Can You Guess LeapFrog’s New Mobile Learning Device?

LeapFrog, always at the forefront of kid-friendly technology, is about to launch a new mobile learning device.  Like many of you, we’re huge fans of LeapFrog.  In addition to offering great products that I love as much as my kid, LeapFrog was one of the first big brands to reach out to me right after I launched this site.  In fact, I did my first (and only, so far) Vlog about Scout and the Text and Learn right after they launched last year.

Just as their microsite for this new mystery product went live, LeapFrog has once again enlisted us to get the buzz going about their new product. And they want NKT readers’ help, too.

Can you guess the device? What do you want it to be? LeapFrog wants NKT readers to guess what it is, or suggest what you think it does!  And we’re looking for creative guesses, so think about it and comment below.  And as an FYI, I have NO IDEA what this thing is either.


Each creative guess is entered into the giveaway for this mystery device.  Said NKT winner will be guaranteed front-door delivery of this new device the morning of July 15, which will be the very first day it’s available on shelf.  If that’s not the Next Kid Thing, then I don’t know what is.

So, check out their teaser and guess away and guess as many times as you like!

Comments below count as one guess, but if you decide to head over to the NKT fan page and add a comment to the entry associated w/ this post, I’ll count it as extra credit–3 entries!


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Be creative and good luck!

Giveaway ends 6/6.  Winners will be notified via email and on the NKT FB fan page!

33 comments on “Can You Guess LeapFrog’s New Mobile Learning Device?

  1. oh. i see apps in your tags. so maybe its not a smart phone or an ipad but more like an itouch, but non destructable?! thats sweet. my kids would fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip out for that. i bet that's what it is. how cool!~

  2. LeapFrog has come up with a kid-friendly, education focused, fun to use, touch screen, reader. You will be able to load apps and games just like the iTouch or iPad. You will also be able to follow your child’s progress and time spent on the device online. (This is my guess!)

  3. I am almost sure it will be some kind of handheld iPod Touch/iPad type device in that it will have a touch screen and different apps. Maybe kind of Leapster or Leapster 2, but with a MUCH clearer graphics. I can't even tell you how excited I will be if this will be what's to come – mostly so that I can have my iPhone back! 😉

  4. I'm going to guess it's something along the lines of an Ipad for kids. No matter what it is my little Jacob who has autism and loves all things Leap Frog will definitely be getting one.

  5. I'd like to call it the iLeap! Sound good? Well it sounds like instant cool and instant entertainment…just in time for my soon to be 4 year old's birthday!

  6. I believe it will be Leapfrogs product to compete with DS. It will be have more educational based games than DS has for younger children. And integrate electronic books into the product also. The next step before going into the world of video games (ie Nintendo, Sony, etc)

  7. My guess is a comprehensive hand held touch screen gaming/learning device for kids ages 4-9. My 4 & 6 year olds have seen the promos and would love to get their hands on one!

  8. It's got to be some kind of handheld electronic gaming device. Something even better than a Leapster and comparable to the DS.

  9. I am going to guess it is a handheld gaming device but that will allow kids to go even further than the Leapster. Maybe electronic books or music can be downloaded to it. I am also guessing they might have some more in depth learning games…I am hoping for games which explore geography and science!!

  10. I think it looks like the best hand held learning toy…can' wait to see the real thing!

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