TMBG to release Here Comes Science

In addition to the usual parenting responsibilities , if there’s anything I want to do for the kid, it’s to fill his life with cool experiences and great music. I know I may write about new products every day, but truly, nothing quite compares to intangible goodies such as, a love for music.


Exposure to great music can be attributed to nurturing even the littlest music lover’s discerning ear.  I especially love it when music groups that I like go the kiddie route. With the Ting Tings and the Roots at the top of our playlist, it’s hard to not mention the smart and quirky, and perhaps one of the most well known rock groups to cross over into the kiddie genre: They Might be Giants. And giants they are!

My fellow moms and dads might remember They Might be Giants as the group who declared that Istanbul was Constantinople; Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople. But these days, the legendary alt-rock group has been winning the hearts of the kidlets (and their parents) with tunes from their Grammy Award-winning cd, “Here Come the 123s” in addition to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme, as well as the Hotdog song—the anthems that stay in my head all day (and I actually don’t mind!) And you’d be surprised by just how many other themes and commercials these guys have churned out!

After the success of their first two, They Might be Giants is releasing “Here Comes Science” their third kid cd that’s paired with a full length animated DVD will be available for download on iTunes and can be ordered exclusively from Amazon tomorrow, September 1.  The full release is set for September 22nd on Idlewild/Disney Sound.


I love the way the band follows through with themes on their cds. With science as the prominent theme, the new cd has songs that parlay fun science-related topics that are familiar with kiddie set. And according to Billboard, I love this about “Here Comes Science:”

As evidenced by song titles like “Meet the Elements,” “Photosynthesis,” and “I Am a Paleontologist,” “Here Comes Science” covers a wide spectrum of scientific fields. Flansburgh and his bandmates — co-founder John Linell, Marty Beller, Dan Miller and Danny Weinkauf — recruited Eric Siegel from New York Hall of Science, a children’s museum in Queens, N.Y. to ensure that all the material was factually accurate.

Since the new cd doesn’t drop until tomorrow, we’ve yet to hear it.  But, we have, however, fallen in love with “Electric Car,” the first single from “Here Comes Science.”  The video, which was posted on YouTube, is so whimsical, adorable, yet clever.  It’s done very artistically and smart, but fluid enough for even my toddler to somewhat grasp.  The song “Electric Car” has such a sweet and cheery melody that kids love, and has that same “stay in your head, but in a good way” quality that many TMBG songs share! Besides, what eco-conscious family wouldn’t love lyrics like:
No diesel, steam, or gasoline
Let’s take a ride in an electric car
Happiness resides in an electric car

If this video is any indication of the awesomeness, we’ll be downloading “Here Comes Science” from iTunes as soon as we can!

As if their new cd and dvd wasn’t enough awesome goodness for Music Monday, They Might Be Giants also has a weekly video podcast for kids.  And, the group will be touring this fall to promote “Here Comes Science.”   I’m hoping we can make the NYC date at the American Museum of Natural History.

Tomorrow, you can check out “Here Comes Science” on iTunes tomorrow and eclusively on Amazon.  (As of today, it’s only $9.99 on Amazon for pre-order, not sure if it’ll go up tomorrow or not!)

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