Cooking With Kids Video Series Debuts

Michelle Obama initiated a movement when she started her Let’s Move campaign to emphasize the importance of combating childhood obesity.  Jaime Oliver embraced this same movement in his own way with Food Revolution, where he’s gone on to raise awareness of how skewed the food “system” has become and educate families about eating better.

Because I’ve become so interested in food and how it pertains to our kids, I’m always impressed when a company I already admire joins this movement.  In line with getting kids to make healthier decisions, Weight Watchers, perhaps the favorite weight management program among my friends, has launched their “Cooking with Kids Web Video Series.

The Cooking with Kids video series, featured on Weight Watcher’s site, aims to bring to life “teachable moments to help kids value fresh and healthy foods to instill good eating habits at an early age.”  Through this video series, Weight Watchers hopes to take kids beyond the kitchen to discuss topics like where the food is harvested, the culture behind the food and the difference between fresh food and processed. And as we’ve seen from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, it’s clear that these are topics that many kids don’t know about.

Weight Watchers has tapped well known personalities such as, chef Lidia Bastianich and chocolatier Jacques Torres, to take real kids behind-the-scenes to learn the art of selecting fresh foods and preparing them in delicious foods.

As someone who is adamant about getting kids in the involved in the kitchen, I appreciate Weight Watcher’s Cooking with Kids video series.  It’s a great starting point for families to engage in more family time IN the kitchen, even if it means dinner takes a little longer or things gets a little messier.

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Check out the family video series Cooking With Kids homepage here for more information.

or check out the direct links to the videos below:

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  1. Good idea. If it pushing kids into the kitchen and wanting to know where their food comes from, that is good.

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