Trick or Treat at Jenkinson’s Boo on the Boardwalk

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, there’s no shortage of festivities, and that includes down the shore, here in NJ! In the spirit of Halloween, Jenkinson’s gets all tricked out for Boo on the Boardwalk. The fun on the boardwalk includes trick or treating, crafts and lots of tricks in between. We were onhand last weekend to experience the fun and I have the photos to prove it.


Boo on the Boardwalk has lots of games for the kids to play, with plenty of prizes too!  Entrance includes 2 free games, and there are several games that you can pay to play.

IMG 1546

IMG 1547

IMG 1548


I love that kids of all ages can participate in the games! Littles had a blast with this Plinko-like game! Lucky us, he won 5 little prizes!

IMG 1553

Boo on the Boardwalk is slated for this weekend, October 25 and 26 from noon to 4:00. Get the kids dressed up and head to the boardwalk for lots of family fun!


In between all of the activities, we did some trick or treating! We forgot our trick or treat bags, but Jenkinson’s gives you a bag upon entry.IMG 1578


The boardwalk performer, aka Frankenstein, entertained the kids with a little show!

IMG 1581IMG 1583

IMG 1587


And what’s a visit to Jenkinson’s without a visit to the aquarium? We had a blast checking out our favorite friends.  We even caught the penguin feeding for the first time, something we always missed over the summer!

IMG 1609


IMG 1610

We loved that the animals had their own pumpkins throughout the aquarium!

IMG 1614

And to stay in the Halloween spooky spirit, I was able to get my fortune read right by the penguins exhibit.

IMG 1612

Apparently, all of my ongoing struggle will pay off in the end! Good to know!

IMG 1624IMG 1565

It was a wonderful fall day on the boardwalk, which is my absolute favorite time at the beach: less crowds, more beauty and just as much fun! If you have a chance, be sure to check out Boo on the Boardwalk this weekend at Jenkinson’s!


Full disclosure: I am a Jenkinson’s ambassador and received compensation as part of this program. My family received complimentary admission to facilitate this review, but as always, opinions on NKT are my own.

School Days with Paul Frank

For September, Saban sent us some awesome school supplies and essentials, all of which we’ve been enjoying. Paul Frank has a myriad of school supplies for kids of all ages, including notebooks, pencils, pouches and more.  But, it’s the backpacks that we’re definitely digging the most.


IMG 0782

IMG 0781



These sleek backpacks keep it fun but stay stylish. I love the modern aesthetic of Paul Frank products. My older son loves the faux leather feel to this back pack. It’s easy to clean and carries everything he needs. 

Be sure to check out Amazon for more Paul Frank backpacks and school supplies.


Full disclosure:  As a Saban-Brandbassador, I received product samples to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions on NKT are mown


2014 Holiday Gift Guide Sneak Peek

And because Christmas is just two months away, I’m reluctantly, but excitedly looking ahead to the holidays. Actually, I’ve been thinking about the holidays since the summer because of all of the holiday press previews.  I’m finally organizing my thoughts and ideas for this year’s holiday guide. As in years past, I will be categorizing my guide, starting age and possibly by theme.  So, as a fun preview, here’s a sneak peek of The Next Kid Thing Holiday Gift Guide, babies and toddler edition.

NKTBabygiftguide14The items feature above have been included in NKT at one point or another. Here’s a round up of just a few of the items I’ll be featuring in our gift guide:

