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cbw-4c-2009Children’s Book Week is well underway this week, which got me thinking about all of our current favorite books, as well as my own classic favorites.  The Elmo books, the Sandra Boynton books and the Barefoot books, they’re all great.  But as a book lover, who’s now a mom, I hope my love for books rubs off.  I try to foster good reading habits with frequent visits to the library, reading as often as I can and reading WITH him daily.  I love being surrounded by newspapers, magazines and books–lots of books.  Judging by the way the kid scales the couch to get to our bookcase to “read” my books, I think we’re on to something.

One of my all time favorite children’s books is, hands down, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. I love that book and can’t WAIT to relive the story with the kid.   Max’s adventures illuminated my imagination as a kid, and it’s sure to illuminate many more kids’ lives with the movie version’s October release.  I love how the book is described as, one of those truly rare books that can be enjoyed equally by a child and a grown-up.  As exciting as it is that Where the Wild Things was made into a movie, (by one of my favorite directors no less –Spike Jonze who’s done everything from Beastie Boys videos to award winning movies like Being John Malkovich) the book version will always be my favorite.

But, check out the trailer!  It looks pretty good!

So, favorite children’s books?  I want to hear ’em.  What excites you? What are yours and what are the kids’ favorites?

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  1. My mom just brought over a ton of my old books the other day….it was like taking a trip down memory lane, looking through them! I cannot wait to share them with Logan (but alas, I will have to hide them away for now, since he doesn’t realize his strength and tends to rip apart books that aren’t super sturdy).
    Oddly enough, one of my all-time favorites when I was little was a big Sesame Street Dictonary. I have no clue why…guess it was all the different pictures? I have a few copies of it and bought a newer version for L as well. He tends to gravitate toward it as well!
    Other favorites for me were “Old hat, new hat” and any Richard Scarry books. Lo tends to love anything with S.S characters and the Sandra Boynton books we read every night before bed.

  2. I totally hear you on ripping apart the “good” books. I think we have 2 Eric Carle books that are in small enough shreds to be considered confetti. Oh my gosh, I love, love LOVE Richard Scarry books. Now those books bring back some great memories for me. And Sandra Boynton? She’s a superhero in our house!

  3. I actually have 2 huge rubbermaid containers of books that are stashed away in his closet…it makes me so sad that I can’t get them out yet b/c seriously, I get SO sick of reading the same books, over and over again! And I know there are some great ones waiting in there for us to pour over.
    My child may not look a thing like me but thankfully he does seem to have inherited my love of books! It’s so stinkin adorable seeing him sit down and “read” to himself! And at night, it never fails…he’s ALWAYS reaching for another book when I’m trying to get him into his crib!

  4. we have the sesame street dictionary too! i snagged it from the lakehouse last time we were there and the treasury of richard scarry books – just in case the house sold before we get back again. we’re on our third set of some EC books as well as some SB. most pages of the RS books have book tape across their pages too. it makes me so warm and fuzzy that my kids love books as much as i do.

    i’m so silly, i can’t wait to start reading all the little house on the prairie books to molly. and the ramona quimby stuff from beverly cleary, and roald dahl.

    i’m so excited they are making kid classics into movies!!!!!!!!

  5. Ramona, Beverly Cleary and Ronald Dahl—all awesome! Little House on the Prairie books are the best :) I can still visualize the shelves in my elementary school’s library that held all the Little House books. So fun!

  6. mercer mayer. berenstain bears. this could go on for days. harold and the purple crayon. frog and toad are friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Harold and the purple crayon!!! YES!!! LOVED that one!

    You know what I miss? The book fairs! When they’d wheels those carts of books into the lobby of the school and you’d get a paper to take home to mark which books you wanted to order. Man…I LOVED those days!

  8. theres a show on comcast on demand of berenstain bears. :o)

    i still like the books better.

    oh, book fairs. looooooooooooooove those. or the little fliers they sent home to order monthly. maybe next year molly will get some

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