Nuclear Cowboyz is an Electric Night of Action and High Flying Stunts

We just got home from a family night out at the IZOD Center where we saw the incredible Nuclear Cowboyz.  The Nuclear Cowboyz was an exhilarating freestyle motocross show that followed an action-packed storyline.  It was your typical good vs. evil, with high flying stunts, laser light shows, pyrotechnics, warrior fighters and fast motocross bikes.  When multiple riders flew across the ramps, there was a collective “WHOA!” or “NO WAY!”  The energy level at the IZOD Center throughout the almost-2 hour show was practically palpable!


My husband and six year old got a kick out of the kung fu warriors and evil tyrant’s storyline.  The voice-over and emcee/narrator added a kung fu movie parallel and a few chuckles at the same time.  Overall, though, it was the Nuclear Cowboyz themselves, who made the show so electric.


Well over 200 flips and high flying stunts on over 10 different ramps, the riders thrilled the audience from start to finish.  My six year old absolutely loved that the Nuclear Cowboyz was like an X Games show mashed up with a Kung Fu show.  Combined with the mix of heavy metal, dub step and alternative hip hop, the show was truly unique, and something that families with older kids would enjoy.

As with anything there’s always a downside or two.  Since we have a toddler who enjoys fast paced shows and vehicles of any kind, we assumed that he’d be a great fan.  Because the show started at 7:30 and was generally dark for most of the show, he melted down about half way into the show.  


Because the show is loud, includes a storyline and has bright pyrotechnics, I would not recommend this show for kids who can’t sit still for several hours at a time.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend the show for those who are sensitive to these factors either, as it could easily make sensitive kids feel overwhelmed.  There was a major presence of little boys four and up; with many young boys hanging out with just their dads, possibly for a boys’ night out.

All in all, this high energy show is a great night out for action-loving motocross enthusiasts.  For motocross and Kung Fu enthusiasts, I’d highly recommend checking out the Fallout Zone, which is the VIP pre-show that gives the audience a front and center experience.


Full disclosure:  we received comp tickets to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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