  • Starting with the Stokke Steps, babies and tots can grow with this sleek seating system. 
  • The Jack Spade/Kate Spade for Gap collaboration has my heart all aflutter, so I couldn’t help but include the fun blue oxford and striking red ballet flats with a gift bow detail at the bottom right.  
  • Feeding gear and other practical baby items are among some of my personal favorite stocking stuffers and add-on gifts. As always, Tommee Tippee keeps it cool with these sweet section plates and Truly Spill Proof Straw Cups
  • Stride Rite’s Isaiah Motion will keep the kids on their toes for the holidays. 
  • Aden + Anais will forever be one of my go-to baby gifts because of its versatility and sustainability. liam the brave sweet dream gift set would double as a gift for mama and babe. 
  • When it comes to classic kid powered toys, Melissa and Doug can do no wrong. Throw some pancakes into the mix, Melissa and Doug’s delicious playset is certain to be a toddler must-have.   
  • Kitchen sets are a favorite when it comes to toddler big ticket gifts. Plan Toys’ newly redesigned kitchen set keeps its same small footprint and sustainable design, while showcasing its modern aesthetics. 
  • And, perhaps some of my favorite baby board books to date, Baby Lit turns classic literature into baby board books. With fantastic imagery and graphics, simple one-word story lines, these line of books are perfect baby (or rather, parent) gifts for classic lit aficionados or English Majors like yours truly.

Stay tuned for more holiday gift ideas to come! 




Creative Galaxy Inspires a World of Imagination + Glow in the Dark Rocket Ship Craft

If the world is our oyster, then the galaxy is most certainly our canvas.

As a creative person who’s constantly creating, whether plotting projects in my head or in real time, I appreciate it when books and shows encourage the same thing for my boys.  The new original animated series, Creative Galaxy, featured on Amazon Prime Instant Video is an example of a show that gets our artistic juices flowing.


Amazon studios creative galaxy S1 E10 episode still 2

In a galaxy far away, aliens co-exist and create art every day and solve problems by harnessing their imagination and creativity. The main character, Arty, is an inquisitive young alien who often asks questions to his audience. Creative Galaxy may have a familiar format and feel because it’s the product of children’s programming veteran Angela Santomero, the brains behind PBS Kids’ Daniel Tiger, Emmy-nominated Super Why and the classic kid’s favorite, Blue’s Clues. 

Each episode of Creative Galaxy begins with a problem that must be fixed with art.  To fix the problem at hand, Arty makes his way around Creative Galaxy and gathers items for his idea box. Arty tackles problems with his shape-shifting sidekick, Epiphany and friends along the way like Jackson, Shift, Seraphina and Gallaria. 


Jason Priestly and Angela Santomero at the Creative Galaxy Launch. Source: Zimbio

Creative Galaxy boasts colorful imagery and fun, yet relatable story lines. Familiar voices lend their talent to round out the show: Cloris Leachman is Galleria, Brooke Shields is Seraphina and Jason Priestly is Sketch. 90210 fans will appreciate Sketch’s coy greeting: what brings you to my zip code? 

The show encourages art with a variety of mediums covered throughout: painting, crayon, drawing, paper—even glitter.  According to Amazon, this series is designed to support a child’s natural inclination to use their imaginations, make and create. Art is everywhere, as examined by Creative Galaxy; we are always surrounded by art, and ultimately, art is an important resource is our day to day life.

Geared to preschoolers, this show really struck a chord with my 2.5 year old, as well as my seven year old. Already a super fan of Amazon Studio’s Tumble Leaf, it took my two year old a few episodes to really appreciate Arty’s adventures.  Once he did though, he was really engaged into Arty’s projects.


Though my older son is beyond these types of shows, I did find him getting into Arty’s adventures just as well as the two year old. Creative Galaxy makes kids feel as though they’re making art alongside of Arty and the kids featured on the show. As for my seven year old, he appreciates the real kids doing craft projects in between, which prompted us to do our own. More on that below!  I love the true educational content throughout the show. Creative Galaxy has a knack for implementing real artists such as Kandinsky and parlaying it into a relatable activity within the show, gives art appreciation a new meaning as a parent. I appreciate the different dimensions of this show. From the fresh-faced characters to the artwork created by real kids in between segments to the fun songs wrapping up story lines… “shapes and lines make everything,” Creative Galaxy is undoubtedly another intergalactic hit for Amazon Kids and Angela Santomero.



