Sneak preview of the Next Kid Thing!

My new website is a product of many things, but most importantly driven by the things that I’m passionate about.  Many of you already “know” my story and how none of this was really planned.  In case you don’t remember, here’s a quick reminder:  A former magazine editor turned freelance writer, I sought, more than anything, a work-life balance. In October 2008, after countless interviews amidst the failing economy and troubled field of print journalism, I decided to end THAT chase and start a new one, on my own terms.

As I wrote my goodbyes to various colleagues, one simple reply changed everything. “Wishing you all the best on the Next Big Thing.” From that moment, I knew exactly what my next big thing was; it was this, the Next Kid Thing. With my professional background, coupled with my interests as a new mom, I strive for the Next Kid Thing to be a blog that follows the latest kid trends with a magazine-type flair. From babies to big kids, from books to apps, from features to reviews, the Next Kid Thing is your go-to source for all things kids and the modern-minded grownups that love them.

Come on in, take a look and be sure to come back often for reviews, news and of course, great giveaways!

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