NYC Vlogging Challenge: My favorite Spot around Town

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been participating in the NYC Vlogging Challenge. Together with Lisa from Atypical Familia and Divina from Dancing Hot Dogs, we’ve been hosting prompts to get our friends and community excited about vlogging and just sharing what we love about where we live, what we like to do and such.

This week, Lisa is the host and I was cracking up about what she shared about her travel must! Divina shared what she loves about her town. And, I decided to do the same! Instead of sharing about my actual hometown, Va Beach, I shared about one of my favorite spots in my current town. 

Straight from the gym, I filmed this video before the kids came home from school. The thing about vlogging is that it forces me to share the nitty gritty, usually in the moment, with little or no time to edit. So, yes, this is me in all of my makeup-less glory. I love the way I keep looking around to see if anyone is checking me out filming by myself in the park like a weirdo! Nonetheless, it’s all in good fun.

Be sure to check out our videos and to see what I love about my town!


4moms Breeze Review and Giveaway

There are a few types of baby gear:  the kind that will do the job for now, and there’s the kind that works well AND makes things a little easier.

And then, there’s 4moms, the baby gear company that’s shaking things up with products that are changing the marketplace.  Their latest innovation, the Breeze play yard, is shifting the whole paradigm…with just a push of a button.

4moms Breeze

Parenthood, at least for me, isn’t about the most stuff, or even the flashiest stuff.  For me, it’s about well-designed products that are safe, efficient and are built to last.  Throw in a little innovation and I’m sold!

By now, you may already know that our family is quite fond of 4moms.  We’re continually dazzled by the Origami’s power folding abilities and super cool dashboard.  And without getting the waterworks started, the mamaRoo is just as functional, as it is special to us. I’m fortunate enough to see and experience the latest in kid products, but when it comes to merging efficiency and innovation, 4moms is absolutely making their mark.

And when I think of convenient and efficient baby gear, rarely does a play yard come to mind.  Otherwise known as a Pack n Play or playpen (if you’re old school,) 4moms has redefined the play yard concept with the Breeze.  After unfolding, the Breeze is put together in less than 30 seconds.  With a simple push, the entire play yard locks into place and is ready for baby’s nap, or if you’re my kid, roly poly time up and off of the floor where cat hair and dust breed before my eyes.


The Breeze is so Easy my 4 Year old Can Do it(?)

I wanted to say that the Breeze play yard is so simple my 4 year old could do it, but A) the kid willingly helps with the laundry after watching me all the time B) his arm isn’t long enough to reach into the Breeze and C) the 4 year old thing just isn’t a good example at all.  Nevertheless, the Breeze is so easy, people;  all baby products should be this breezy.

And speaking of 4 year olds, he was my director and camera man while I filmed these videos.  We did quite a few takes, so you might be able to hear him saying “cut,” many thanks to my awesome editing. We had fun chatting it up about the Breeze, so be sure to check us out in action!  Please excuse the shakiness, a sometimes crying babe and my child begging to go to the beach.

I’m so excited for the Breeze! I’ll let the video do the talking, but just a few things I love about it that I don’t think I mentioned are, the sleek aesthetics, clean lines and cool aqua/black color scheme.  It complements my modern/classic decor without being offensive. I used to swear that baby and kid products wouldn’t overrule my living room, but to be quite honest, the Breeze may take up a good amount of space, but thankfully, goes beyond cutesy patterns.  As for the overall physical presence of the Breeze, the frame is solid once its locked into place, yet its not too rigid. I love the convenience of the bassinet feature and changing pad; it’s streamlined without becoming a bulky addition.

As with any product, there are always a few caveats, and the same goes for the Breeze.  At about 30 lbs, the Breeze is heavier than what I was expecting. And because it’s so new, sheets aren’t accessible yet, but thank goodness for the waterproof padding. I tried to use a Target brand pack and play sheet, but it didn’t fit.  Having used their other products, I’m certain 4moms products are safe; however, because the Breeze is still so new, like all most products newly released to market, safety ratings aren’t available right away. (Reminder: I’m not a safety professional) And finally, pricepoint is something I can’t not include.  At $299, the Breeze is more expensive than mid-range play yards, but it is true when they say, you get what you pay for, and the Breeze would most certainly last for multiple children, whether it’s siblings or passed down to friends and relatives.


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Modern Playhouse Debuts Modular Play Structures

I’ve been more MIA than usual the past few weeks since we’re finally in our “new” old house.  As part of our ongoing renovation and the eventual move-in, I’ve been researching ideas for the kid’s playroom.

There’s so many options, so many ideas, but only so much budget to go around.  I know the hurricane may or may wreak havoc on some parts of the east coast, what better time to share a new option for indoor playhouses.












Modern Playhouse recently debuted their new line of minimalist and sustainable indoor modular play structures.  Designed by momprenuers and San Francisco based designers Gitane Royce and Nisreen Witt, the playhouses were designed to be durable and safe for the children and environment.  Modern Playhouse uses FSC Certified wood products that are treated with non-toxic, non-formaldehyde containing, and naturally pigmented finishes. The metal fasteners and hardware contain no lead.

The Playhouses, which come in the Wedge or Circle option, also have furniture accessories that can be purchased separately.



I love the simplicity, yet contemporary edge to these playhouses, and their sustainable features make them even more attractive.  These gorgeous playhouses would be a great fit in our new playroom, but alas, at $1450, it’s not quite in the budget right now.

Toys ‘R’ Us Kicks Off Another Great Trade-In Event

With our kids’ and babies’ safety in mind, Toys ‘R’ Us is re-launching its Great Trade-In Event today.  Just like the popular campaign that took place in September 2009, TRU is, once again, urging consumers to bring in old and used baby gear that may pose as safety hazards for the wee ones.

The Great Trade In Event kicks off today and lasts until Saturday, February 20.  For the fine print, the company said:

Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us stores will accept returns of any used cribs, car seats, bassinets, strollers, travel systems, play yards, high chairs and toddler beds in exchange for a 25% savings on the purchase of any new baby item, in any of these product categories, from select manufacturers.

With several recent stroller and drop-side crib recalls that have made news in the past few weeks, it seems like it’s a good time as ever to do a trade-in.  That 25% off is certainly a great initiative to shop and to keep the kiddies safe in the process.