Toy Fair 2010: Teeny Tiny Trend

Toy Fair had so many larger than life toys that were on display, but one trend that I noticed that paralleled the aforementioned accessibility theme was the presence of so many teeny tiny toys.  And for this first toy, I’m talking tiny.

Teeny Little Families

Teeny Little Families

Bandai was showcasing their new Tiny Little Families line, which is described to be the smallest collectible doll.  The story behind these guys is that the little animal families–The Bakers, Acorns, Nibbles, Purrbrights, Waddles and Pollywogs–take up residence in abandoned, mundane objects such as shoes, alarm clocks and even a wee little cell phone. Their little town/playsets include homes, pampering spots and many more locations for the families to enjoy.  Teeny Little Families is a new take on doll houses, giving girls another  alternative for cutesy collectibles.

Tiny Families

Tiny Little Family
Tiny Little Families


And while they’re certainly not new to the tiny figurine trend, Schleich had quite a few really cute new additions to their line.  They’ve added various new animals such as these farm animals


I just loved the cuteness of these Meerkats; they remind me of Meerkat Manor!


I was particularly fond of their fantasy world line.  The fairies and mystical creatures, just like all of their figurines, were so detailed and ecclectic.



Tech Deck

Boys toys had their own share of toys that fit in the tiny trend.  Even though they’ve been around for awhile, I thought I’d include Tech Deck since they’re one of my faves. Tech Decks, the popular fingerboards, had a few new innovations to their burgeoning line.  Even though the kid is only 2, we’re huge fans of Tech Deck considering how they provided hours of entertainment on a grueling 10 hr flight last summer.


I loved the new sets that have new boards and thrashed boards.  They took actual boards from skaters (this one was Tony Hawk’s) after a contest and replicated the thrash marks. You can’t really see it in the picture, but I thought it was so cool!


Some cool new Tech Deck accessories were the scaled replicas of famous skating spots.  This is one of the famous high schools that escapes my memory right now.



For the littlest superhero fans, Spiderman and Marvel Universe have added 3 3/4 in. action figures to their lineup.  These compact characters with slightly exaggerated characteristics are the perfect size for preschoolers’ little fingers.  I’m sure avid collectors may balk at this, but I personally think these figures are so adorable!  The action figures will be available this Spring.

Super Hero Squad

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  1. oh. i loooooooooooove the tiny little family stuff. did they share when it will be available?

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