NYC Vlogger Challenge Week 8

It’s my turn once again to host the NYC Vlogger Challenge. We’re at week 8 and my prompts were inspired by Disney Social Media Moms Celebration on the Road, as well as Spring activities coming into play!

My prompts are pretty easy and straight forward. I’m hoping you share some of your favorite Disney World hacks or theme park essentials. If outdoor play is more your speed, tell us about it, we’d love to hear all about it!


1. Do you have any favorite Disney World or Land attractions or secret spots? 

2. What are your theme park essentials? Is there something you always bring to a theme park?

3. What are your favorite Spring toys?

4. What are you favorite outdoor games?

5. Does your family like to swim?


How can you join the conversation?

Each week, one of us will host the challenge and we ask you to join us on Youtube, Vine, Instagram or your blog with a response video. That’s it! 

Can’t wait to hear your video response to one of the prompts above!

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