Tracking City Steps with the Omron Alvita Activity Tracker

As a former urbanite, I had such a great time reliving my single city life last week for Blogger Bash NYC and the festivities surrounding it. I stayed at  Yotel on the west side and traipsed around town in cabs, Uber, trains and clocked lots of steps in between. During the several days I had in the city and at the conference, I had a chance to test out the new Omron Health Alvita Activity Tracker.

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This small pedometer can be connected to a smart phone via Blue Tooth, and is able to record steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories burned, which can help with your fitness and day-to-day regiment. Being in the city for a few days for a blogging conference was the perfect chance to test out this cool new device. From morning to night, I tracked my steps and distance from my hotel to the expo hall and then to cocktail parties and outings with friends. 

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I really like how the Alvita Activity Tracker is so intuitive and is able to be connected to my phone. All of my information and data is sent to my phone, which I can then analyze for the week or month. The app is pretty straight-forward. And the device, itself, is simple to use and non-intrusive. I had a few issues getting the app and device to sync a few times, but after a few times, I was all set.

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On the day that I did the Expo all day and then went to several parities at night, I walked all over town, but didn’t over do it. I found on those days, I clocked the most steps. After returning home this weekend, I found myself getting into the car more more, and my steps significantly diminished back in the burbs. This could also have to do with the fact that I was resting a bit after a busy busy weekend. I expect my steps to skyrocket again when it comes to chasing after the kids.

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One of the main caveats of the device, I thought, was the small size and clip; I constantly felt like I was going to lose the tracker. In fact, it fell off of my shirt a few times, but I was able to find it.If there was a way to secure this small device, it would make this technology that much better!  I can now see the value of wearable devices and the popularity of activity trackers. Overall, I enjoyed testing out the Alvita Activity Tracker and plan to continue to use it, especially to amp up my physical activity and fitness goals. I love that it shows distance and calories burned and the information can be found on my phone.

The Omron Health Alvita Activity Tracker can be found at various retailers for less than $50.


Full disclosure: I was provided a device and compensation to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

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