Highlights from The New York Baby Show

Eight years ago when I started this site, I was inundated with baby gear research. Like many other parents, I spent hours researching the best products for my own baby. That research ultimately led to the creation of The Next Kid Thing.

All these years later, one of my most favorite things is attending shows, especially ones that showcase cool new gear and goodies. Last weekend, the kids and I made our way to Pier 92 for the New York Baby Show.

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photo credit: Momtrends

Quickly becoming one of my favorite baby shows, this year’s New York Baby Show didn’t disappoint. This year’s show featured more than 140 exhibitors for expectant and new parents to meet and learn all about. Alongside of the expansive list of exhibitors, the New York Baby Show rounded out their weekend-long show with sessions conducted by parenting experts and other informative sessions. Twiniversity and NYC Dads Group, two organizations that I proudly call my friends, were among the experts who led sessions. 

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photo credit: Momtrends

And speaking of friends, new this year to New York Baby Show was the Blogger Lounge hosted by our friends at Momtrends. As always, Momtrends knows how to host a fun soiree; it was a treat that manis and blowouts were offered by the Glam Squad.

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photo credit: Momtrends

Before hitting the floor at the show, bloggers were treated to lunch, some glam and had the chance to meet several brands before the show. The Blogger Lounge also provided childcare courtesy of the Nanny League, which was basically a two hour playdate for Littles.

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 photo credit: Momtrends

So, while Littles was hanging out at the childcare area, Biggie and I walked the showroom floor to meet and great with the exhibitors. Biggie was my photographer for the evening, and he was able to capture photos as I networked.

IMG 6817

I loved the way many of the companies interacted with him as he took pictures, but my favorite was when we approached Canon’s booth. Canon, the presenting sponsor of the New York Baby Show, was on hand to showcase several of their latest cameras, including the beautiful and wifi-enabled 70d and T6i models.

IMG 9543

photo credit: Jack Bertram

As I spoke to one of the Canon reps to share my longtime love for their products, another gentleman was so nice to engage with Bigs. He asked to see his photos and made him giggle while I ogled.

Back to the babies: there were so many favorite brands at this show, so it was almost impossible to visit every booth. But here are just a few of the many brands that we loved visiting at the New York Baby Show:

My friends at Regal Lager had a spectrum of beautiful Cybex gear, but the innovative Cloud carseat was my absolute favorite. IMG 9597

photo credit: Jack Bertram

This thing grows with baby; it’s incredible. Love to Dream swaddles promote the arms up sleeping position that many babies naturally love. The textiles for these swaddles are so soft and pure. I love recommending these super practical swaddles and sacks to all of my new mom friends.

IMG 9599

I loved stopping by the Babyganics booth to check out their growing product line. Their sunscreens and hand sanitizers are staples in my beach bag.

IMG 9513

Shea Moisture is another personal favorite that I loved meeting. The Mommy scrub is so perfect for expectant moms and even ones who, like me, just love the smell and feel of this delicious scrub.

IMG 9518

photo credit: Jack Bertram

I was excited to see Nordic Naturals exhibiting at this show because I JUST bought their Children’s DHA liquid which comes highly recommended for kids with speech delays. I add a few drops into Little’s smoothies and voila! I’ve noticed a difference since he started the drops, and I’m thrilled that this liquid seems to be gentler on his sensitive stomach. Nordic Naturals offers a range of supplements applicable for all members of the family.


IMG 9526

photo credit: Jack Bertram

I met lots of newcomers at this show, which is always exciting. I can’t wait to learn more about this crib mattress, these snacks and this cool new family camp in Vermont. 

IMG 6792IMG 9536IMG 9492

One newcomer that I wasn’t able to meet was the stroller company, gb. I wanted to get a closer look at the Qbit, which appears to be a smaller stroller that would work well for city families. 

IMG 9578

 If I had an unlimited amount of time, I would have loved to walk the show for another day to meet the other exhibitors that were too busy to chat. The New York Baby Show is a fabulous forum for expectant and new families to learn, shop and engage with family-centric exhibitors. What I truly appreciate about this show is that the whole family can enjoy the day together. 

IMG 6774
The two-day format on the west side allows for show-goers to truly take in all that this show has to offer, from information sessions to visiting all the booths to taking a stroll on the test track. If you’re pregnant or have a new baby and want to check out the latest and greatest, be sure to put the New York Baby Show on the must-do list.

