OnTray: next best thing to an extra set of hands

While shopping, some kids get bored, some get hungry and some just want what they can’t have.  So, for those of us who try to get in and out of stores as fast as possible to minimize the chance of a public meltdown, an extra set of hands would be a big help.

ontray_buyphotoAnd that’s where the OnTray would come in handy.  The  OnTray is the brainchild of Laura Hamrick, a mom who spent a harried grocery shopping trip handing out snacks one-by-one to her three small boys, while trying to look through coupons and fill the cart.  We’ve all been there.

Hamrick then devised a way to occupy her little guys with a small tray that would easily snap on and off, allowing her to shop and multi-task a bit easier.  The award-winning snap-on tray can also can be used to hold coupons, keys and cell phones, making it a helpful gadget for multi-tasking parents.  On the safety front, OnTray is manufactured in the U.S. of FDA-approved plastic, BPA-free and it meets all new requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

If you’re like us and consider your stroller the shopping cart and a second “vehicle” I discovered that the OnTray is a great alternative to those snack trap cups!  The OnTray snaps onto stroller handlebars, allowing toddlers to access snacks and toys easily.


This was one of those fun finds that the hubs brought home, and both the kid and I fell in love with it.  It not only helps with the snack dispensing or holding toys for strollers without trays, but it helps to minimize crumbs and buckets of Cherrios in the stroller.  So, for us, the OnTray has become a staple on our daily walks to the park, while grocery shopping and other errands. Because we live in an urban area, helpful gadgets like this ease shopping trips, especially since our stroller usually doubles as our shopping cart.  With its flat shape, it’s easy to shove into the diaper bag or keep in the stroller basket.  The lid that slides open and closed easily is easy to use (and a great distraction) for toddlers like mine who love learning “the way the world works.”  Hey, anything that helps us get through a day without a needless meltdown and maintains my sanity is fine by me!OnTray

As a big supporter of mompreneurs and mom-invented products, OnTray is yet another example of a mom and kid creation that was born out of necessity.  The OnTray comes in four colors and retails for $7.  It’s already available at several retailers, including (our favorite baby store) Buy Buy Baby, and can be found this summer at Babies R Us.

Want your own OnTray?  Good, because we have one to give away!

Just visit OnTray and tell me how you’d use it!

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14 comments on “OnTray: next best thing to an extra set of hands

  1. yea i reread it when it came in email. sorry. *blushing*

    its really cool tho. none of the strollers we have come with any bar or tray on them. this woul dbe a good investment for me i think!!

  2. Boy I wish I had this 4 years ago when my son was little! My daughter is still young enough that it would be very useful on our stroller. Those Snack Traps were cool until the kids figured out how to pull the lids off….sigh….so a personal tray is sure to be a hit!

  3. Um, hi.
    Are you reading my mind?
    I think you are. Cause literally JUST YESTERDAY I was thinking that I needed something like this.
    No lie.
    We were out shopping at the mall and L wanted his goldfish snacks. I had to try to hand him them while manuvering his stroller & shopping at the same time. I considered handing him the little container I had them all stored in but I knew he would just dump them.
    So……..I would use this for both the stroller (which has not snack tray) and a shopping cart. Not only would it be a good place to store snacks…I’m willing to bet it would be a nice little area for L to roll his trains around on too!

  4. What an awesome idea! Perfect for us because my husband enjoys going to the grocert store as a family. Snack are a must have and I usuall put them in baggies. Somebody always ends up dropping food on the floor becuase they struggle getting it out of the baggie. This is perfect. Also great for keeping crayons in so they can color while we shop:)

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