Walk Down Memory Lane + Maegan Dougherty Photo Session Giveaway

If there was ever a good time to walk down memory lane, this week would be it.  After months of waiting to close on our house, we’re still displaced.  Needless to say, it’s been a rocky road for our family this summer:  all of our stuff still remains in storage, our poor kid cries for his toys, my heart aches every time he begs to go “home” and all we can do is just wait…

But, throughout this trying time, we’ve had each other.

The week before we moved out of our apartment, we had a photo session with our favorite family photographer, Maegan Dougherty.  It was a fun time, which yielded another set of great photos that serve as a great reminder of what’s truly important in life.

I met Maegan on a message board I used to frequent, and was immediately drawn to her photos.  Shortly after the kid was born, Maegan shot our first session and made our memories that much brighter.  Her photography has graced our Holiday cards, were the source for our kid’s headshots, they line my mom’s refrigerator, and soon, after all this waiting, these photos will line the halls of our new home.

Maegan has this charm about her that just makes the kid warm up to her, even when he wants nothing to do with a camera—sort of like how it went a few weeks ago.  And please, let’s not even talk about me being photographed.  I’m the antithesis of being photogenic, and somehow, Maegan has been able to capture a few photos of me NOT blinking or looking freakishly foolish.


Jackson (10)

From the few sessions we’ve had with her over the years, Maegan’s been able to candidly capture our family at our home, in Hoboken, a place that we’ll forever associate with the start of our little family.  The big smiles, immeasurable amount of love, even in a tiny space that we called home.  And for that, I’m so grateful.

As a journalist who also studied graphic design in college, I am big on visuals–captivating visuals that tell a story.  And that’s exactly what Maegan’s photography does.

Jackson (42)

Maegan Dougherty is based in northern New Jersey and specializes in portrait photography and does commercial shoots as well.  Her portfolio is visual proof of how well she works with kids and families.

If you’re in the area, I not only recommend her, but I vehemently suggest you get this talented photographer on your go-to list!  My family photos are one of my most prized possessions, and I love her dearly for capturing these moments in time.

Jackson (21)


If you’re in the Tri-State area, listen closely: Maegan has generously offered an NKT reader a mini-session!

The winner would have a spot on one of Maegan’s mini session days, location and dates to be determined (must be in 2010.)  This is for a 20 minute custom portrait session, with at least 10 professionally edited picture in a gallery for viewing and ordering prints, along with a CD.  This mini-session is worth approximately $400.

You can choose any one of her upcoming mini-session dates, but it looks like she has an upcoming session Saturday, August 28th in the New Providence/Summit area and one in Montclair on Oct. 3rd.  People, the holidays are right around the corner!  Get the family pix while you’re still sun-kissed!

To win a mini session with Maegan Dougherty there are two mandatory entries:  comment here on NKT AND on Maegan’s blog and tell us why you’d love to win this mini session.  Multiple entries are encouraged!

For extra entries:

Please comment below for ALL extra entries.  The winner of this giveaway will be selected via random.org. 


Disclaimer:  We paid for our photo sessions with Maegan.  I was not compensated for this post, and as always, all opinions on NKT are my own.


29 comments on “Walk Down Memory Lane + Maegan Dougherty Photo Session Giveaway

  1. There is a little story behind why I would like to enter for this photography session and that is, My husband and I currently have 4 children that we provide for financially and emotionally. Three of the children are not ours but his sister's whom passed away from drug usage. I would like for the children to experience having a chance to be free spirited through pictures and experiencing that chance with a photographer that will allow them to do so. Looking at the pictures from above, I see a family that is happy and all smiles and when I see that, on top of the love we show these children, we would like for them to see the love that resides in all of them for each other through photography. Often times I look at them and wish that their mother could see them now, see what they beautiful children/teenagers they have turned out to be. They didn't grow up in the richest or medium class type of family but If I could have the chance to give them something other than the love I carry for all of them, I would love to which is a family portrait. They have never had one before and I am hoping that with this once in a lifetime chance they can have a moment to remember… for a lifetime.

  2. I would love to be considered for this prize as well. My son is 15 months old and was conceived via Invitro Fertilization. He is our miracle. We lost his twin at 9 weeks gestation. TJ was conceived after 2 failed inseminations. We had one shot left and have been blessed with him. Maegan chose to photograph TJ for her recent Under the Nile shoot and we had such a great time. I want nothing more than to capture his innocence in Maegan's photos. Winning this contest would be simply amazing for us.

  3. Maegan's work really is beautiful! I'd love to have her do our pictures again because, simply put, she is an amazing photographer. And it is nice to have a picture of all four of us without either of the kids making a silly “cheese” face!!

