Fall Footwear: Baby Bogs Classic Waterproof Boots Review

With this past weekend’s brisk weather, it was a vivid reminder that it is, indeed, fall. While I typically prepare the boys’ wardrobe by switching out the summer for winter clothes, unfortunately, their shoe and boot selection is often an oversight until we actually need them.

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Fortunately, Bogs came to the rescue with impeccable timing this year. Selecting from a vibrant spectrum of cozy boots for the toddling set, I chose one of the new patterns to review, a black pair of Baby Bogs in Classic Trucks, speckled with blue, yellow and gray vehicles. 



Baby Bogs feature a plush, furry-like interior lining. The exterior is constructed with a Neo-Tech insulation, which feels similar to wetsuit material, but much more durable.

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The soles are lighter than typical boots, but still have a great tread for toddlers who like to run. And like many other styles of Bogs, Baby Bogs have handles along the opening, which makes for easy access for toddlers (or parents) to pull on.

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At just 6 inches tall, these waterproof boots are light and unobtrusive enough for every day wear. Combined with the cozy lining and Neo-Tech exterior, Baby Bogs are suitable for cold conditions, up to 14 degrees. Just throw some thick socks or tights on, these boots are perfect even for those early winter days. 


On our daily adventures, we found ourselves testing the waters at our lake—quite literally.  My little guy walked up to the water and was so tempted to walk in the water, shoes and all. Because he’s 2, my fearless guy did exactly what I knew he would: he walked into the water. But because he had his Baby Bogs on, after I whisked him out, his toes and boots were totally dry and warm!

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A few days later, we found ourselves wandering around the Bronx Zoo for a pre-planned press junket—in the rain. Thankfully, I had the foresight to bring along Littles’ Baby Bogs. He splashed puddles and ran through the rain, without so much of a slip, slide or wet sock.  


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I’m that mom that’s all like, “hold still while I take your picture. HOLD STILL.” In the rain!

While I love almost everything about these boots, I’d love them even MORE if these classic Baby Bogs were offered in a taller option as well. Overall, these are well made, versatile boots, perfect for these brisk fall days.

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Ideal for the unpredictable weather patterns of fall, Baby Bogs are suitable for active tots who are exposed in all weather conditions and need coverage and definitive classic style. What sets these boots apart is that they’re durable, yet lightweight, which is important for often off-balance toddlers like mine. Best of all, should you find your kid ankle-deep in a mud puddle, Baby Bogs are machine washable. Puddle splashing FTW!

Baby Bogs are available in a variety of classic colors and designs and can be found at retailers like LL Bean, Amazon and BogsFootwear.com and retail for around $50.

Full disclosure: I received a pair of Baby Bogs to facilitate this review. As always, opinions on NKT are my own. 

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