Exclusive: Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest Full of Fun Energy

Nickelodeon is set to air the much-hyped Mega Music Fest tonight at 8pm—and what a mega fest it is!  Back in May, NKT was onhand at the Brooklyn Academy of music for the taping of the powerhouse kiddie music show which brought the likes of The Roots, Colbie Calliat and Wyclef Jean onstage for a variety of musical performances.


Hosted by John Leguizamo, Nickelodeon’s Mega Music Fest merges together the energy of Nick Jr. characters with the vitality of music, which in turn will make the littlest music fans and big ones alike want to get loud!

If you’re an NKT fan on Facebook, hopefully, you didn’t miss a few of our teasers from the taping.  With so many fun characters onstage and animated, everyone was dancing and smiling throughout all the fun numbers. The aisles were packed with wee ones jumping and dancing; I can’t wait to see how that captured that element of the show on tape.


The Roots played my family’s theme song, “Lovely Family” (and probably many of yours, too!), which made the kid and husband light up and sing every single word.  DJ Lance, Muno, Plex, Toodee, Foofa and Brobee danced and sang along to a few of the songs that we know by heart, but it was, perhaps, the Vegetables that almost stole the show.  If you’re a YGG, I’m sure you know which song they were singing!
One of my favorites of the day, however, had to be Colbie Callait’s version of “Walking on Sunshine.”  The little ones might not know who Colbie is, but if they’re Nick Jr. fan, I’m sure they’d be familiar with her singing partner, none other than Kai Lan!


Throughout the show and in between performances, Leguizamo threaded silly bits about finding his dancing shoes for the party.  Sherri Shepherd even made a few onstage appearances, and kept the crowd smiling as she acted as the stage manager.   In addition to the live characters, there were special appearances onscreen from Dr. Phil and Justin Beiber, who added their own fun flair to the Mega Music Fest. Family favorite, The Laurie Berkner Band contributed to the Mega Music Fest with an on-screen version of “My Family.”

But it was the dancing, singing and music school-going quartet that made my kid’s day.  My guy was dancing with all the other toddlers and preschoolers in the aisles for almost the whole show, but when he saw Shout, Twist, Marina and Kiki appeared, he stepped it up.  The Fresh Beat Band, who had a few issues getting to the party, tied it all in, and as usual, they made it a great day.

As huge Nickelodeon fans and true music junkies, my family thought the Mega Music Fest was a great show, from start to finish.  The last number got everyone up and out of their seats, just like a good concert should!


The fun for us didn’t stop after the last number, either!  We were also invited to attend the amazing afterparty.  And when I say party, I mean PARTY!  Nickelodeon’s Mega Music Fest afterparty was a kid party extraordinaire.  From sweet treats to finger sandwiches (with no crust) to ice cream to french fries to chicken strips, the food selection was like a kid’s dream.

The afterparty had a cool seating area/play area where my kid spent almost the entire afternoon diving headfirst into pillows.  Nickelodeon kept the music theme going at the afterparty: there was a musical instrument creation craft area and a toy area with a variety of kid-sized music-inspired toys.  And really, anything that a kid would love, it was probably there at the afterparty.  Our favorite experience of the day was getting to meet some of our beloved Nickelodeon favorites.  We met and got pictures with Joe from Blues Clues, the Fresh Beat Band and we got to see our YGG friends again.

Jack with Donovan

Nickelodeon’s Mega Music Fest is a fun musical showcase that I can’t wait to relive when it airs tonight at 8pm.  They hit it out of the park with their first Mega Music Fest, and it’s my hope that Nickelodeon makes it an annual event, and perhaps, a live festival that even more families can experience!

Be sure to tune into Nickelodeon at 8 for the Mega Music Fest.  And who knows, maybe you’ll see us in the audience!

Encore presentations of the Mega Music Fest will be shown on Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 10:00 a.m. ET/PT and on Thursday, Sept. 9, at 1:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. We've been seeing commercials for this! Since it's on at L's bedtime I think I'll set the DVR and plan to watch it tomorrow. It sounds like you guys had a blast!!! Love the afterparty vibes too!

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