Trick or Treating with Trash Pack and Blingles

As everyone has turkey and stuffing on the brain, we’re just now getting Halloween off of ours. Thanks to Superstorm Sandy, a Nor’easter and the debilitating effects these weather systems left in their wrath, unfortunately, Halloween came and went for many kids here in the Northeast.  And quite honestly, that was ok.

As more homes got their power back, families started picking up the pieces and normalcy started to settle in, it was the kids who reminded us the importance of resiliency. And for our community, even though Halloween was postponed twice, we got together and held our own Trunk or Treat.


Little monsters, goblins, Power Rangers and yes, even my Aqua Bats, paraded up and down the parking lot, from car to car, collecting treats galore.  If I say so myself, I’ve always, had a blast picking out the “best” candy for my block, especially since we don’t get that many kids. I usually do the whole candy bars, which I always find on sale at Costco, but this year, next to my Snickers and Milky Ways, we had even MORE awesome treats: the non-edible variety.

Moose Toys, the makers of beloved Trash Pack and Blingles, among other fun toys, sent me a box full of Series 2 Trash Pack blind packs and Blingles to give out to my Trick or Treaters.  Quite frankly, it was tough prying the Trash Packs away from my 5 year old, but after much convincing, Biggie ended up loving handing out the Trash Packs and Blingles packs to his fellow T or Ters.  And because it was a smaller group at our Trunk or Treat, we had plenty of candy and treats to go around.  As one of the little girls who came back for seconds, nay, fifths and sixths, said: “our trunk was the best stop of all.”  Hey, we aim to please around here.

There’s much to be said about handing out fun collectibles that the kids already love.  Trash Pack has been quite the sensation for school aged kids that I know; so, it was fun watching the kids’ eyes light up when they saw our stash to give away.  As with most collectibles, these funny and quirky guys are conversation-starters with boys and girls alike.  In this digital age, it takes something special to get these kids looking up and AT you, away from their digital devices.

In our house, the Trash Pack resides next to super heroes and My Little Pony characters. Biggie loves this Series 2 line of characters, and has already asked the Guy in Red for Series 3. As for the Blingles, in a house full of boys, I can’t get enough sparkle.  I can’t wait to bling out whatever I can get my hands on; better yet, I can’t wait to share Blingles with my nieces who appreciate a good sparkle.

Many thanks to Moose Toys for giving the kids in my community a little more reason to smile after Sandy washed away our Halloween.

Shopping tip

I’ve seen the Trash Pack toy accessories and the DS game from Activision in my NKT research and shopping travels.  At $14.99, the Trash Pack Mega Pack is poised to be featured as one of  Toys ‘R’ Us Black Friday Specials per

Full disclosure:  I was not compensated, but was sent product samples to share and give out.  As always, all opinions on NKT are my own.

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