A big thank you to Momtrends and New York Family for having us this year. As always, I enjoyed covering this show and look forward to sharing more.
Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I am being compensated for sharing my experience. As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

Baby Days: Nighttime Changing Routine

The baby days continue to consume me, both personally and work-wise. After an informative afternoon with famed pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp. I was inspired to share our nighttime changing routine, one of my favorite times of the day…for more reasons than the obvious! Find out how we incorporate Stokke, Under the Nile, Badger, CJ’s BUTTer and Fisher Price into our nighttime changing routine.

Earlier this week, I enjoyed a lovely lunch with the amazing Dr. Harvey Karp of Happiest Baby on the Block. I learned so much during the candid conversation over lunch at the book publisher’s NYC office discussing his latest book on sleep. (post to come) And now, with our baby right at 4 months, naturally, there are so many changes going on. He’s turned the corner on sleep, his eating habits are more predictable and his behavior is all around fun.

As a second time mom and mom of a preschooler and infant, I’ve found that the one of the hardest aspects of motherhood is finding balance. Yesterday, for example, finding time to balance the four year old, four month old AND write in between was complicated, to put it nicely. The four year old, like most preschoolers, demanded my attention. The baby sat so quietly for most of the day, but it was the big kid who tested my patience as I tried to make deadlines. Ultimately, something gives, and every time it’s the writing…but, such is life.

And since the baby didn’t get nearly as much attention, I’m SO grateful for our nighttime routine. It’s that one time of day when it’s just baby and me, and we’re both awake, happy and usually relaxed. So, while big bro hangs with daddy, it’s just us for 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted quality time–if we’re lucky.

There’s so many elements that contribute to how fun this can be, but here’s what we’re doing right now:

1. Badger Nighty Night Balm
I can’t get enough of Badger Balm. Truly. I was first introduced to these products via Healthy Child Healthy World. The Bug Balm was the first product we used and now, swear by. And so, when my husband brought home several sample of other balms, I immediately fell in love with even more Badger Balms that I didn’t even know existed! The organic Nighty Nighty Balm is, should I say it, the bomb. In lieu of lotion at night, I use this balm, which has a soft, but wax-like consistency, to give the baby a little post-bath massage. What a life, right? I use this time to help him exercise and stretch those chubberific legs, soothe his arms and then softly massage his chest and back. His coos and smiley face is enough to keep this in my routine. The balm moisturizes well and smells unbelievable. You think the baby smell is awesome? Just add this to the mix. There’s no synthetic fragrances, just chamomile, a little lavender and more. So sweet.

2. Changing Table: Stokke Care
This solid wood changing table from Stokke was our Christmas and Birthday present from my inlaws. While this beautiful piece of furniture deserves its own post, I’ll highlight what makes this such an integral part of our routine.
The first time around, we were city parents who were starved for space. We shrugged off the need for a dedicated changing table and opted for just a changing pad that we threw anywhere to do the job. After over two years of changing anywhere and everywhere our backs ached and that changing pad was practically crumbling for so much usage and handling.

So, this time around, when we were asked what we needed, we said nothing…EXCEPT a changing table. So, why the Care? Aside from the fact that it matches our Stokke Sleepi System, it’s multifunctional and grows with the baby like several of Stokke’s other products. After the diaper-changing days, the Care can be turned into a desk. (I know, right?)  The Care changing table boasts a lot of storage space and is compatible to various heights–perfect for taller parents. (Our backs are thanking us this time around!) The side compartments are just as convenient as the storage baskets that sit atop two shelves. As a cloth diaperer, the storage area is ample for my stash, as well as our bountiful inventory of baby toiletries and acoutrements. This is my most used baby staple, and one that I’m thrilled will truly grow with us!

3. CJ’s BUTTer
Heh. I said butt. Ok, got that out… So, both of my children much like other members of my immediate family, have extremely sensitive skin. Finding a diaper rash cream or ointment that REALLY works and doesn’t use toxins or harmful chemicals can be next to impossible. Burt’s Bees is my usual go-to diaper cream; in fact, the big kid was fond of eating it when my back was turned. Unfortunately, Burt’s Bees isn’t cloth diaper friendly. Thankfully, with cloth diapering, we don’t see too much diaper rash or irritation, but it’s when we switch over to disposables when we’re on the go or on laundry days, the irritation sometimes arises. CJ’s BUTTer which I’ve always seen on cloth diapering sites as a great option for diaper ointment, was sent to me as a sample in a Bluum Box. It was love after first swipe. The ingredients are all natural, it’s made with love by a small company, it works well and can be used beyond diaper rash (for black/mixed hair to separate locks? who knew!) It moisturizes and seals the irritated areas and I love that it contains essential oils. CJ’s BUTTer is my new go-to for diaper ointment.

