Modern Playhouse Debuts Modular Play Structures

I’ve been more MIA than usual the past few weeks since we’re finally in our “new” old house.  As part of our ongoing renovation and the eventual move-in, I’ve been researching ideas for the kid’s playroom.

There’s so many options, so many ideas, but only so much budget to go around.  I know the hurricane may or may wreak havoc on some parts of the east coast, what better time to share a new option for indoor playhouses.












Modern Playhouse recently debuted their new line of minimalist and sustainable indoor modular play structures.  Designed by momprenuers and San Francisco based designers Gitane Royce and Nisreen Witt, the playhouses were designed to be durable and safe for the children and environment.  Modern Playhouse uses FSC Certified wood products that are treated with non-toxic, non-formaldehyde containing, and naturally pigmented finishes. The metal fasteners and hardware contain no lead.

The Playhouses, which come in the Wedge or Circle option, also have furniture accessories that can be purchased separately.



I love the simplicity, yet contemporary edge to these playhouses, and their sustainable features make them even more attractive.  These gorgeous playhouses would be a great fit in our new playroom, but alas, at $1450, it’s not quite in the budget right now.

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