Sesame Street inspires American Apparel Tees

bigbirdGood news for fans of the street synonomous for sunny days:  this fall, American Apparel and Sesame Street are collaborating to offer limited edition classic t-shirts to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street.  Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters will be printed as the original line drawings on American Apparel shirts.

I love the classic homage to the Sesame Street gang, yet vintage feel of this line of shirts. What’s so awesome about these shirts is that not only will the kidlets love them, but so will we.  They come in both adult and kid sizes and will be available this fall.

Forty years garnered a lot of sunny days and big, big fans.  I’m so excited about these and can’t wait to see more!  I’m not only excited about these shirts, but I’m so excited that I’ll be going on a tour of Sesame Street next week!  I’m looking forward to sharing all about that, too!

6 comments on “Sesame Street inspires American Apparel Tees

  1. shut up, you are GOING to sesame street? wow. so so cool. lucky girl. you are super busy!!

    and i want a supergrover shirt. and oscar.

  2. Ditto Brett…you’re GOING?!?!? SOO JEALOUS!!!!
    I am excited to see the shirts. You know my love for the show and Logan loves it as well, so i have a feeling we’ll both be sporting shirts!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I’m so getting matching shirts. I’m seriously so excited about the SS tour. I wish I could bring friends and family! I don’t even think J gets to go.

  4. I have a few rather large purses Jen…If I can fit myself into one, would you carry it with you? 😛

  5. maybe you should also bring brett, the seeing eye woman? i wont fit in many bags. but i could be a seeing eye person :o)

    that stinks jack might not be able to go. how cool to be able to say “i WENT on sesame street when i was 2” maybe you could sneak him in…

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