Little Fan: Beastie Boys Five Boroughs Tee

One of the many wonderful things about being a parent is introducing the things you love to your kid. On that list of things we love, so far, we’ve shared travel spots, baseball, great books, delicious foods, and of course, good music.

I’m currently loving the latest release from The Beastie Boys, so as a longtime fan with my very own budding fan, I absolutely love this boy’s Beasties Tee spotted over at Axl’s Closet. The light blue Chaser Beastie Boys Five Boroughs tee is a nod to the beloved trio’s homage to their hometown. Currently available in 2t, 4t and 6, the Chaser Beastie Boys Five Boroughs tee is $24.

The other week, the Beastie Boy’s lastest single, “Make Some Noise” was on the radio and my 3 year old recognized the distinguishable beats and asked, “Mama, is this the Piper?” As in the Piper from Shrek.

If your kids are diehard Shrek fans like my guy is, then I’m sure you know that in the latest Shrek movie, the Pied Piper plays the Beastie Boys’ Sure Shot in the Witch Breakdancing scene. Dare I say it: it’s one of the best usages of a Beastie Boys’ song in a movie.

Check it

Speaking of the latest Beasties, have you had a chance to check out Hot Sauce Committee Part Two? The group released free streaming versions of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two because of an apparent leak. You can listen over at Soundcloud. And the new video? Be prepared for cameos galore and lots of laughs.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: The Beastie Boys aren’t necessarily kid-friendly, but the “clean” versions aren’t so bad. Besides, there’s no manifesto that demands we listen to kid music all the time, right? Hot Sauce Committee can’t be missed; there’s so much good stuff, but tracks 7 and 14 underscore my affinity for funky beats and my beloved Beasties. After the kids head to bed or while you’re on the train, be sure to check it out.

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