Wellness Wednesday: Yummi Bears giveaway

I’m bumping this post because I just added some pretty pictures and that they’ll be two winners! see below

yboboxbottleAs this blog continues to grow with leaps and bounds, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you—my awesome readers, especially my frequent commenters.  All of you rock. And guess what, I’m not the only one who notices your frequent visits and comments on The Next Kid Thing, but so are many of the companies that I’ve been featuring.

I’m sure many of you remember the post from a few weeks ago about the Organic Yummi Bears vitamins by Hero Nutritionals. In case you don’t, let me refresh your memory:

Hero Nutritionals has recently added Yummi Bears Organics to their Yummi Bears Gummy Vitamins product line. The organic option is GMO-Free, as well as allergen, gluten and casein free.  The Yummi Bears Organics are manufactured with natural flavors and colors, too.  The organic product line is gelatin free and vegetarian approved, so parents, rest assured, there are no harmful pesticides, no insecticides, no growth hormones and no antibiotics added to the gummy vitamins.

Well, because today is Wellness Wednesday, I thought I’d announce another great giveaway!  Hero Nutritionals is generously offering a gift basket to one lucky Next Kid Thing reader.  Check out the goodies:


  • Yummi Bears – Multi Vitamin+ Minerals
  • Yummi Bears – Wholefood (fruits & veggies)
  • Yummi Bears – Omega Fish Free
  • Slice of Life – Multi Vitamin + Lycopene Antioxidant
  • Slice of Life – Energy + B12
  • Slice of Life – Omega 3-6-9 Fish Free
  • With Yummi Bears Organics samples (which aren’t available until August)
  • Plus their mascot Oliver Bear

Seriously, what a great giveaway!

Want to win the giftbasket from Hero Nutritionals?

Visit Yummi Bears and tell me what product you’d like to try for your family.

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5. Tell me the name of the recently launched line of natural gummy vitamins for adults.

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—>**New***Second winner!
Want to win 3 months worth of Yummi Bears?
Tell me your childhood vitamin memories. It can be funny, quirky, crazy…whatever! I’ll pick the second winner at random from the memory entries.

Want to know mine? Uh, when I didn’t like the flavor of my Flintsone Vitamin, I’d stash the uneaten vitamin behind the encyclopedias. (Sorry ’bout that, Mom!)

Please comment for each additional entry and good luck! This contest ends on June 24, 2009.

Want a chance to win a Spa Finder Giftcard or Hero Nutritionals goodies, among other things?  Be sure to sign up for their Sunshine Drawing!

And a big thanks to Hero Nutritionals!
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33 comments on “Wellness Wednesday: Yummi Bears giveaway

  1. would love to try the yummi bears organics. with all the recent allergic reactions in our family, it would be great to have a vitamin that is all natural and allergy free! What a great give away!

  2. Slice of Life is the new adult line and I may just have to try those! Maybe I wouldn’t dread and “forget” to take a daily vitamin!

  3. We used to LOVE the Flintstone vitamins. My mom always set them on our placemat, next to our drinks, at breakfast. We’d save the vitamin until last and would play with them while we ate. I don’t think I had a preferred color but getting Fred was awesome. I also recall “trading” with my brother.

    It’s funny how such small things were such a big deal when we were kids.

  4. i can’t believe i’m admitting this but i got my brothers fave color vitamin from the bottle, and i knew it was the last one, and he accused me – so in my fast thinking i shoved it in my nose because i knew he’ d be looking in my mouth. thankfully it fell out – imagine going to the ER? yea my kid shoved her vitamin up her nose……………..

  5. i swear im’ in the running for the most frequent poster on your site, giveaways or not LOL

  6. We always took those Flinstone chewables. They tasted pretty good. I bought them for my kids and they HATED them! They love the gummy kind. I remember always liking to take my vitamins!

  7. We are already Yummi Bears Fiber lovers — they have really helped my daughter with her bathroom issues (pediatrician calls her problem an inherited “slow gut”). We’d love to try the Yummi Bears Organics, or any of the others. I tweeted this under @CynSieWil, by the way. Good luck to everyone!

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