5. Hooded Bath Towel: Under the Nile
This thick, luscious hooded baby towel is made from organic Eygptian cotton and you can totally tell. It’s both soft and durable and surpasses the quality and texture of the thin baby towels we received from the big kid’s baby shower. We have tons of baby towels, but honestly? This Under the Nile towel is the one I grab every time.  And bonus, my photographer friend, Maegan Dougherty, who has photographed our family many times pre-baby #2, shot some pics for Under the Nile’s clothing line, which can be seen on the front page.  Nice, right?

5. Fisher Price Giggle Gang
Another stuffed toy and one that laughs? Ha! Yes…but this one is too cute to pass up. It’s just a round, vibrant plush toy that giggles when you press it’s belly and it’s contagious and chewable! I have a video review of these guys coming up, but I couldn’t not include him on here because we keep Fuzzy on our changing table to distract Mr. Squirmy baby. Laughs all around!

6. Badger Baby Oil
For our first kid’s baby shower, I received several containers of baby oil. I honestly had no idea what to use it for, so I never really used it. This time around I find myself using it as often as I can. I use it in diaper wipe solution, for dry skin patches and most often after bath on baby’s scalp to help avoid cradle cap. I use just a tiny drop and it works so well. I’ve read articles that say to AVOID using oils on the baby’s head, but alas, this is something I still do and have no issues whatsoever. With with calendula and chamomile, the Badger Baby Oil smells so lovely, I love using it at night to complement the Nighty Night balm. Bonus: I love to include it in so many of my baby shower gift baskets because it not only lasts forever, but it’s a great alternative to the more questionable products in the baby aisle.

There are so many products out there, and many more that we use, but these few just so happen to be the ones we use in our current routine. All of them are fun, sustainable and worthy of sharing!

Full disclosure: the changing table was a gift from family, but all of the other products were either items in a swag bag, samples from a company for review or samples obtained from my husband’s employer, which has no direct affiliation with NKT. As always, all opinions on NKT are mine.

Bouji and Nouna Offer Vintage-Inspired Crib Bedding

When I see beautiful nurseries on sites like OhDeeDoh, I’m always inspired by the creativity these parents have for putting together such unique spaces for their babes.  These nurseries always go beyond the blues, pinks and caricatures of teddy bears, instead opting for distinctive patterns and often, gender-neutral shades.

Bouji and Nouna embodies this same style and sensibility with their handmade crib and toddler bedding.  The unique bedding marries mod and vintage styles and hones in on rich shades of color to create some fantastic pieces for baby.

Read More

Soft and Sweet: Little Giraffe Baby Blankets

Some people say baby blankets are some of the most over-gifted baby presents.  But who can resist giving soft, fluffy blankets to newborns?   Babies need blankets;  and really, with all the laundry that babies create, you can never have enough high quality blankets.

Little Giraffe

Little Giraffe blankets have become some of the most photographed baby blankets.  Why, you ask?  Little Giraffe blankets seem to be staples for Brad and Angelina’s twins, and have been seen in the arms of other famous babes, including Gwen Stefani’s boys to Nicole Richie babes, to Jennifer Garner’s girls and Rebecca Gayheart’s newborn.




Photo Credit: Little Giraffe


I had the chance to see what all the fuss is all about.  And guys, I can now see why Little Giraffe blankets have become such popular loveys.  Perfect for keeping baby comfortable all year round, the blankets are thick, yet not too heavy.  They’re luxe, cozy and much softer than any baby blanket we own—and we own quite a few. The super-soft chenille blanket is generous in size and detailed with satin.  The subtle yellow Little Giraffe blanket that I reviewed epitomizes Springtime and would complement any nursery or stroller.


Little Giraffe collection is comprised of the Chenille, Luxe, Diamond Quilt, Diamond Quilt Luxe, Lollipop, Safari Zebra, Retro 60s Florette and Retro 60s Blossom.  The blankets, ranging in price, can be found online and at retailers like Nordstrom, Land of Nod and Petit Tresor.

