Green gift idea: Hugg-a-Planet Earth

hugaplanetLast week, I had the privilege of being invited to the annual Blogger’s Brunch here in NYC, where a number of influential bloggers networked and interacted with various companies and marketers. One of the organizations present at the brunch was Goddard Schools, a school that I know a few of my friends and family have turned to in the past.

Goddard Schools had a lot of great information to share with us bloggers, but one piece of information that was especially helpful for NKT was their 10 Eco-Friendly Toys Under $30. Together with Eco-Child’s Play, Goddard Schools unveiled a really great list of eco-friendly AND budget friendly toys.

All the toys are really great suggestions, but I love that Hugg-a-Planet Earth by Peace Toys made their list! Different variations of this stuffed version of the Earth has been awarded various toy honors and accolades. The Hugg-a-Planet Earth is appropriate for all ages, is labeled with over 600 places and is just like a real globe, but soft.

There are different sizes ranging from small to very large, with the smaller that stay under the $30 range. We have the baby planet earth ($10,) which makes a great alternative to a stuffed animal, but is also perfect on the bookshelf, a desk or a decorative toy on a bed. It’s so versatile, green, educational and unique.

Hugg-a-Planet Earth can be found online and at various boutiques and retail stores.

3 comments on “Green gift idea: Hugg-a-Planet Earth

  1. omg look at baby jack, all round and cute with that “hello, ladies of the world” look.

    oh and the ball- that looks really, really cool. now i want one.

  2. JACK! Oh my gosh, he was never that small and round was he?!?!?! ACK! The babies are growing up! Make it stop!

    Oh yeah…that earth is super cool too. 😉

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