As a diehard Amazon Prime Instant Video fan, I absolutely love the depth of kid’ shows that are now available on this streaming service.  Amazon made a smart move by tapping the best in the business when creating children’s programming.  Dr. Alice Wilder, another one of my idols, is the Educational Advisor for Amazon Studios and is also one of the executive producers for Creative Galaxy.  Dr. Wilder is responsible for developing the Amazon Originals curriculum for kids and is helping implement Amazon’s educational point of view into the development of new series. If my kids are going to be watching kid shows, I love knowing that educational professionals like Dr. Wilder are at the helm, helping to craft Amazon Originals’ curriculum for kids.


It Iooks like I’m not alone in loving Amazon Prime Instant Video’s Creative Galaxy. Common Sense Media gives this new show four out of five stars. “The stories incorporate valuable prereading skills such as patterns, color identification, and counting in fun ways, and its interactive format encourages kids to consider how they might handle challenges such as the ones that Arty faces.”


 And because crafts and tactile activities go hand in hand with fabulous shows like Creative Galaxy, here’s a craft we had fun creating.

Glow in the Dark Rocket Ship Craft

From this creative show, we were inspired to do our own craft à la Arty and Creative Galaxy. Because my seven year old is much better at structured crafts than my 2 year old, he served as my crafting companion. But truly, this craft can be done with toddlers up to grade schoolers. 



We used two pie tins, some glow sticks and Play Doh to create a simple Glow in the Dark Rocketship. 

IMG 1661IMG 1663We punched holes in the pie ties with hole punchers.  We used two different size hole punchers, and I’m sure you can use a variety of shapes. We did the sides, but we’ll probably do more on our next version.

IMG 1665

I then strung some baker’s twine between the two pans to create a way to suspend the flying saucer. Before sealing our rocket ship we ignited our glow sticks. You can use any lightweight illuminating device, as long as it’ll fit in the pie tins.

IMG 1681

Once the glow sticks are lit up, you can seal the tins with modge podge and pinch the lips of the two tins together. As the glue is drying, you can create your alien who will be flying the saucer. IMG 1689


Have your child envision the torso and head of the alien, which will sit atop of the flying saucer.  Once the alien is sculpted with the Play Doh, secure the figure onto of the tin. Ideally, wait until the glue dries before placing the figure on top. Modge Podge usually takes a few hours to dry. 

IMG 1692

Place the plastic cup over the alien, which will serve as the bubble for the flying saucer.  Love my technical terms? To secure the cup, use Modge Podge along the lip of the cup and then center it over the alien.  After everything is dry, decorate your flying saucer as you wish.

IMG 1693

The more colors, the better!  Since glow sticks only last a few hours, it’s fun to make this craft in the afternoon so you can use the Glow in the Dark Rocket Ship as a night light.  Use the twine to create a suspension device to hang from the ceiling!

IMG 1696


This craft hones in on fine motor skills and can serve as a conversation piece to bridge Creative Galaxy to some tactile play and creation. From this craft, parents can engage in conversation on stars, as well as light and dark.


As Arty and friends remind us: go and be amazing! That’s a pretty perfect catch phrase if I ever heard one!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Highlights of the 2015 Toyota Camry

Because cars and technology are paramount purchases in most of our homes, many car companies have been reaching out to parent bloggers and including us in their media outreach. As such, I’m currently in Ponte Vedra for Toyota’s press preview for the 2015 Camry, Sienna and Yaris.  Dubbed the Toyota Family Reunion, this press preview has involved a lot of test driving and presentations with company executives, including the marketing team, engineering team and the other brains behind the evolution of some these vehicles.



IMG 7628


I will have much more information to share, but I wanted to unveil this quick Q & A I did with Camry’s Chief Engineer, Monte Kaehr.  So, if there’s anything you need to know about the Camry, Toyota’s top-selling vehicle, Kaehr is your guy.  Lucky me, I had the chance to shoot a candid, off the cuff video, where I asked Mr. Kaehr to highlight just some of Camry’s latest developments.  And since many of you are like me, tech-minded, yet cautious consumers, I asked Mr. Kaehr to cover some of the latest security developments.


