing.  In fact, I’m currently I’m in love with EO’s Bubble Buddy. This kid-sized foaming soap squeezes out and features natural and pure ingredients and is paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free and sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free. With scents like orange, coconut and lavender, Bubble Buddies makes clean up time a little more fun.



New Balance


Kj890s2p nb 02 i

A departure from my predictable and conservative gray New Balance sneakers, the Splatter 890v3 make quite the colorful statement for kids.  Neon colors are a resounding throwback design trend and remain a mainstay in kid style. These New Balance sneakers not only boast a brighter presence, but also feature glow in the dark details and splatter design. My boys have this style and have been sporting them when we head to the indoor playspace.  I love how the bright colors contrast against all the snow and gray landscape of winter.  Aside from the bright colors, I always love that the New Balance’s baby and toddler sizes feature a hook and loop closure.The Splatter 890v3, which was unveiled this fall, is available in toddler and youth sizes and are currently on sale.  



Play-Doh Rainbow Pack


PTRU1 16548277dt

A longtime fan of Play-Doh, I’ve probably mentioned how my love for this classic modeling compound has been renewed with the babe’s ongoing therapies.  Between his occupational and developmental therapy, we get even more use of Play-Doh around here.  So, between the big kid’s creative sessions and the little’s therapy, we seem to always be creating something colorful, which is why I absolutely love Play-Doh’s Rainbow Pack.  With a palette of 33 different colors, the Rainbow Pack is ideal for those open-ended play sessions where a handful of colors just won’t do.  Even better, the singular packs found in the Rainbow Pack make Play-Doh even more portable for those families on the go.  The only caveat I found for this fun spectrum of Play-Doh is the clean up and storage afterward.  I don’t like mixing the colors, so we try to preserve each individual color by wrapping each one in plastic wrap.  There has to be a better way, though.





Having studied a bit of graphic design and then working closely with magazine production, I appreciate that Pantone remains the color standard.  A Pantone-influenced children’s book is an ingenious idea.  I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce a spectrum of color to young kids, than by the authority itself.  In this Abrams title,  nine basic colors and 20 shades of each are overviewed, giving toddlers and preschooler a bright primer on the beauty of color. The  puzzle element to the book gives it a tactile approach to engaging the kids even further, though unfortunately, we’ve learned by experience that these pieces are easily lost.  Nevertheless, Pantone Colors is our color theory board book of choice.


Ruum Headphones Hat



We’re obvious fans of Ruum Kids Wear, but when I say I love them for their unique style, I mean LOVE.  Beyond the cool, yet classic styles, Ruum has some of the best accessories to boot.  Right now, they’ve got crazy sales going on, including their winter gear.  In January and early February, I like to stock up on basics for the next size up, but I positively love this cool headphone hat.  You rarely see purple for boys, so I always love that I can turn to Ruum for boy color schemes beyond baby blue.  Best part of this unique hat, besides the fact that it’s on sale for about $3?  You can wire a pair of buds so that they actually depict the design.  Want some gloves to match? Those are $3 bucks too! Cool!


Hunter Kids Boots

W24133 YEL 1 1

I’m sure I’ve professed my love for Hunter Wellies before, but I’m currently loving these bright yellow boots for kids.  The fire fighter and lady bug rain boots get overplayed, so why not opt for a pair of yellow Hunters that are well worth the investment.  In addition to rainy days, Hunter boots can be paired with warm boot socks and worn in the snowy weather. If you have an older kid and need functional, colorful rain boots, check out Hunters.  These are the kind of staples that are worth the investment and hold up as hand-me-downs.




Kid Made Modern



I’ve been in love with Todd Oldham’s kid craft line Kid Made Modern since its debut at Target a couple of years ago.  From the basic colored pencil sets to the craft kits, Kid Made Modern takes craft sessions to an all new level of cool.  Santa gifted Biggie with the coolest ukelele personalization kit and comic creation kit.  It’s like Kid Made Modern can read our creative minds to combine fun, function and crafting.  I’m currently eyeing the Felt Frenzy kit, which would be a great collaborative craft with the toddler and big kid.  The colorful kid-friendly felt crafts make this kit a perfect snowy day activity.

