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I usually keep my musings on motherhood on my personal blog, Babyrific, but I think the event that I attended today is one that so many moms would find of interest. So, here’s a re-post of my latest entry from Babyrific:

Lots of cool stuff going on today–actually all of this week. As I’ve mentioned and tweeted about frequently, as a blogger and writer, I’m often asked to attend cool events. Today’s event is a rather cool one, and one that I’ve spoken about candidly, but have treaded lightly for reasons I’ll explain below.

I have such fond memories of my whole nursing experience. Ok, so maybe I might have wanted to punish a certain snoring someone because I was exhausted from all the on-demand nursing at 3 and 4am. But overall, nursing was just one of those things that worked out for me.

photo credit:  Roboto_sanAnd if you know me or read this blog enough to know, nothing ever quite works out the way it should…

except my whole breastfeeding experience.

Ok, I vehemently take that back.

I might have pumped in a storage closet/defunct kitchenette for almost a year.

Yeah…everything went smoothly for me except that.

As a full time work outside of the home mama, where I pumped twice a day was a small detail, right?


Oh so wrong.

Until now, I’ve never felt that I was one to preach to the masses about breastfeeding. Quite honestly, I know it may even make some of you, my readers, my family, my friends uncomfortable. I know this.

But that’s about to change.

Today, I was invited to attend the Bravado Breastfeeding Launch Event, which was an intimate event in NYC celebrating the launch of BBIC, the information arm of Bravado Designs. The event was a roundtable filled with data and commentary where the BBIC shared their research and findings based on 17 years of expertise and as told by 80,000 moms.

As a first time mom who read books, upon books about motherhood and how to be a “great” mom, I truly didn’t know nearly enough about breastfeeding. I have often referred to Kellymom, but obviously there’s so much more to know about the topic, which is why I’m so honored to have been invited to such a groundbreaking event.

From this event, even though I no longer breastfeed, I hope to share some new-found knowledge and updated statistics about breastfeeding on this blog, and perhaps, in print somewhere.

Mamas, no one should ever have to pump in a supply closet, dirty restroom or anywhere else that’s unsanitary. EVAH.

Just a few of the points and findings that I learned from the BBIC’s Launch Event:
-Over 85% of nursing mothers will go out of their way to go to #bf friendly stores, etc.
-Moms also need TIME to pump: unpaid or paid.
-Over 80% of breastfeeding mothers intend to BF when returning to work.

There’s so much more to report, and once I organize notes and recordings, I’ll have to share a full post on this very informative topic and breastfeeding discussion.

And be sure to check out the expertise behind the Advisory Board.
photo credit: Roboto_san

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