NYC Vlogging Challenge week 5

So we are on week 5 of the NYC Vlogging Challenge. And once again, it’s my turn to host.


NYC V CHallenge YT Thumbnail

Together with Lisa from Atypical Familia and Divina from Dancing Hot Dogs, we’ve been hosting prompts to get our friends and community excited about vlogging and just sharing what we love about where we live, what we like to do and such.

How can you join the conversation?

Each week, one of us will host the challenge and we ask you to join us on Youtube, Vine, Instagram or your blog with a response video. Just take one of the below prompts as a thought and run with it. You only have to answer one question, but if you choose to do more, go for it.

That’s it! Join the fun!

For this week, these are my prompts:

1. How do you incorporate video into your blogging routine? Is it new? Have you been doing it for awhile?


2. If you’re new, what do you hope to learn? If you’ve been doing video for awhile, what tips do you have to share?


3. What’s your favorite social media outlet and why?


4. Now that the weather is getting warm, share your favorite outdoor activity.


5. What’s one thing that makes your life easy? Share a frugal/parenting/life hack.


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