An Ultimate Getaway Aboard the NCL Getaway

The weather here in the northeast has been downright frigid.  Lucky for us, we had a chance to getaway on the NCL Getaway—well, at least for a day anyway.


Last weekend, The Moms and Norwegian Cruiseline hosted a family media day aboard the latest ship in the NCL fleet, the Getaway.  Having just sailed across the Atlantic, literally, just weeks from the shipyard, we were among the first to explore the brand spanking new ship.  Beyond getting to smell that new ship smell, we savored some food, entertainment and whet our appetites for much more.


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Measuring in at 1,068 ft., boasting 18 decks (14 open to the public), 28 diverse dining options and a waterpark with five waterslides, among other features, the Getaway certainly lived up to its name.


As we arrived, we convened in the Illusionarium, which channeled a big top circus with a magician’s appeal.  Deep velvets and vintage-looking magician’s tools, made for a mysterious, yet intimate backdrop for a dining and entertainment space.



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NCL treated us to a delicious lunch that included coconut shrimp, a simple salad, twice baked potato and a filet.  And since we were celebrating the babe’s birthday, the banana cupcake for the kids was an expected hit.  The fluffy, decorative icing was a major hit for Josh, no surprise there. I devoured the dessert sampling that featured a trilogy of sweet confections, including a red velvet cupcake, vanilla crème caramel and chocolate cake.


IMG 8635IMG 8702IMG 8647


After our fulfilling lunch, we were treated even further with a sampling of shows that could be found aboard the Getaway.  Burn the Floor, an invigorating, fast-paced dance show, headlined the entertainment.  This high energy show featured dancers who stomped and burned the floor with tap and jazz-inspired choreography.  Of all the shows, this was my favorite, and based on the kids’ expressions, I’m sure they felt the same.


IMG 8672IMG 8676IMG 8665

The magician was the next performer who engaged the kids even further.  He balanced a candle atop a floating table, which mesmerized both kids and adults.

The Tony Award nominated show, Legally Blonde was the next performance that turned heads.  While I love Broadway musicals, Legally Blonde just isn’t my thing.  Nevertheless, it was a fun and entertaining performance.


IMG 8693


IMG 8703IMG 8724


The kids’ absolute favorite performance, though, was the Nickelodeon crew.  Dora, Diego, Spongebob and the Nickelodeon team danced even further into my boys’ hearts.  The excitement and allure from the oversized, singing characters from the 2 year old was immeasurable.


After the performances, we had a chance to explore the ship on a guided tour as the older kids got to enjoy the Nickelodeon Splash Camp.  The highlights of the tour for the expansive dining options included The Waterfront, an open air promenade that showcases the ocean as part of the ambience; the chilly Ice Bar; La Cucina, the obligatory italian joint and my favorite, Carlo’s Bakery. 


IMG 8743

IMG 8749

As a former longtime Hoboken resident and fan pre-Cake Boss, I absolutely loved seeing this iconic bakery have a presence aboard another NCL ship.  I didn’t have a chance to taste anything beyond the luncheon, but the thought of a future sail has my mouth watering.






IMG 8742

IMG 8758























IMG 8737



As for the staterooms, we had a chance to peek into several interior rooms.  Like most interior rooms, they were modest and cozy, but had me feeling claustrophobic. 

IMG 8786

Having lived in tight quarters for so long, I dream of stretching out while on vacation.  On the other end of the spectrum, the staterooms in the Haven were nothing less than dreamy.  I peeked into a few Haven suites and fell in love  with the clean, modern decor and smart design.  These suites maximized the space and even featured an offset sleeping area.  The tiled bathroom and glorious tubs truly evoked elegance.


IMG 8802IMG 8805

IMG 8807


The areas I really wanted to tour though, I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to really explore.  Though Jack spent some time at the Splash Camp, I wanted to have a look at the facility for the kids. NCL is known for their comprehensive kids’ programs, which looked super fun from a distance.

 It featured bright colors, fun music, a second floor and cool counselors.  My only complaint: the babe really wanted to play with big bro, and since he’s just 2, he wasn’t able to play along and enjoy balloons with the bigger kids since that specific kid area was for 3 and up.  He eventually got over it when we let him gamble.


IMG 8762


Since I’ve had the pleasure of attending several media cruises and events aboard various cruise ships, it always great when I’m able to bring family to experience the fun.  This time around, we spent the babe’s 2nd birthday aboard the ship.  Since we opted to forgo a big party for his 2nd birthday, it felt as thought NCL threw Josh a super lavish party!  Entertainment, delicious food, Dora and Diego, Spongebob and an attentive staff to wait on us and clean up? Best birthday celebration ever!


IMG 8733


A big thank you again to NCL and The Moms for hosting us for the media and give us a reason to dream about a major Getaway.


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