Earth’s Best to Roll Out New Products

A few weeks ago, together with some other parenting bloggers and members of the media, Earth’s Best invited me to attend a luncheon at Rouge Tomate in honor of their 25th anniversary. Even though I spent most of the luncheon being a mom since the kid was having a tough time in the childcare area, I missed most of the presentations, but did get to hear snippets of about Earth’s Best history and future.

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Earth’s Best has been a leader in the organic and natural foods sector, and a brand that many families trust to feed to their wee ones. Twenty-five years is a true testament to their success and the loyalty behind their products.

At the luncheon, various company executives spoke about Earth’s Best interesting history. But as a mom who is always on the hunt for great new grub and gear, I was so impressed to hear about ALL of their new products. There are so many, so I’ll just list a few for now, starting with some new yummy food items:

Earth’s Best now offers a variety of canned meals for kids, including Organic Elmo Mini Meals. What kid doesn’t love pasta? And seriously, what toddler doesn’t love Elmo. And oh yeah, what parent doesn’t enjoy convenience of ready-to-eat meals?  These are perfect for those days where your head is throbbing and can barely function from exhaustion (much like how I feel right now!)



We’re a soup-loving family, so I especially love the addition of Earth’s Best organic soups.  Elmo Noodlemania, Elmo Vegetable and Elmo tomato would be perfect pick-me ups for those sick or super cold days.

EB_SS My First Soupssm

Earth’s Best mixed it up and added some new flavors to its lineup of baby cereals, including whole grain with apples and whole grain oatmeal with bananas.


As a full disclosure, our family has been huge Earth’s Best fans since the kid starting eating. I was not compensated in any way by Earth’s Best; however, I did receive products as gifts.

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  1. the soup is great. well the elmo tomato soup is. my kids devour it. i’m excited for the veggie soup to come!! and riley will be testing the cereals when the time comes for her to try solids.

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