Cool New Kicks for Kids: Yo Gabba Gabba and Dr. Seuss

It’s hard to believe summer is starting to wind down, with August just peeking around the corner.  The end of summer means back to school for many, and back to school for most families also means shopping.

Of all the fall trends I’m seeing, it looks like this school year will be filled with more bright colors and retro designs.  One thing I can’t get enough of, however, are the shoes—smart-looking kid shoes!

I’ve often said that I’m not a fan of gaudy licensed products, but these kid shoes that are coming out transcend the kitschy licensed shoewear of yesteryear.

Photo credit: Vans


The littlest Yo Gabba Gabba groupies will have some new options for dancing shoes, thanks to Vans.  The shoe company well known for their venerable line of skate shoes (I’ve been wearing Old Skools since um…) will be rolling out a line of Yo Gabba Gabba themed shoes for kids.  It looks like there are seven designs so far, but none for adults…and now that I’m looking, no sight of DJ Lance on the shoes, either.








Converse has added some fun Dr. Suess-themed kicks to their lineup of timeless shoes.  Kids can choose from eight different kinds of Chucks in the Dr. Seuss Collection, ranging from colorful fish to the subtle Cat in the Hat.  And Converse hasn’t forgotten us: there are six whimsical designs perfect for you and you and you!


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