YoBaby, yo baby, yo!

A favorite among moms, Stonyfield Farm’s YoBaby organic yogurts, is celebrating 10 years and is changing things up a bit.  Stonyfield Farms is adding Zinc and Vitamin D to YoBaby, the organic and all natural yogurt.   Zinc and Vitamin D are associated with boosting immunity and promoting the development of strong bones and teeth.

Not only is YoBaby getting even healthier, but it’s also sprucing up the packaging a bit.

“You’ll also notice our new packaging reflects this ‘new’ YoBaby,” says Stonyfield Farm President and CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg. “Not only are the new graphics and baby images fun and eye-catching, the materials we’ve used on the top of the pack save more than 17,000 pounds of waste a year.”


I think the new packaging looks sharp and even more appealing to the eco-conscious consumer.

But oh, Stonyfield Farms’ good news doesn’t stop there. Stonyfield Farms will soon roll out YoBaby Meals, which is described as a 3-in-1 combination of protein-packed yogurt + fruit + veggie purée in one cup. They’ll come in Pear & Green Bean, Peach & Squash, Apple & Sweet Potato.  This new addition to their line is said to hit select shelves on July 1.

Stonyfield Farms yogurts has been a longtime favorite in our home not only for the delicious yogurt, but also because we appreciate their environmental practices and social responsibility and the fact that they’ve been pioneers in the whole green movement.  (By the way, Hirsberg’s well-received book, Stirring it Up has been on my to-read list for quite some time.)

Oh, and don’t you just love how the yogurt lids talk to you? Speaking of talking to you, has anyone checked out Food Inc. yet? Stonyfield has been promoting the documentary that examines our food system on their yogurt lids. Be sure to check out Stonyfield Farm’s site to check out a trailer for Food Inc. AND to get a few coupons!

5 comments on “YoBaby, yo baby, yo!

  1. Hunter loves the YoBaby drinkable yogurt. If I can get him to eat the new meals they’re coming out with that would be WONDERFUL!

  2. we are huge stonyfield farms fans in this house. those drinkables are great for being on the go for the kiddos. i puffy heart the new look to it all too

  3. The new look definitely screams “green!” to me. Lo’s always been a fan of the YoBaby yogurt. I haven’t tried the drinkable stuff with him yet….need to check that out! I’m intrigued by the new meals…are they designed with the baby/young toddler in mind or are they geared toward our more mobile toddlers?

  4. We are also YoBaby fans in our house. I almost missed them in the grocery store because of the new look! Then when I came home I saw this post later in the evening! Meant to post then but got side tracked…imgaine that…a mommy of young toddlers getting side tracked! HA.

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