Epic Mickey Launches Today

The much-anticipated game, Epic Mickey from Disney Interactive officially debuted today, and the kid and I were onhand in Times Square for the launch event. We got up bright and early, before the sun was even up, and kid and I made our way to the Disney Store in Times Square for the festivities.

In addition to demos of the game with the creator and developers of Epic Mickey, in Disney fashion, there were celebrities onhand: Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey, both of whom just finished up Dancing with the Stars.

I’ve been anticipating the release of this amazing video game, which is exclusively on the Wii platform. I had the chance to check it out at the Disney Media preview this summer, and I’ve been smitten ever since.

The incredible graphics, cool premise and overall family appeal of the game are reasons worth checking out Epic Mickey, and seriously, the only reason why I was up at 5am this morning…and randomly made a brief appearance in the audience as part of the Good Morning America’s coverage of the launch.

Since we haven’t had time to play the game to appropriately review this title, I’ll leave you with a quick vignette of Epic Mickey from my coverage this summer.

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