IMG 7662 


As mentioned, I’ll have more to share soon, but for now, check out what Monte Kaehr has to say about the 2015 Toyota Camry:



Review: Max Tow Truck

There’s no shortage of cool boy toys on the market these days, and that definitely includes cars and trucks. The new Max Tow Truck from Jakks is destined to be a popular truck this holiday season, and not just for its cool factor. 

Max Tow Truck

Max Tow Truck is described as being able to tow up to 200 lbs.  He talks and moves, but more importantly, he tows!  My guys are really enjoying playing with Max.  Between the 2 and 7 year olds, Max appeals to both younger kids as well as older boys—my husband included.  


Max can tow things, without a doubt.  We towed toys, wagons, little brothers…but we never got as far as towing 200 lbs. We found a few glitches, but after shifting a few times, we were able to get Max to tow (most of) the things we wanted.  His rubber and almost hollow wheels allow for maneuverability and monster truck action. We loved watching the truck go up hill and over any and everything.  And contrary to what Bigs said in the video, I don’t think Max can move boulders.  Small boulders, maybe. 

All in all, Max Tow Truck is pretty awesome and lives up to its cool factor.  We’ve had so much fun with the truck, I’m sure I’ll end up posting more about it soon.

Curious George Boo-Fest Returns for Halloween on PBS Kids

Fall and all of the fun that it brings is one of my favorite times of year. Lucky us, so many of our favorite shows underscore the fall fun, including our faves over at PBS Kids.

Later this month, be sure to check out new adventures with everyone’s favorite mischievous monkey, Curious George. New adventures of Curious George will debut on PBS KIDS October 28-30, including George testing his super spy skills and exploring an aviation museum. October 28 features the premiere of “Submonkey,” an underwater adventure that includes the song “Down, Down, Down,” performed by Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go’s.



Be on the look out for more Halloween fun with episodes from other PBS KIDS shows, including Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts and more. 

Daniel Halloween



To find out more about the Curious George episodes read more after the jump:

Descriptions of the upcoming Curious George episodes via PBS Kids:

“Submonkey/Double-Oh-Monkey Tracks Trouble”

Premieres Tuesday, October 28

“Submonkey” - When Professor Pizza’s birthday present is dragged away by a strong ocean current, George volunteers to take an undersea adventure in a monkey-sized submarine to retrieve it. Can the curious little monkey locate a small package at the bottom of the ocean or will Pizza’s present be forever lost at sea?

“Double-Oh-Monkey Tracks Trouble” - Double-Oh-Monkey takes on his most important case yet – to prevent Steve’s well-intentioned (but always disastrous) “good luck present” from ruining Betsy’s dance recital! Using his super spy skills and all five of his senses, George tracks down Steve and discovers…a bucket of wet paint?! Can George warn Betsy in time? Or will her dance recital get a splash of color?


“Monkey Goes Batty/Curious George and the Balloon Hound”

Premieres Wednesday, October 29

“Monkey Goes Batty” - A hole in the roof means George and the Man with the Yellow Hat must sleep in the living room while their bedrooms are being repaired. But their adventure quickly turns into a disaster when George’s nightly trips to the kitchen keep the Man with the Yellow Hat awake at night. Can George figure out a way to quietly find his way to the refrigerator in the dark?

“Curious George and the Balloon Hound” - George and Hundley are amazed by all the flying machines at the museum’s aviation exhibit. So when Hundley’s souvenir airship flies out of reach in the lobby, he dreams he is British flying ace, Leftenant Doxie. Joined by the daring flyboy Chuck Monkey, the dynamic duo uses propeller power as they race towards the finish line. When Hundley awakens from his dream, he has a few new ideas on how to get his ceiling-bound toy within reach.


“George’s Photo Finish/Monkey Mystery Gift”

Premieres Thursday, October 30

“George’s Photo Finish” - Today is the big unveiling of the Ankylosaurus dinosaur skeleton at the museum, but it’s missing a leg! George and the Man with the Yellow Hat thought they delivered all four bones. Where did the fourth bone go? Fortunately, Mr. Quint took pictures on their way to the museum. Maybe the photos can lead them to the bone…if they can only figure out which order to put them in.