Want to win a gorgeous yellow Chenille Blanket from Little Giraffe?



Leave me a comment on the NKT Facebook fan page for this post and tell me which blanket you would love for your baby or to give as a gift, and why.

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Stokke Rolls Out More Features for Xplory

At the Baby Issue Event, I had the chance to take a peek at the new Stokke Xplory, and it made quite the impression.  On first impression, it was easy to maneuver and I loved the head-turning purple shade.

Since being introduced in 2003, the Stokke Xplory has been a popular fixture on NYC streets.  With their eye-catching color and unique design that elevates kids higher up from the ground, the Xplory is hard to miss.  This year, Stokke is enhancing the Xplory strollers with new fabric options, which are described to cushion the seat more to give it more of a cocoon-like feel.

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alma by bloom Combines Style and Function

Welcome to Baby Week on NKT, everyone!  This week, I will be focusing on the latest and greatest on baby gear.  Stay tuned for my picks for the most notable baby items for modern families.

Outfitting small spaces often demands creativity while combining functionality, especially when babies are added to the mix. But just because a space is small, doesn’t mean you have to forget style.

Cribs, perhaps one of the most pertinent elements of baby’s nursery, monopolize a lot of space.  In some cases, families don’t have the space for a full-sized crib, or perhaps, have the need for a secondary crib.  Earlier this year, bloom debuted its alma crib, a compact, modern, stylish, yet functional solution for space-strived families.

The alma, which comes in a palette of vibrant colors and touts clean, straight lines, needs no assembly, as it opens and collapses with ease.  Described to be as wide as a standard dresser, the Alma is small enough (37x20x33″) to be used an an alternative for co-sleepers, bassinets, mini-cribs or even pack-and-plays.  After use, the Alma can be closed and stored to maximize space.

The alma, like other bloom products complies with all CPSIA requirements, and is a sustainable option for baby gear. According to bloom, alma is crafted from solid birch wood from certified sustainable wood forests. The wood is independently tested to be free of wood PCP and other toxic wood preservatives. The finishes and bedding textiles are lead free, phthalate free, PVC free, heavy metal free, and AZO dye free.  For me, sustainability is a huge selling point.

I love that bloom was founded by four dads who sought to bring contemporary design and intelligent innovation to a range of baby products. bloom’s simple, clean, but innovative products are head-turners and among some of my favorite high-end baby gear.

Just like many urban dwelling families, we know the lack of space predicament quite well.  It might be shocking to those who aren’t used to it, but we’ve managed to coexist in our 1br railroad apartment just fine, thanks to intuitive baby gear and furniture that gives us room to breathe.  Before we opted for our Stokke Sleepi, we were leaning towards investing in a mini-crib for our closet nursery.  We were disappointed at the lack of options for durable, safe and modern mini cribs.  Had the alma been out a few years ago, we could have totally gone this route.  I love the idea of being able to store the crib when it’s not in use, yet not having to sacrifice modern design for function and convenience.  I’ve always been a big fan of bloom products, but somewhat deterred by the price tags.  Though the alma wouldn’t have lasted for us as long since we have a taller kid, this crib is certainly a viable solution for families who crave space, portability and sleek designs.

The alma can be found at retailers such as giggle and retails for $400.  By the way, I love giggle’s Q&A feature on their site.  Great consumer interaction!

The mattress and bedding are all sold separately, and can also be found at giggle.


Toys ‘R’ Us Kicks Off Another Great Trade-In Event

With our kids’ and babies’ safety in mind, Toys ‘R’ Us is re-launching its Great Trade-In Event today.  Just like the popular campaign that took place in September 2009, TRU is, once again, urging consumers to bring in old and used baby gear that may pose as safety hazards for the wee ones.

The Great Trade In Event kicks off today and lasts until Saturday, February 20.  For the fine print, the company said:

Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us stores will accept returns of any used cribs, car seats, bassinets, strollers, travel systems, play yards, high chairs and toddler beds in exchange for a 25% savings on the purchase of any new baby item, in any of these product categories, from select manufacturers.

With several recent stroller and drop-side crib recalls that have made news in the past few weeks, it seems like it’s a good time as ever to do a trade-in.  That 25% off is certainly a great initiative to shop and to keep the kiddies safe in the process.