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kideosAre you ever in need of something new, something fresh, something FREE to entertain the kids for a few minutes at a time? Thank goodness for videos, or shall I say, Kideos? Kideos, a web property of Earlier Media, is a recently-launched site for kids to safely watch videos online. Kideos features kid’s videos, from Yo Gabba Gabba to Dora, with a kid-friendly interface.

What’s interesting about Kideos is that unlike similar sites, they tout a Video Advisory Council, which is a group of parents and educators who screen content before it appears on the site. The site also gives parents their own personalization tools to limit videos shown to their children by selecting the appropriate age-based category.

Kideos has a colorful interface that will have kids navigating through videos on their own, just after a few tries.  New content, which includes tv shows, movies, educational shows, music videos and more, is added to the site daily after it is reviewed by the Council.

What I like about this site is that the videos are categorized into age groups—up to age 10. It has a simplistic interface with no frills, no ads and it’s free!

7 comments on “New video site launches

  1. thanks for this jenny- good friends of ours just turned off cable and i think their daughter is a dora fan. i will be passing this along for sure!!

  2. Hmm. So far I’ve viewed two videos and they’ve both taken forever to load, no indication that they were even loading. In fact, I had given up and flipped back here to give my review when it started playing the video. I can tell you my kids aren’t that patient to wait for something to load. I was also surprised to see that the videos are linked to YouTube.

    That said I really like the concept of this site. My daughter is a HUGE Barney fan and this site is loaded with Barney videos.

  3. Thanks for the review, Melissa! Great points. I’m sure Kideos will appreciate the feedback! I’m hoping those specific videos were exclusive examples of slow loads. We’ve been perusing the site for a few days now and haven’t had any major loading problems. On our end, when the videos are prepping to load, there’s a swirly circle graphic that shows it’s loading.
    Many video sites utilize the YouTube API, and many of those sites are starting to charge for membership!
    Take advantage of the free resources while you can :)

  4. I finally got back here and check this out. LOVE the idea of the website. I played 2 videos and it did take a full minute for each to load. I didn’t have Hunter in my lap at the time, but I will think ahead and get it loaded before I get his attention next time.

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