“Monkey Mystery Gift” - George and Allie’s imaginations run wild as they brainstorm what could be in the large unmarked box on George’s doorstep. Based on its weight, sound, smell and bristly hair, they’re certain it’s a baby goat! But what’s really inside surprises them more than anything they could ever have imagined.

Review: Playskool Stack ‘n Spin Monkey Gears

Playtime for Littles is usually quite colorful and musical lately. Because he plays so much as part of therapy, unstructured play usually involves building and tinkering and lots of singing, too!

We had the chance to check out Playskool Stack n Spin Monkey Gears , which Littles totally loves!  The Stack ’n Spin isn’t a new concept, but the combination of that familiar Playskool monkey makes this version even more fun.  


With lots of twinkling lights, melodic chimes and spinning gears, the Stack ’n Spin Monkey Gears keeps toddlers engaged.  Tots can stack and arrange the various gears; once they’re done, they can push a button to watch and listen to their handiwork.

This toy encourages creativity, logic and cause and effect.  By arranging the gears, kids work on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. What’s great about this toy is that babies to preschoolers can get in on the Monkeying action.

My tinkerer absolutely loves puzzles, music and monkeys, so the Playskool Stack ’n Spin Monkey Gears makes for a go-to toddler toy.

The Playskool Stack ’n Spin Monkey Gears can be found at major retailers such as Toys ‘R Us and Target, as well as online at 


Review: Mega Bloks Super Megaforce Sky Ship Showdown

Last month, our friends at Saban sent us a Super Mega package in honor of the new episodes of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, which airs on Saturdays at noon on Nickelodeon. 

We had the chance to check out the brand new Super Megaforce Sky Ship Showdownfrom Mega Bloks. This brand new 306-piece set includes a buildable Red Ranger Sky Ship Zord and features a working launcher. In the set, you can also build Damara’s evil ship, and get the Red Ranger and Damaras micro action figures into the mix.  It currently retails for $19.99 at Toys ‘R Us, Amazon and Kohl’s.

NKT Super Megaforce Sky Ship

It took us a few hours after school to finish up the Super Megaforce Sky Ship Showdown. For my 6 year old, it took a lot of patience and time to focus on completing the project. There’s always that awesome sense of accomplishment every time we finish a construction project. Biggie had a great time working on the Super Megaforce Sky Ship Showdown.

IMG 9603

IMG 9627


 We also loved checking out the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Red Ranger Key and the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Translucent Key from Bandai.

IMG 9618

The keys activate special features in other Super Megaforce toys such as the Deluxe Legendary Morpher, Battle Gear and all the items in the Zord Builder Collection. And I love this feature: when you use your smart phone’s camera, you can scan any Ranger Key with the free Power Rangers Scanner App and morph yourself into any Legendary Ranger onscreen. So cool.


IMG 9612

With the Ranger Keys anyone can enter the Power Rangers “Unlock the Power” instant win game and sweepstakes. Be sure to download the Power Rangers Scanner app for a chance to win coupons and toy prize packs now through December 31, 2014.


Full disclosure: a sample was provided to facilitate this review. I am a Saban Brandbassador and was provided with products to share the latest updates on Saban Brands. As always, all opinions are my own.

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk Set for Boo at the Beach October 18-19 and 25-26

With the crispness in the air, there’s no doubt that Fall is here. With the cooler temps, comes some of my favorite activities of the year: sweater weather, apple-picking, pumpkin everything and Halloween. As a kid, I loved heading to the beach in the fall months because it was the time for locals to take back our beach. There’s nothing quite like being at the beach in the fall. It’s like a whole different creature!


SI PArent boo 2014 jenkinsons 781x1024


Good news for those in NJ: Boo at the Beach is back! Starting next month, Jenkinson’s will be decked out for Halloween-themed weekends. On October 18-19 and 25-26 from noon-4pm, head to Jenkinson’s Boardwalk to enjoy Trick or Treating, face painting, arts and crafts to celebrate the Halloween festivities at the beach. For more information about Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and their events, be sure to check them out online.