Bubble Guppies Debuts on Nick

Bubble Guppies, a colorful CGA preschool series that follows the adventures of an inquisitive school of fishtails, is set to debut on Nickelodeon. Created by the team who brought us the poignant show, Little Bill and the cheerful Backyardigans, Bubble Guppies, like most Nick Jr. shows geared to the preschool set, has an educational emphasis on kindergarten readiness specifically, math literacy, the arts, science and soci-emotional development.

The Bubble Guppies embrace kids’ curiosity and penchant for asking questions by following the Guppies’ everyday discoveries. Co-hosts of the show are Gil, described as an energetic and adventures boy, and Molly, who is described to be the bubbly one who is friends with everyone. Gil and Molly are joined by friends, Deema, Nonny, Oona, Goby, Mr. Grouper, Bubble Puppy and Little Fish.

In addition to teaching lessons from everyday discoveries, the Bubble Guppies’ adventures are complemented with a little song and dance.

Vibrant colors, cute characters and a relatable scope combine to make Bubble Guppies’ a fun addition to Nick Jr.’s preschool lineup, offering both musical and educational value.

In the pilot episode “Call a Clambulance,” we follow Oona’s fish friend Avi who falls off his tricycle and breaks a bone in his tail.

He goes to the doctor so he can get checked out. Avi’s experience, in turn, is a learning experience for the Guppies. Upcoming episodes include storylines involving topical subjects such as, ballgames, construction, restaurants, mail, rock and roll, pets, cities, dinosaurs and more.

When watching the screener, my kid was immediately lured in by the song and dance aspect of the show. The colors and cutesy appeal, no doubt, struck his interest, too. However, he lost interest during a slow-moving part of the show, asking for one of his usual shows, favoring his regular routine. Afterall, a three year old boy’s attention span is what—3 minutes?

While my kid might be part of the demographic that this show is intended to reach, I don’t think his first impression is completely indicative of the overall response.  I suspect that the same young kids that collect (or covet) the cutesy micro toys like Squinkies, may fall for the Guppies, too.  It certainly has that same sort of appeal.

I think the fish tail (or mermaid) angle of the show is charming, but familiar. Even though the storylines and scope of the show are new, it feels almost too similar to the math-loving duo from Umizoomi. I appreciated the diversity, curiosity and combo of educational and musical value of the show, but with our already-crowded lineup of kiddie shows reserved for our allotted tv time, I may have to watch a few more episodes to totally grasp this new show.

Regardless of how I feel, I have no doubt that the Bubble Guppies will have a welcoming audience who are just as curious and colorful as the Fish Tails themselves.

The Bubble Guppies series debut is today, January 24 at 11:00 am (ET/PT). Nickelodeon will air two weeks of brand-new episodes from Tuesday, January 25- Thursday, January 27; and Monday, January, 31-Thursday, February 3, at 11:00 am (ET/PT) The Bubble Guppies will be on weekdays at 11 am (ET/PT)

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Want to learn about the Bubble Guppies online?  Nickelodeon will have a new online game called Bubble Guppies Watery World where kids can customize their own underwater classroom.  For now, check out the Bubble Guppies printables, crafts, recipes and more at Nick Jr.

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