Mama Likey: Boogie Wipes

Over the summer, before chasing a little runny nose all day was a time-consuming activity, Jeff brought home this eye-catching lime green and orange package.
“It’s called Boogie Wipes!” he told me.
As I tucked them into Jack’s toiletry cart, I was convinced they weren’t anything of interest for us. “They look like repackaged regular wipes to me.”


Fast forward to this winter. Once the cold settled in, so did Jack’s constant runny nose. At first, I went the green route and used copious amounts of cloth diapers to wipe up his nose. Once I rubbed his nose practically raw, every time he saw a cloth diaper coming his way, he’d scream and run. Then, I went the tissue route. I had even more tears, running, screaming and clean tissues made into confetti (thanks to a defiant runny-nosed toddler.)

Jack loves Boogie WipesAnd that’s when I remembered the Boogie Wipes I tucked away. The packaging, vibrant and colorful, intrigued Jack immediately. Because he was distracted, I was able to open and wipe his nose without a fight. The best thing was, well, besides a painless experience (for both of us), that I only had to wipe once. With the cloth diaper and tissue, I often had to wipe multiple times, increasing the chance of the little raw, red nose. The subsequent nose wipes went just as smoothly as the first time. Perhaps it was the cool packaging, fun smell or the ease of use, whatever it was, the biggest critic was sold—of course, so was I!
So, what sets Boogie Wipes apart from “regular” wipes? Quite a bit, actually.
According to the company, Boogie Wipes is:

Made with natural saline to dissolve Mucus
Alcohol Free
Moisturize with Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile
Lightly Scented
Gentle Enough for All Ages
Phthalate & Paraben Free

Like many parents know, the pediatricians and drs at the hospital often suggest using saline to help clean up kids and babies’ noses. So, the saline IN these wipes is so obvious and ingenius. After a night’s sleep, tending to a baby with the morning remnants of a stuffy, runny nose has never been so painless. Seasoned moms and dads know that all of the above are helpful attributes when chasing those runny noses. After many, many wipes of regular tissues, those tiny noses get so red and raw. I found that by alternating Boogie Wipes with regular tissues, the redness was definitely diminished, if not avoided altogether. At any given time, I have a pack in our diaper bag because of the convenience and ease of use. Those green and purple packages are so easy to find in the black hole that’s become our diaper bag.Santa was generous this year

It’s easy to say, after the first package, I was completely sold. I’m not easily sold by all the products of convenience on the market for kids, but this one most certainly filled a void in the nose wiping department. The grape scent is byfar our favorite, and Santa even had the foresight to tuck a few packs in Jack’s Christmas stocking! Truth be told, with this cold, I’ve been using them too. How can I resist that fun scent?

As I’ve started this freelance journey, understandably, I’ve become extremely interested and invested in mompreneurs. As promised, in line with launching my new website soon, I will be doing more reviews, interviews and profiles, especially with mompreneurs. Since I’ve been “studying” successful moms’ business trajectories, the Boogie Moms’ success in one worth mentioning:
They launched their product in Dec. 2007 and within a year, they shipped to 30,000 locations. Their projected revenue for their first full year in business is $2.9 Million. (!!) Even better, their story was featured on big media outlets like, The Big Idea and The Today Show. Impressive, don’t ya think?

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