Great DVDs for Preschoolers

The next installment of the Next Kid Thing Gift Glossary is all about DVDs for toddler and preschoolers.  I’m all about less is more when it comes to tv watching, dvds and video games, especially for the smaller kids.  But a great show on DVD is often what separates me from getting dinner cooked without a meltdown.  So, here are a few dvd picks for preschoolers (and even one for toddlers) that are entertaining for everyone.


Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom


In “Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom,” Dora gets all princessy and continues her storybook adventure, when the magic crystal that the Snow Princess gave her brings to life another character in her storybook – Allie of the Crystal Kingdom. There’s a greedy king, helpful animal friends and a magician in this story where Dora does more of her do-gooding. This feature was originally a feature on Nickelodeon this fall and became a video game (which just might make an appearance in my upcoming video game gift guide!)
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Yo Gabba Gabba: Meet My Family

I’m not sure what it is about Muno, but my kid freaks when ever he sees him. Combine the kid’s fondness of Muno with our overall fervor for Yo Gabba Gabba, the dvd, Meet My Family in this Yo Gabba Gabba DVD is a favorite.


Milkshake Band Screen Play


Milkshake one of our family’s all time favorite kid rock bands recently released a new cd, Great Play. While the dvd Screen Play may have come out last year, it’s been one of this year’s most played music dvds in our house. The fun, funky colors and energetic music videos are very well done. The bonus “Bottle of Sunshine” is, hands down, the highlight of the Screen Play DVD, especially for those who watch Nick Jr!

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That Baby DVD

I did a review on this one a while back and it’s one of the most entertaining dvds for toddlers and preschoolers kids. The acoustic music, diversity of kids and folk songs are just a few favorite highlights of That Baby DVD.


Fraggle Rock: The Complete Final Season

So, the kids might not know who Red is, or what in the world is a Fraggle, but the Fraggle Rock: The Complete Final Season DVDs would be a fun treat for both, kids and parents. With the news of a possible Doozer spinoff, The Fraggle Rock Complete Final Season DVDs would be a great primer for the kids.

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