Back to School with The Children’s Place: Mom Knows Best

Ready or not, here it comes!  As summer starts to wind down, the back to school frenzy begins…just like that.  All summer however, I’ve been checking out the latest and greatest in back to school trends.  I’ve seen a lot of looks ranging from retro, classic and edgy.  But of everything that’s new for the season, the best look we’ve found, ultimately, is the one that lets kids be kids.


A brand that gets it right by offering a myriad of styles while remaining age-appropriate and affordable is The Children’s Place.  And so, when TCP, one of my favorite retailers, asked me to take part in a back to school promo that involved styling Biggie, it was a no-brainer.


As I studied their back to school lookbook, I couldn’t help but get nostalgic about The Children’s Place.  I remember my mom perusing the racks when shopping for our back to school outfits.  And so, being tasked to style my soon-to-be school age son for a promo for TCP, I must admit, it was supremely surreal, considering I wore their clothes as a kid and a vast majority of my childrens’ basics are from this same brand.

Back to school looks for everyone

The back to school looks, as I mentioned, seem to assuage all tastes, shapes and kid sizes.  The girls’ pieces, though strikingly pink, retro and sparkly, also offer classic and more subdued styles as well.  As a mama of boys, I usually have tunnel vision for the more rugged and edgy styles. The Children’s Place tasked me with styling my boy for some back to school looks.  They gave me about a $150 price range to work with, which was more than enough to pick and create many looks.

I had a fun time picking out styles that I thought suited Biggie.  He’s an outspoken four-year old, and one who just happens to have a penchant for clothes.  It doesn’t matter what it is, this kid loves clothes.  He’s obsessed with cool pjs, wearing sporty clothes for playing outside and even, getting “fancy” when we go out.  This could be my doing, but hey, you can’t fault a boy who appreciates being well-dressed.


The pieces I chose were a mix of preppy and classic, with navy blue as the dominant hue.  I try to buy timeless and durable clothes that would potentially be in style and in great shape four years later for baby bro.  I like to layer because the weather in northern Jersey is very unpredictable in the fall and because he’s a boy. Hello, ketchup on the top shirt.  Thank goodness for that undershirt! As for accessories, I went with items that Biggie loves: a skateboard bookbag since he loves skateboarding; a striped tie because they make him feel “fancy”; and classic navy sneakers.  The sneakers, by the way? They look like they’re regular laces, but they’re not! They’re actually elastic, which makes them easy to slip-on–perfect for kids who can’t tie their shoes yet!


I love the way his looks came together!  Biggie was such a great sport, considering it was 80 degrees on the day I took these pictures, and according to Biggie, he had “too many clothes on,” yet he still managed to cheese it for every photo!  We shot these pictures at this tiny red school house in Florham Park, NJ, as suggested from a friend.

Getting him all dressed for this mini photo shoot got me all excited and anxious for the first day of school!  Do you guys like this time of year as much as I do?  What sort of clothes do you buy?

Check it

As part of their Mom Knows Best back to school campaign, Biggie will be featured on TCP’s FB page!  If you feel so inclined be sure to vote for us and the styles I chose!  I’ll be sure to link when it goes up.

DVF for babyGap and Gap Kids in Stores Today

The day is finally here:  DVF for Gap Kids and BabyGap has officially launched.  It’s the day that many fashionista mommas, their mini fashionistas and Diane von Furstenburg fans alike have been anticipating.  Ok, so, the line has been seen online for weeks, and even hit Gap’s online site earlier this week, but today’s the day where we can pick up mini-wrap dresses for the smallest stylish set in-store.

The DVF for Gap Kids line ranges from $20-$85 and includes cute spring pieces such as rompers, dresses, leggings and assorted accessories.  DVF for Gap Kids features bold, whimsical prints in silhouettes that DVF fans already know and love. The adorable line for girls was created exclusively by designer Diane Von Furstenburg for Baby Gap and Gap Kids and is expected to be a hot seller. So, if you’re hoping to pick up a fun spring dress for your own budding fashionista, run, don’t walk, to your local Baby Gap or Gap Kids!

