Gag-Worthy and Gross: Dino Poop and Dr. Dreadful

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone.  I’m not one for pulling pranks, but I do enjoy laughing at clever gags—from a distance.

For April Fool’s Day, I thought I’d spotlight a few new toys that are sure to elicit a few gags and giggles for those who appreciate the gross factor.  And yes, these are real toys!

Dino Poop

Uncle Milton has a great lineup of new Dinosaur Train toys, but one that definitely caught my eye is Dino Poop.  This pliable dough that looks like, well, poop, lets kids discover what a dino had for lunch.

When I first saw this toy, I giggled and thought, this can’t be a real toy.  But it is, and it’s hilarious.  As I mentioned, the poop has a Silly Putty consistency and is all in good fun.  Choose from herbivore, omnivore or carnivore, Dino Poop engages in a science lesson with a little help from Buddy and pals…and, um, poop.

Dr. Dreadful

New for Fall, Spin Master showcased the grossest of the gross: Dr. Dreadful.  While not a totally new concept, Spin Master is reinventing this popular toy and introducing even more gruesome concoctions.

Coming this fall, here's a sneak peek at the Doctor Dreadful full line up

With Dr. Dreadful kits, kids can play mad scientist and create their own disgusting creations and, uh, eat them too. Creativity, even if it is gross, never gets old, so I’m sure this toy will be popular again with kids who appreciate brewing bubbly brains and creating ready to eat bugs.  After tasting a bubbly brew and a fresh “bug,” I have to say, I appreciate the creation part, but can’t really stomach the eating aspect of Dr. Dreadful.

If the gross-out factor is up your kid’s alley, choose from Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab, Stomach Churner, Snot Shots & Wax and Bug Lab.

P.S. I’m glad I wrote this AFTER I had lunch.

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