  4. We have used Meaegan twice already and am so in love with her work. Our photos are one of my most prized possessions too! We are looking forward to another session at the end of August!!

  5. I am entering because Maegan's work is simply amazing and we would be lucky to win such a wonderful gift. Good luck to all who enter – whoever wins will have a great time and great memories! :)

  6. I've been admiring Maegan's work for a long time now and have been wishing for a session. Money is tight in our house, and extra expenses are hard to justify. I would love to win the mini-session because of what you wrote. She's fantastic and captures the personalities of the subjects in her pictures. You can almost hear the kids laughing, and you can feel the warmth in the hugs. That's why you take pictures, to capture those moments.

  7. I would love to win this to get an opportunity to have some wonderful photos of my baby girl avery :)

  8. wow. what a wonderful family you are! my entry Jen – I give it to Nichole, she needs it more than I do! I'll wait for the next giveaway.

  9. As as fellow photographer I am always the one behind the camera. Every photo in my house is either my girls, or my husband with my girls. I rarely see a picture of myself with my family. The last real family photo we had taken was four years ago when my oldest was 2 months old. It is not only missing my youngest but does in no way capture our family. It was a JCPenny special. It would mean so much to have a family photo that I can enjoy. I admire Maegan's Work and this would be an amazing opportunity for us.

  10. We used Meagan when our son Brayden was 8 months old and I must say the photos she took of our son and us were simply amazing. He will be 4 in dec and people still comment on them. I had planned on booking Maegan this year for his holiday/birthday pictures, as well as a birthday present to me, but when my husband lost his job as a teacher this past May, unfornately, I had to put the thought of these photos on hold. Winning a mini-session would be simple amazing for myself and my husband.

  11. I love to look at your work. Every picture is perfect and the poses you take are wonderful. Love the pic of your son getting a haircut.

    Tricia Lombardi

  12. LOve the blog and love Maegan! Maegan captured my first son Kieran's first birthday party and I love having so many wonderful photos to remind me of the special day and time in our family! I would love for her to capture my now expanded family again!

  13. Maegan's work is truly wonderful. A much as I would love to win a mini session the love that Nichole Montford has given to her husband's deceased sisters children is a true example of love and selflessness.

  14. I want to send out a vote for my friend Nicole, who posted below. Nicole and her family have had a horrible year, not just her husband losing his job (and her losing hers the same day , but thankfully getting hired back), but they have had many other crappy things happen this year as well, yet they persevere and have worked hard to make sure that their son is happy and having fun (All while keeping his asthma and allergy issues in check) and enjoying life. Brayden has no idea the stresses his parents are dealing with these days, b/c they make sure he doesn't. They are a wonderful, loving family and really need something good to happen for them this year! Please consider them!

  15. I would love to win the mini session for my sister. She is an amazing Mom and has 4 children. Her oldest is turning 7, Her son is 5 and she has twin girls who will be turning 1. My sister is very special to me and so are her children. I had a session with Maegan and absolutely love her! She has captured special moments of my family and I would love for my sister, Angie to have the same. Please consider my sister for the free photo session.

  16. We actually just saw Maegan a couple of weeks ago. We wet to her house for the Nile shoot. She also took a few extra and she posted one on facebook. She is really sweet and had the nicest things to say about our daughter, who was a little cranky that day. We had our daughters pictures taken for 6 months at a store, but would love the opportunity to have Maegan take them at a later date! She is really talented and her pictures are done beautifully!!!!

  17. Maegan has photographed my girls numerous times and each time we receive a treasure of photos! Simple yet beautiful. I'm not a big fan of “props” in pictures and Maegan has been able to get the BEST pictures of my kids. I hope she picks me, my girlies miss her!

  18. Hi. I left a message on Maegans fb page and became a fan. Fingers crossed! Please pick my sister, Angie!

  19. Maegan you are an amazing photographer with a keen eye and a comforting smile! Your photos capture moments that are truly lovely! My family and I would be blessed to be h to be chosen for this giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  20. Hi!
    We would really love it if our daughter, Sophia would be considered for this amazing prize! We have yet to work with Maegan and would just love to win such a wonderful opportunity to have her capture our little girl at this beautiful stage in her life. Sophia is 9 months old and loves to smile. She is such a happy baby! She loves interacting with people and is curious about everything! We know that Maegan would be able to capture her gorgeous smile and bright eyes and the pictures would be priceless. As all you fellow parents know, our babies' faces and expressions literally change every single day. What better way to hold onto these special moments than with a picture that captures everything we love about our little angels…
    Best of luck to all who are entering!

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