According to tweets that I’ve seen from my blogging pals who cover fashion, it looks like the line is a big hit, as expected.  Though I can’t see myself stocking my kid’s closet with $75 dresses that they’ll quickly grow out of, how can you resist an outfit or two when they’re this cute!  I love that they’re modern prints with classic appeal and age-appropriate pieces.  That romper (which as of this posting, I can’t find on the site,) that dress (same for this one pictured) and the bathing suits are so gift-worthy! Hello, cuteness! Thank goodness I don’t have any girls, otherwise I’d be even MORE broke! Ok, Gap, so what designer collaboration are we doing for the boys?

Judging from the fact that some pieces are already sold out online, from what I’ve seen, DVF for babyGap and Gap Kids lives up to the hype.  But as a sidenote (and as a mom to boys I would’ve never thought about this,) I’ve seen a few bloggers who have mentioned that the wrap dresses with attached shorts for toddlers may be confusing for the potty training set. Nevertheless, it sounds like DVF for Gap Kids is so popular, that these adorable dresses won’t be on the racks that long.

DVF for Gap Kids is available in stores and online now.

Vans to Release Hello Kitty Kicks

First Doc Martens, and now Vans! America’s favorite bow-wearing kitty is partnering with the preeminent skate and street shoe company for a rather girly and super cool line.

The Hello Kitty-themed Vans, available in kids and adult sizes, are set to debut June 1st at select Vans and Sanrio stores.

I’m eyeing the pink patterned slip-ons for myself and can’t wait to pick up a pair of Hello Kitty baby Vans for a friend’s tiny girly girl. They’re too cute for words!

Changing the World, One Flip Flop at a Time

Flip flop season is almost upon us; the time of year where many of us bare our toes and opt for the ubiquitous summertime footwear.  At our house, weather permitting, we tend to wear our flip flops from the end of April to October.

I’m such a fan of flip flops, but among our many pairs, I’ve never really considered what happens to the flip flops after we’re done with them.  Donate? Hand them down? Let them collect dust?

How about recycle?


There are a few organizations that accept old flip flops to recycle them into something else to give them a new life.  Check out what cool things that can be done with those 10 year old flip flops that have put in many, many miles.


This forward-thinking company isn’t new to recycling and upcycling.  TerraCycle is the organization behind those cool Capri Sun bags, among other functional items.  I absolutely love what they’re going to be doing with old flip flops.

TerraCycle and Old Navy are partnering in a month-long drive to collect used flip flops and recycle them into four public playgrounds around the country.  The public can stop in any Old Navy store in the U.S. between April 22-May 21 to deposit used flip flops in designated collection bins.

As such a big supporter of getting kids to play outdoors, combined with this innovative recycling effort with a major retail store, I think TerraCycle and Old Navy’s partnership to create playgrounds is simply awesome.  I’m looking forward to hearing more about the playgrounds and the neighborhoods where they’ll go.

My only wish about this program is that I’d love to be able to donate all of our old flip flops to recycle them to create playground mulch for our neighborhood.  Maybe one day?  With kids constantly outgrowing their shoes, I’m sure many families would pay good money for something like that, and truly repurposing objects that would inevitably create more waste in our landfills.

Old Navy will collect old flip flops in designated collection bins from April 22 to May 21.

UniquEco Designs

UniquEco is another innovative organization that recycles old flip flops, but has an emphasis on cultivating social liveliness in more ways than one.  UniquEco, out of Nairobi, Kenya, collects old flip flops and employs talented artisans who create unique consumer goods out of the flip flops. Check out the UniquEco shop.  The Champali bracelets and necklace are currently on my wishlist.

As trash and thousands of flip flops washed up on the shores of Africa, UniqueEco was started in part as a clean up effort, which in turn, became the organization it is today that employs local people who create amazing handmade products.  I love the significance behind UniquEco and think this is such a valiant foundation to support.

Involving kids to donate and collect old flip flops to send to UniquEco underscores the ‘recycling’ and ‘reusing’ lessons they’re taught, but also teaches kids the impact of being socially aware and responsible by contributing to a cause that also provides a sustainable livelihood to those in need.

To send your old flip flops to Uniqueco:
PO Box 15565-00503
Nairobi, Kenya

UniquEco will donate 9% of the sale price for all products sold from your footwear.